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  1. interesting article

    Re the first post. I actually looked at it from the human behaviour perspective and the lack of resilience in our children. It has a ring of truth to it.
  2. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-06-20/inquiry-to-be-held-into-pet-food-industry/9890398
  3. $2000 dollars each! I’d call that a fantastic fundraising drive! Being serious though, they’re probably not actually selling them using that messaging and they’re taking advantage of a situation. Not knowing what the situation is, or the who the rescue is, I’m not sure anyone could say if it was definitely unethical but it surely sounds like it might be.
  4. Yes, agree. I guess we are looking at it from different angles of intent. I would be horrified if anyone started a rescue with profit being the aim, which is I believe you’re referring to, and that I can now see. Profit should be an outcome, and it’s healthy for it to be an outcome. It shouldn’t be accidental, it should be planned. My angle is from years of being involved in the arena of rescue and welfare, albeit now just on the peripheral. I think we need a lot more open discussion in rescue. It’s a basket case that thankfully has never yet fallen over in a cataclysmic way. That risk is there though.
  5. Forgive me for my laziness, but I havent read the entire thread - just page 1 and now this page - and I’m only going to focus on one point - profit. @KobiD Profit is not and should not be a dirty word in rescue. The reason why rescues are often considered less than worthy of any other dog/cat is that we focus on the emotional pull of rescue (this poor little dog has been abused) and we expect a rescue to run on the smell of an oily rag. We sell the perception that it’s under par, desperate and lacking. We should be selling it as a choice for pet owners and it should be run as a business. A business that should educate in animal welfare matters and enable people to own and love a pet. We should aim to make a profit. Profit is not a dirty word. Profit doesn’t mean ‘I’m off on a holiday or to buy a new car’. Profit can be reinvested into animal welfare, into desexing programs, education programs, awareness campaigns, promotion, facilities and resources. Rescue is broader than welfare. The welfare mentality drepesses me. There’s a lot that I think is really off in the way rescue has evolved over the years and the perception created by the industry as a whole. Waiver: Im not sure I’ve made a clear point and I apologise for that. I’ve debated so much in the rescue arena over the years that I don’t have the energy anymore to spend time in debates.
  6. @Dame Danny's Darling ironic given you’re lecturing a person seeking advice. If you don’t want to read what I say, feel free to put me on ignore. I did read the entire thread but thanks for the advice. The op is probably not going to return. This thread has gone the way many do when someone seeks advice here. The judgements start and people forget that it’s not always easy to get the gist of a situation in writing. Rather than judging why not just offer advice and give the benefit of doubt? Only the OP knows their precise situation.
  7. Geebus, lighten up everyone! So much judgement! There is nothig wrong with putting a dog in a room for 3-4 hours if the dog is ok with that. I know of many dogs that would be fine with that. They’d simply sleep the time away and if it was done routinely, they would learn the routine and be fine. I think a penned area would also work. We used to pen ours by placing a long straight baby fence across from the breakfast bar to the wall. It’s hard to describe but it enabled us to create a pen that was approx 2.5m x 1m and as it was parallel to the back door where there was a dog door, they could come and go from outside too. From what you’ve described, I would never have recommended a Staffy anyway so the rescue should have screened better in my view. As for returning it, good job. That’s EXACTLY what a responsible person would do and I’m surprised at the responses here by rescuers. That’s WHY we offer a return if it doesn’t work out remember, rescuers? A few tips tips for what it’s worth: - dogs can and do take up to 12 weeks to show their true colours in a rescue rehome situation. Give the dog time to settle, be patient, speak to the rescue and makes sure you know what is the time limit you have to return the dog if it’s not working out. Many don’t offer this ‘settling in’ time at all. - speak to as many people as you can about what breeds are more compliant and not overly active. Although rescues are maninly indeterminate breeds, you can make a judgement on what type you might be looking for. - consider buying and older dog, maybe even a purebred from a breeder. The breeder will know the dog’s personality and traits. - take your time. Get it right. Good luck!
  8. One-year-old dies after attack by Rottweiler dog

    It’s just too horrific to even try to imagine what actually happened. That poor little girl, her mother and the ambos.
  9. Thank you. It seems a family member is organising something so the urgency has eased.
  10. Hi everyone, I need to find temporary carer or a rescue who can take in a moggy, med haired, as soon as possible. The cat is located on the central coast, Nsw. Long story short, the cat belongs to a friend’s mother. My friend passed away several years ago from cancer and her husband has contacted me asking if I can help. Kath’s mum is elderly and has recently gone into care unexpectantly. The family have been feeding her cat but it’s now confirmed that mum will not be returning home. I am currently waitng on more info re: age, gender and desexing status etc. If anyone thinks they can help, please message me or respond here.
  11. Wow, looks great. I didn’t notice any social media links? Are you broadcasting across multiple channels? I’ve been out of rescue for a few years now but I like to keep up with new things where I can. I also try to help where I can but now that I’m not based in Sydney it’s a bit harder. If you think I can help in any way with your social channels, let me know. I have a fair bit of experience proefessionally in this area.
  12. Opinions on new tinned raw food

    Why can’t we just feed dogs what they’re meant to eat? The whole crazy dog feeding fad has been going on for years and just keeps on getting more crazy. I’ve since realised that it also invades the cat world. I thought the human diet thing was crazy enough, but now we also have to stress about feeding pets as well as ourselves. We’ve made it all far too complicated.
  13. Vet on Qantas flights ?

    I'd say it occurred before take-off, perhaps? Im not sure you can even get down into the hold from the internal areas of the plane?
  14. Definitely Kelpie in there. The second breed is a little harder to pick. Like Juice said above, it could be Pitbul/Amstaff. She looks stumpy though so it could also be a smaller breed, like mini foxie.
  15. Vet on Qantas flights ?

    It isn't logical. Imagine the cost of employing someone to sit in an aircraft going back and forth, and not being able to do anything anyway because the animals are in the cargo hold with your suitcases and cargo? I say bullshit.