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  1. They don’t add more unless they can. Coneys has raised a definite possibility. Many people have gone to court to battle something and come off worse than what they went in. They may add another item to his original fine if they’re able to.
  2. Ok, so let’s go with this reaction and trial it with different scenarios. It’s 1:30pm and you get caught doing 80km in a 60km zone and the cop writes the time as 1:35pm. Would you take it to court? A thief climbs in through an open window during the night and steals your tv. You hear him and look at your phone and note the time says 1:50am. When the thief is charged, the cops record the theft as being 2:30am. Should he argue his case? I seriously don’t get the hang up on time, nor do I understand what you hope to achieve. Do you think you have a case to have the fine cancelled because the time was incorrectly recorded? Is that your motive - to deny responsibility and consequence? If it is, it shows a lack of moral judgement in my opinion. The best way you can contribute to changing perceptions about staffies is as someone else said before - model great behaviour and have a well trained, balanced dog. Don’t add to the poor perception of Staffy owner types by arguing against something you freely admit to being guilty of. Yes, it was an accident. It happens. We get that part.
  3. I’m sorry you’re going through this. Dogs will be dogs and sometimes they do get out. I’d let it go. Ok, they got it wrong but why is the time such an issue? Regardless of the time, your broke the law. Cop it sweet and don’t put yourself or anyone else through the hassle. Use your energy to ensure he never gets out again. Fix whatever the problem is.
  4. My first question to anyone one offering services and goods on Facebook these days is ‘What is your ABN?’. Everyone should make this question as common as ‘How much?’.
  5. I’ve been around pugs my whole life. I don’t breed them and never have aside from a family byb litter when I was a young girl. There is no such thing as a pug with a good respiratory system - only degrees of deformity. The fact that the dog has a flattened face means it has issues with respiration. Full stop. The flattened features and skull also predispose the dog to eye dislocations and optical exposure issues. The screw tail is another deformity we deliberately breed into them. The tail is an extension of the spine. The cranial and spine deformities mean the breed is prone to neurological issues. I have rescued and owned pure bred pugs and byb bred. There is no difference in the number of health issues. It doesn’t matter what a kennel club or breed club does. You can not breed out these issues unless you stop breeding a flat face, broad forehead and curl tail. pure and simple.
  6. Aww, gorgeous. Merry Christmas Rebanne, Rose, Warrior and Phoebe.
  7. Why did you email? I think perhaps a call would have been a better way to manage it given how the written word can be misconstrued. You’ve seen my posts over many years. Despite some opinions, I’m not a rude or nasty person but I understand my writing style can often be aggressive and negative. At work, because I am often perceived as aggressive or pushy when I write, I phone people. I’ve learnt, and I’m still learning, that people read responses in their own voice and that voice can be wrong.
  8. https://www.crookwellvet.com.au/AnimalCare/Dogs/1080poisoning.aspx [quote]…although symptoms can take more than 6 hours to manifest. Initial symptoms include vomiting, anxiety and shaking. These quickly develop into frenzied behaviour with running and screaming fits, uncontrolled paddling and seizures, followed by total collapse and death from lack of oxygen to the brain. Rigor mortis sets in quickly.[/quote]
  9. The activity after a seizure is called post-ictal. We had a pug who ran manic after his seizures. If he didn’t normally experience this with his seizures, and he subsequently died from his seizure, I’d be more inclined to think of poisoning or a bite. It could have been 1080 or a snake.
  10. Hmm, I tested ChatGPT and it doesn’t seem to think so. “It's possible that this text was written by a human, as it exhibits a conversational and excited tone. However, I can't confirm its authorship without more context. The discussion about Sheepoodles and the curiosity about their appearance, temperament, and traits shows genuine interest in learning about new dog breeds.”
  11. Creative? What drugs are you on. Cross bred poodles are always named with oodle in the last half of the name. Nothing creative about it. I'm wondering if you have a vested interest in ‘hearing more about them’ because your post sounds as sincere as me when I’m telling my boss I don’t mind at all staying back another hour to wait on something he should be waiting back for!
  12. Good luck with the new pup. In case you’re not already aware, in NSW you also have to register your dog with your local council. This is separate to the microchip, and must be done by the time the dog reaches 6 months of age unless you have an exemption. So you’ll have 3 things to do when it comes to the offical paperwork: - ensure you receive the microchip transfer details at point of sale - register your dog with the local council before it reaches 6 months of age - receive your pedigree papers from the breeder
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