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  1. Goodbye my gorgeous girl

    Run free sweet girl. Sorry for your loss AH
  2. Kira (my sweet girl) 2003 - 2018

    Sorry for your loss Malamum, she was a gorgeous old girl. Run free sweet thing.
  3. Nash, my gentle giant.

    My sympathies B.J. Run free old boy.
  4. Kaos

    Farewell Kaos. So many old DOL doggies succumbing to old age and related illnesses. I hope you and the kidlets can find some sort of peace in knowing she isn't in any pain now. Run free old girl. Join Maddison up there chasing flies.
  5. Dee Dee Duster - until we meet again

    So sorry to hear about Dee Dee, she was a scream and I have loved watching her over the years. RIP beautiful girl.
  6. Lulu

    Sorry to hear this Woof. Run free old girl.
  7. Goodbye Bubby my darling

    Sorry to hear about Bubby. So many of the legend DOL dogs flying free over the Bridge.
  8. Farewell Darcy

    Fly free Darcy. I do remember a lot of your posts from years past about Darcy. My sympathies Poocow.
  9. My little old man is gone :(

    What a gorgeous old man. Fly free Loki. Sorry for your loss CGF.
  10. Maddison

    This past year has gone by so fast. We have gone from having two lively, naughty dogs to a house with one now elderly old girl. She has aged so much since Maddison has been gone. Sari is 12.5 and does not do much more than spend her days by the fire or on a comfy bed. I am sue she misses Maddison terribly. We all do.
  11. Run Free Harry

    RIP Harry.
  12. Perry - Dame Perignon

    So sorry Perry's mum. Run free gorgeous girl.
  13. Maddison

    6 months have passed now and I miss you everyday. Now that spring and summer are coming little things keep popping up that remind me of you. The kids having their first swim of the season and you weren't barking at the pool fence. The flies are out and you loved nothing more than to chase them all day. Not having to check for grass seeds in your paws and coat. I hope there are lots of flies and water over the bridge my beautiful girl xxx
  14. Bosley - My Beloved Idiot Dog

    So sorry to hear this. Fly free Bosley.
  15. Allergic To Grass?

    My staffy x is allergic to Kikuyu. After trying lots of things I now give her one Claratyne per day and she is a different dog. I stop once Autumn comes on so it's only a summer thing. I just buy them from the local chemist in a bulk pack so it's cheaper. I also found she does much better on some foods than others. For her, Royal Canin has been good. Nutro worked for a long time but she started to get itchy again. Thankfully she has no major food allergies. Also have a look at the Health forum, some good advice on there for dogs and allergies. I see you mention Aloveen, this actually made my dog worse. This is just MY dog though, they are all different.