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  1. I am really sorry to hear this. I have just walked in the door and this was the first post I checked in with. May she run free at the Bridge.
  2. SarasMum

    Four Years

    I can't believe it has been 4 years. I remember the day clearly. I hope your burns have healed with time even though your heart will forever be torn. What a fantastic photo of your house with that magnificent rainbow. Slightly freaky knowing what was to come but beautiful all the same.
  3. I would be asking her to send you everything in writing if I was you. That way you have proof if she is just fobbing you off or not. Send an email and Cc it to both the general manager and your local member. I am sorry about your greys, they are absolutely beautiful and funny animals and I always enjoy your Stanley stories.
  4. I put mine in a stocking and let it steep that way.
  5. Received my order today thanks Steve. The conditioner smells divine. The staffy x struggled with the Calendula Cream..... NOT. Just lay back and spread her body apart :laugh:. The shepherd had cut her foot yesterday so I applied some to this as well.
  6. Just put my order in Steve. Had to pay direct debit as Paypal wouldn't log in for me even though I had all my details correct. My previous calendula tea flowers from the health food store are just about out so I thought I would give yours a go. My daughter also can't use anything other than goats milk soap so I am giving yours a go too.
  7. If you want a soft crate but not spend a heap in case it doesn't work then maybe get one like I did on Ebay. I got the XXXL one and it cost me $49.99 at the time. Seems this seller has put the price up since then though. Ebay Soft Crate
  8. I am so sorry you got into my yard and I am so extra sorry that my girl grabbed you. I rushed you to the vet even though you had no visible signs of injury other than being in shock. I am sorry you didn't make it. I hope your owners have your chip details up to date so that they can be found, even though Christmas day is an awful time to lose your pet. I am still devastated for you. RIP old fella.
  9. I feed mine Eagle Pack but it is quite expensive, I usually get it when it's on special (around the same price as Advance). Mine did well on Nutro for a long time but my staffy started getting extra itchy (she is allergic to summer grasses) so I changed them over and she seems to be doing better, still itchy but better. I personally would avoid Blackhawk due to the number of people that have complained about skin dryness etc on it. I am probably not helping :laugh:.
  10. I have been following Bonnie's adventures. Advance gave my dogs very itchy and flaky skin, it seemed to really dry it out. I wonder if it would get better if you changed the dry food? Sardines and yoghurt are generally favourites in this house too.
  11. My shepherd is suffering with a similar thing atm. It has been happening on and off for the past year. She has Neocort which I apply twice a day when she is having a flare up. We went away for 2 weeks last summer and by the time I came home it was ulcerated the poor thing. A dose of abs and Neocort cleared it but as soon as she starts to heat up it comes back. I am trying to keep her indoors as much as I can but I am worried about when we go on holidays in January again. I can't ask the neighbours to put cream on her bits for me . The vet has suggested that we might need to operate to remove the fold if it keeps occurring. We are also trying to cut her weight down a bit to see if that helps.
  12. The ones Sway sold were the best I have seen. So thick. Unfortunately I can't seem to find any like that anymore. They all seem to be skinny and I am afraid my big dogs will swallow them. Sway if you ever decide to sell any again make sure you let everyone know. I missed out last time you had them and I am kicking myself for it now.
  13. Jelly I am so sorry that you had to send Roo to the bridge. You did the only thing left. You tried everything else. She is now at peace. Treat yourself kindly.
  14. My german shepherd sounds like someone is murdering her every single time we walk in the door. It is pathetic. My OH took her to the vet once and I met him there, I could hear her from the waiting room talking to him so knew exactly where to go :laugh:. I just said "Hmm that's mine" and walked in.
  15. RIP over the bridge old Schoep. You lived a good life with the most amazing owner. You just celebrated your 20th birthday. Well done old boy.
  16. I have been following Macs little adventures for a long time now and I am pleased he made it through this big hiccup. Gentle squeezies to Mac and I hope he keeps fighting on.
  17. Oh I hope it goes well for you both. You deserve some relaxing.
  18. Maybe she has a stitch that pulls whenever she tries to lay down? Good idea to take her back to the operating vet. Hope she is ok soon.
  19. See if the local op shop will donate some warm blankets for you to put around the bed in case anyone falls off.
  20. I related the real life story to my kids as we watched tonight. Jed you were just so strong. A lot of Dolers followed you and your plight daily and we are all so glad you came through it. I don't recall seeing an episode that included a reunion of Jed and her furkids before this one. I too had tears, ones that hadn't quite been shed through the weeks of waiting and hoping.
  21. Whelping supplies don't have them. I have emailed Sway and she explained she was having trouble getting them in so has taken them off her site for the time being.
  22. I thought the home brand Coles/Woolies ones had soya bean oil in them which is not good for dogs? I have always avoided the cheaper versions due to this. The more exxy ones have olive oil in them.
  23. Oh he was beautiful. I am so sorry you didn't have longer with him. Run free at the bridge Oakley.
  24. I am so sorry to hear of Charlie's passing. Run free little dude.
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