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  1. Vet on Qantas flights ?

    I'd say it occurred before take-off, perhaps? Im not sure you can even get down into the hold from the internal areas of the plane?
  2. Definitely Kelpie in there. The second breed is a little harder to pick. Like Juice said above, it could be Pitbul/Amstaff. She looks stumpy though so it could also be a smaller breed, like mini foxie.
  3. Vet on Qantas flights ?

    It isn't logical. Imagine the cost of employing someone to sit in an aircraft going back and forth, and not being able to do anything anyway because the animals are in the cargo hold with your suitcases and cargo? I say bullshit.
  4. Kodi: why is this forum quiet about it?

    It stated it was correcting the misinformation circulating. The boys were not trespassing; the gate was not locked; the dog was stabbed in self defence during the attack; the children and their families were unjustly being vilified. They were the main points I took from it. Others may have gleaned more.
  5. Basset pup on gumtree

    I'd just send an email perhaps, and keep it light. They may not care or they may think you're a busy body, but then they might be thankful for the heads up.
  6. Basset pup on gumtree

    There's a mobile number and email address for the breeder, in the ad. If anyone was concerned they could call, text or email.
  7. Basset pup on gumtree

    The gumtree seller is selling the pup with a big mark up... if they are really selling it....
  8. Basset pup on gumtree

    A reverse image search reveals this ad with one pic which is the same as one in the gumtree ad: http://www.petlink.com.au/Classifieds/sale/2631887.html This ad is supposedly the breeder and it says they're from Newcastle.
  9. Kodi: why is this forum quiet about it?

    Teekay, I would think the Police would be pretty confident of the facts to post so publicly about it.
  10. Kodi: why is this forum quiet about it?

    Thanks Peres and RuralPug. That does surprise me. PTSD in humans is used to describe a range of mental health associated problems experienced after trauma. I'll head off to do some research. All I can think is that it is describing a very different set of symptoms and causes, given a canine's brain does not function in the same way as a human's.
  11. Kodi: why is this forum quiet about it?

    Thanks RuralPug. I can understand the dog may have been affected by the episode and this would have lead to potential behavioural changes, but PTSD? Seriously? It's a dog, not a human. PTSD is a serious health issue for humans and it's not, to my knowledge, a condition recognised in veterinary science and attributed to canines. Just how do they measure it, in dogs? The fact that the dog didn't cope with the change in its freedom is understandable, and even changes in behaviour after anything traumatic for the dog are also understandable, but you don't think there's a serious case of anthropomorphism here? Its sad that a dog is now dead but I've got to wonder when words like PTSD are thrown around to describe the condition of the dog and the reason why it was euthanised. Either way, it seems an awful situation for the dog, it's owners and the boys and their families.
  12. Kodi: why is this forum quiet about it?

    I don't understand why the dog was euthanised for 'depression'. How big was the pen it was contained to? Thousands of dogs, every day in Australia, live some of their time confined to crates, kennels, yards and runs. I'm sure I'm missing something.
  13. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-08-09/animal-cruelty-charges-gunnedah/8790136
  14. I'm not a fan of any dog of any size, breed or age, living outside by itself. I don't subscribe to the pack animal concept, but dogs do like companionship of the human or animal variety. In having said that, I don't believe that all dogs are totally miserable living like that. I think some adapt to their solitary lifestyle. What you need need to do is see the situation from your dog's viewpoint. Visually - what's does your dog see? Get down on your hands and knees and take a look at the view from your dog's perspective. What are they looking at from that angle? Can you improve it? How much energy do they have? Are you giving them enough physical exercise? What about mental stimulation? In what kind of ways are they stimulated mentally? Do they play by themselves? Are there things you can do to make life interesting for them when you're not there? Things like working for their treats with kongs, or a tug rope tied securely that they can pull.
  15. If you click on the pic itself, not the post, you'll see down the bottom left when it was uploaded - which was 14 July 2017. I didnt bother checking the geocache info of the images but I'm willing to bet they're from all different places....