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  1. We went to the vet straight after I posted. She was going downhill very fast. She was in shock. They don't know the reason why as yet but it's not looking good. She has some fluid around her heart, her heart itself looks good though. Her poor little heart is racing. We are waiting for a phonecall in about an hour but it might be time to make a decision. I won't let her suffer.
  2. I have a 10 year old german shepherd and an 11yo staffy x. They never get sick. Ever! Today Maddison is just not herself. She is very quiet and just not herself. We have been out most of the day but came home earlier and she didn't do her usual greeting of sounding like someone is killing her. She hardly made a sound. She didn't come running but waited for me to come to her. Her gums are a touch pale which makes me worry a little. I am just not used to them being sick. I don't know whether I should worry or whether this is something that happens occasionally. She has gained access to under our house as we struggled every which way to keep her out and in the end she got stuck under there and ripped herself to bits trying to get back out. She has come out with a couple of cooked bones which I have taken off her as soon as I found them but they must be over 20 years old as we have lived here for 18 years. I caught her eating a rat about a week ago and couldn't get to her quick enough just as the tail went down her gob. I am hoping it's not a residual from that, could it have been baited? She has been ok up til now though. I suppose I am just wondering whether I just ride this out or do I get onto a vet ? (no 24 hour vets here it would be calling a vet from his home to the surgery).
  3. My staffy is approx 25kg and gets one human Claratyne per day. Make sure it is only the 10mg Loratadine one with nothing added. I have given her the generic Loratadine and she itched on it so back to Claratyne for us. I did find a chart somewhere on dosing but can't remember where I found it. I will go searching. Here is a good chart on dosage for different antihistamines Antihistamine dosage chart
  4. My staffy x gets seasonal grass allergies. This year I have had her on Claratyne once a day and she hardly scratches at all. I wish I had realised it earlier, it would have saved her years of itching every summer.
  5. Sorry to hear this Gillybob. It's a pain we all know is inevitable but it doesn't make it any easier.
  6. So sorry to hear this Kirislin. 32 years is a long time to be together. Rest easy old girl.
  7. Thanks Mjosa I did a bit of reading up because I was going to buy the Sasha's blend but a lot of reviews said it was pretty hit and miss which is why I went with the Joint Guard. I will see how she goes with the JG and if it's not working I will buy some Sasha's blend. Thanks.
  8. My 11yo staffy x girl has started showing the first signs of back end arthritis. She has thinned in a bit and after a day of being an idiot we find she struggles with her left hip especially. I have ordered some Joint Guard and some liquid Omega 3,6,9 from Natural Animal Solutiions which has added Vitamin E. Should I also give her some fish oil? If yes do I also need to give more Vitamin E? What about vitamin C? The vet only gave a dose of painkillers last time and I would like to manage it rather than give her medication every time she decides to be a goose when we are not around (usually she fence runs if she hears a lawn mower and generally carries on like a not so 11 year old).
  9. I've only just caught up with this. I'm sorry for your loss. I have followed Mac's adventures for many years now, he was a gorgeous little man. I hope the days are getting easier for you.
  10. My GSD is almost 10 and I put her out for a final wee around 10.30pm every night. She always goes as she knows that it is then bed time. She, without a doubt, will wake me anywhere from 2.30am to 5am for a wee, normally around the 3.30 mark. She comes in to our room, sticks her nose in my face and gives a very quiet whine. I oblige and trot out and open the door. No words are spoken. The staffy who is nearly 11 goes for her final wee at the same time as the GSD but there is no way in hell she is budging from in front of the fire so she goes when the OH wakes at 6.30am and feeds them. The main problem is that I started also going to the toilet when she woke me and now my body wants to go as soon as I open my eyes! Up until the last 9 months or so she has always slept through the night and never needed to go so I think it is definitely an age thing. OH doesn't understand why I sleep in til late on a Sunday. He doesn't realise that I am up through the night for her wee and then because he is not waking at 6.30 for work I am also up letting them both out and feeding them. I then go back to bed and sleep. What I would give for a full nights sleep. I thought it was all over once the kids grew up but nah.
  11. I can't help but I hope you find what you need. :D
  12. Need some suggestions for a good behaviour specialist in Sydney who does home visits. I have a friend who is time poor but needs someone to offer advice on a recent addition to their family. Unfortunately she can't get up to K9Pro. I know there are a number of trainers/behaviouralists that you need to avoid so I would like to be able to help her out.
  13. Kamuzz my shepherd is just starting to show signs of being storm phobic too. She will be 9 on xmas eve. She has never had any problems before. The other night she paced and panted for a while and ended up sleeping next to my bed with me touching her. Good luck.
  14. Try using an old sauce bottle to get into the feet, this might also help to push into the coat a bit.
  15. I've told a few people that Maddison has the best looking girly bits in southern NSW. I also mentioned to the vet that he should keep this op quiet as he might have some female owners wanting to use his surgical skills as the cosmetic surgeons charge a fortune!
  16. You can still see the scar a little but pretty much all covered over now. She still has some length left to grow in her fluffy butt however it means less shedding for me for a bit :D
  17. This is Maddison on the day of her surgery. Very bruised like Daina was. I will take one tomorrow of how well she has healed. Oh and don't forget that is a shepherd bum, sans fluff.
  18. No, they didn't give her any painkillers either until I called them the next day and insisted on them. She has been good since the op it's only the last week or so when the weather has warmed up that it's been a problem. I will get her back to the vet for abs. Edited to add that she had her op on 15th August.
  19. My German Shepherd had a Vulvoplasty a month or so ago. Hers was due to the fact that she had a lot of skin and fur there and was causing infections around and on her bits. Her incision was in a semi circle as opposed to round like yours but it was still quite confronting when I picked her up. You are right in that there is not a lot on the web to get an idea of the scale of the operation. I have noticed today that she has a slight pinkness just inside her vulva so I will have to take her back to the vet. I always though this was the original start of the infections but the vet didn't agree with me. He thought it was the excess skin. I thought the infection slightly internal and working its way out if that makes sense. I hope your girl heals well, my Maddison has. Mind you she had a conehead for 10 days as she could reach the wound and ripped two stitches out within about 3 seconds on day 2.
  20. That is just awful. Poor Serena and poor Ralph. Both he and Rocco were two in a million.
  21. For months I had to rub cream into my shepherds lady bits. She was getting infections due to excess skin around and twice a day I was putting Neocort on and around there. Thankfully she has now had a Vulvoplasty and has the neatest looking girly bits in the neighbourhood :D.
  22. Curash powder from the supermarket. Works a treat if you apply liberally and keep it dry.
  23. RIP old girl. So sorry to hear about Penny's passing. I have admired her from afar for a long time.
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