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  1. So sorry for your loss. Fly free sweet boy.
  2. So sorry to hear this Persephone. My condolences.
  3. I am so sorry to hear about Justice. I haven't been on DOL since I lost Sari, it's too hard. It is amazing both of our rescue staffy babies made it to such a fine age. I hope they are both up there chasing rabbits or just laying in the sunshine as was Sari's preference over everything. I hope you are doing ok. It is hard to adjust when they have been a constant in your life for so long. I really feel your loss. Take care.
  4. Yesterday we made the heart wrenching decision to say goodbye to Sari. 15 years ago I saw her picture on here. She was in Hawkesbury Pound. They nicknamed her bleeding tail girl. She wagged that whip of a tail so much that it had taken a hunk off the end and she had blood all over her. There was no room for her in rescue that day unfortunately so she was left behind. A few days later the rescue girls went back but her paperwork was marked with a PTS on it. But low and behold as they walked through there she was. She wasn't being left behind this time. She was placed with Trish @ Albur
  5. Just thought I would update. I have had no computer for a long time and my phone is annoying to use so haven't visited here at all. Sari is still chugging along. She is 15 3/4 years old now. Her front elbow gives her a bit of pain but we are managing with meds. She has Caprieve in the morning and the occasional codeine at night if she looks to be in pain. She follows me everywhere now. I can't pee without little feet outside the door. She is still on Big Dog Barf, half a block morning and night. She wouldn't eat her dinner for a few days and I realised she didn't like to mix her wet a
  6. Yes that was me, I got a chicken claw in mine. Everything seems to be ok so far but the last batch seemed extremely bloody and soggy. She loves it so I will keep going with it but urgh what a mess it is.
  7. He has been feeding her Supercoat. I just wasn't sure if there was something better around the same price. He is only 19 and on second year apprentice wages. I thought I had talked him out of getting a dog but guess that didn't work. She is a younger more active version of our old girl Sari (but Sari is missing the Kelpie part). Same colouring and patches. She will probably just have dry with occasional bones and meat.
  8. No, country NSW unfortunately. No Costco around here.
  9. My son has purchased (against my advice) his first puppy. She is a staffy x Kelpie so is full of beans. I feed my dog Royal Canin and Big Dog Barf but his budget doesn't extend that far. Suggestions for a half decent food at a budget price that he can feed her?
  10. What a beautiful poem, albeit sad. Fly free gorgeous girl.
  11. Fly free little Bunter. Maddison will be up there on patrol and will make sure you are well looked after. So sorry DDD. No matter how long they are with us, it is never enough time together.
  12. Sorry to hear this, he was a beautiful boy. Fly free old boy
  13. So sorry to hear about Zephyr. Fun free beautiful boy.
  14. Sorry for the delay in replying. She is doing really well. She has been on the Big Dog Barf Wellbeing and loves it. She has half a slab of a morning with her painkiller and then half at night with 3/4 cup of her Royal Canin dry food. So she is having both and enjoys it. We haven't visited the vet as she stopped with her little vomits. She does a little dance and runs around the kitchen every morning while waiting for her food so she's still in good spirits.
  15. Thanks everyone. I contacted them via facebook this morning and they have been excellent. I sent them photos of the talon and the batch details on the box. I'm not sure what flavour it was as it was the Combo box, middle layer if that helps? They said the direction to the manufacturer was to never use feet or beaks so they're not sure how it got in there and are researching. I mentioned to them that she has been having small vomits since starting on it and they suggested I switch her from the Combo to the Wellbeing, they are giving me a box for free. They are also sending me s
  16. My mistake, it's not Cartrophen it is Carprieve she is on.
  17. Sari has bee on Big Dog Barf patties for a couple of weeks now and recently has started to have small cough ups with a small amount of vomit. She has never vomited in her life. This morning she had a little cough up on her bed and as I was cleaning it I noticed a long nail. She had coughed up a chook claw. It must have been stuck in her throat. I might just go back to giving her dry food and soaking it to see how she goes, she loves the Barf but she can't digest the nails in it. Something like this never even crossed my mind, I knew it would contain bone but not whole nails.
  18. Not sure if it was misread but it's the Cartrophen I was worried about, definitely not the Rose Hip Vital. Thanks for your reply.
  19. Thanks everyone. I bought the Big Dog Barf patties and gave her half of one last night. She turned her nose up at it until I put a handful of her dry food with it, then she scoffed it. She ate it for breakfast fine this morning. I think I will alternate between soaking her dry food and giving her Barf patties. I have a whole 15kg bag of food that I only bought last week so don't want to waste it. I also invested in a cheap off the ground bowl from the Reject Shop. She looked like she was not totally comfortable stretching her head to the ground due to her dodgy legs. She was fine with
  20. Tried to put a pic in but it won't work so ignore.
  21. Thanks. The feeding guide was saying she would need 3 to 4 per day, that would just about be gold plated food.
  22. She is on Rose Hip Vital and also takes cartrophen for her dodgy elbows and legs. She's been on that for 3 years now and I am happy we have been able to get this far with no known side effects especially with her kidneys and bladder. She has always been really healthy, only vet visits were for cuts and scrapes until she did her ACL the day we lost Maddison just over 3 years ago. She still has her stupid zoomies every couple of days which I love but it knocks it out of her for a bit afterwards. She is a happy little thing and is still doing well, she just sleeps a lot more and doesn't walk
  23. Sari is 14.5 years old we think, we were told she was about 12 months old when we adopted her so that's been 13.5 years. She has been eating Royal Canin dry food for years now, we just changed the type as she got older. She is currently eating 10+ years medium. She has days when she looks like she's not so fussed and I have discovered tonight that she has somehow lost most of her front teeth! This is only really recent as we had a vet check just before I went away in May. Poor old chook probably has sore gums and is trying to chomp on this dry food. She still eats it and loves it but it
  24. Sorry to hear Daisy has gone. Run free over the bridge old girl.
  25. Run free sweet girl. Sorry for your loss AH
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