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  1. Sorry for your loss Malamum, she was a gorgeous old girl. Run free sweet thing.
  2. My sympathies B.J. Run free old boy.
  3. SarasMum


    Farewell Kaos. So many old DOL doggies succumbing to old age and related illnesses. I hope you and the kidlets can find some sort of peace in knowing she isn't in any pain now. Run free old girl. Join Maddison up there chasing flies.
  4. So sorry to hear about Dee Dee, she was a scream and I have loved watching her over the years. RIP beautiful girl.
  5. SarasMum


    Sorry to hear this Woof. Run free old girl.
  6. Sorry to hear about Bubby. So many of the legend DOL dogs flying free over the Bridge.
  7. Fly free Darcy. I do remember a lot of your posts from years past about Darcy. My sympathies Poocow.
  8. What a gorgeous old man. Fly free Loki. Sorry for your loss CGF.
  9. This past year has gone by so fast. We have gone from having two lively, naughty dogs to a house with one now elderly old girl. She has aged so much since Maddison has been gone. Sari is 12.5 and does not do much more than spend her days by the fire or on a comfy bed. I am sue she misses Maddison terribly. We all do.
  10. So sorry Perry's mum. Run free gorgeous girl.
  11. 6 months have passed now and I miss you everyday. Now that spring and summer are coming little things keep popping up that remind me of you. The kids having their first swim of the season and you weren't barking at the pool fence. The flies are out and you loved nothing more than to chase them all day. Not having to check for grass seeds in your paws and coat. I hope there are lots of flies and water over the bridge my beautiful girl xxx
  12. So sorry to hear this. Fly free Bosley.
  13. My staffy x is allergic to Kikuyu. After trying lots of things I now give her one Claratyne per day and she is a different dog. I stop once Autumn comes on so it's only a summer thing. I just buy them from the local chemist in a bulk pack so it's cheaper. I also found she does much better on some foods than others. For her, Royal Canin has been good. Nutro worked for a long time but she started to get itchy again. Thankfully she has no major food allergies. Also have a look at the Health forum, some good advice on there for dogs and allergies. I see you mention Aloveen, this actually made my dog worse. This is just MY dog though, they are all different.
  14. Oh Boronia, I am crying here for you. So much sadness in such a short period of time. My condolences.
  15. Sorry for your loss. He seemed like a real character.
  16. Sorry to hear this Anne. Only having one left and her looking older by the day, is a burden on my heart. I can't imagine having an empty house but know it will happen one day. My condolences to you and I hope the silence isn't too deafening for you . The thing I miss the most after losing Maddison is the fur. There just isn't any. I know puggies are renowned for their fur, you might find the same thing too.
  17. My shepherd was 10 and my staffy x is now 11.5. We started supplements a few months back, not because they needed it, but because they were getting older. We lost the shepherd a month ago from hemangiosarcoma and the same day the staffy x did her cruciate. The vet has said that management is her best option and that we were and are doing all the right things re food and supplements. She has pain killers daily. She has joint guard daily along with Omega 3.6.9 oil and either sardines, mackeral or yoghurt to mix the joint guard into. She only eats Royal Canin over 10 which has added joint stuff. She can now only go on a very short walk to keep her from withering away in front of the fire, she misses Maddison terribly and will stay inside all day and only toilet after meals, so once in the morning and once at night after dinner. I didn't give Maddison any naughty foods until the day she came home from the vet with us knowing it was just a matter of probably days. We had party pies, boston buns and a very small amount of chocolate. Even though she wasn't going to make it I didn't want her feeling any more sicker than she already was.
  18. A week today. I feel like my head is just a lead balloon at the moment. I am so emotional, I don't think I have cried this much since I lost my dear old mum. I even cried at work. You will be home in two days my fluffy one, thankfully it has rained a treat and the ground is now all soft ready to plant your Crab Apple. I am sure you will like your final resting spot. One end of the yard near the house so you can keep an eye on everyone and everything that is going on xxx
  19. Today we said goodbye to our baby girl. She was a great watch dog, loyal friend and fantastic bed warmer. I am just lost for words. I have a massive ache in my heart that I am not sure can be fixed. She has never been sick a day in her life, until Saturday when she went downhill quickly. Diagnosis of Hermagiosarcoma on the heart with a poor outcome. We had a nice couple of days spent having lots of cuddles and she indulged in a few naughty foods that were always on the no go list. Yesterday we had party pies and boston bun for lunch. She met me this morning for her piece of cheese (Sari has a Claratyne tucked in to cheese per day and Maddison always got some cheese herself) but by this afternoon she had gone downhill and the decision was made. You know she is a much loved dog when the vet nurse is crying alongside you. Farewell my sweet girl, say hello to Tori and Gemma.
  20. Unfortunately she took a turn this afternoon and she is now running free at the Bridge. We are devastated.
  21. Now that a few days have passed and my mind is a bit clear I will detail what happened. Maddie was fine on Saturday morning, she greeted me at the kitchen bench waiting for her piece of cheese (Sari gets a Claratyne every morning due to allergies and they get plastic cheese each). She seemed absolutely find. We went to netball and OH was at work. He came home around 12pm and gave her a lamb bone. She seemed quiet to him but she still ate the bone. When we got home from netball he mentioned that she was a bit quiet and I checked her out. She seemed ok but a little off, I thought she might have eaten something she shouldn't have. We then had to go to football for my son and were gone for a few hours. When we got home she normally greets us with a carry on like someone is murdering her. She didn't. She was standing at the back door just waiting for us to let her in. She came in and lay straight down on her bed. I posted my question on here then I checked her gums and they were pale and her feet were freezing. I told the OH that we were getting her straight to the vet. I think he thought I was going into overkill but obliged. He had to carry her to the car as she didn't want to move. The vet took her straight in and said she was in shock. She didn't know why at that stage. She got a drip and some AB's and cortisone. Her heart was racing and her breathing was fast. She did an ultrasound and xray and said there was fluid around her heart. She sent us home and within an hour she had a nurse in there and was taking the fluid from around her heart which turned out to be blood. She vomited up her lamb bone and was wagging her tail. She was kept overnight and a bloody storm came through and she freaked and ripped her drip out. She has an Hemagiosarcoma of the heart. She has come home for some quality time with the family. She had some steamed chicken until her tummy felt better and now we are making up for lost time. For lunch we had party pies followed by boston bun. Last night she had a quarter of a square of chocolate for dessert. Tonight she may just get herself a chocolate paddle pop. The camera has been working overtime. She is booked in for Friday morning for her final vet journey unless she deteriorates before that. They have organised for Eden Hills to collect her for cremation.
  22. She is home now. They think she will get through til about Friday but we will play it day by day and take her cues when it is time. She has had some fresh steamed chicken and looks pleased to be home. Once her tummy settles we might just induldge in some forbidden tasties. We have to work but OH will come home every lunch and check on her. I don't want the 12 yo daughter coming home and finding her gone. Day by day, step by step.
  23. She has heart failure. She will get another drip run through then we will go pick her up and bring her home. They are not sure how long it will be before she gets really sick again but when it happens it will be the end. Could be a few hours or a few days. I will call the neighbours around to say goodbye. She is a neighbourhood favourite.
  24. They called, they drained some blood from around her heart and as soon as they did that she vomited the bone up from lunchtime and stood and wagged her tail. There wasn't a huge amount of fluid which is good but she is still not in the clear. She is just not critical at the moment like she was when she got there. We still don't know what has caused the blood and the body shock so it is a wait and see game. Unfortunately her age is a factor. She has literally been sick once in her life, one vomit. She still runs around like a puppy which is why this is such a shock. There was nothing until this afternoon. Please cross everything that they find a miracle and she gets through this.
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