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  1. If you like the look of a wood deck, I'd be inclined then to look for a product to fill the cracks - if there is such a thing. Like a wood filler? You could have something attached to the deck from the udner side and then fill the cracks. Im not sure how feasible that would be, but maybe worth considering. Otherwise, marine carpet sounds like the best suggestion.
  2. Are her nails too long? Its potentially just a one off accident. Boof, one of my pugs, got his claw stuck between two pavers. He all but ripped it out and we came home to blood everywhere. I didn't rip up the pavers. He never had another accident either.
  3. It sounds like a contest about who has the biggest old fella. If the dog is lunging at you, your only legal and sensible course of action is to reprot it to the council and to avoid the area until it is sorted. I know, that doesn't allow you to puff your chest and be a real man, but it is a solution.
  4. I remember you both. I'm so sorry. It takes time to adjust. There is nothing like loving, and being loved by, a pug. I know only too well how it feels to lose one. They're soulful, beautiful dogs. Fonz was certainly a character. It seems he could never get close enough to you. Fonz joins my pugs Monte, Boofy and Olivia at the bridge.
  5. Belly bands and going back to training the first steps. Take them outside, praise, praise, praise when they wee. "Good boy, fabulous fellow!" In a big loud high touched voice. Take them out regularly. Do it for a few weeks. Put the belly band on when inside. Take it off when you let them out.
  6. The elimination diet does not need vet input, however, most people simply don't understand what an elimination diet is and therefore it fails. I've read dozens of posts where people have their dog on an 'elimination' diet which is little more than a change of diet in reality and the dog owners convinces themselves they have a result, when they actually don't. The important points are: - the diet needs to be totally restricted to only the novel food types. - it has to be truly novel. Food that the dog may have had previously, at any point in its life, will give unreliable results. - expect to have the dog on th diet for upwards of 12 weeks or more. Although it doesnt sound much, it's important that the above is followed. And trust me, if you're normally a kibble or commercial feeder, making food for a dog (particularly a large one) for 12 weeks plus is time consuming and often expensive. As for the fees, vets are free to charge what they see fit. Most are reasonable. They're humans. They run a business. Unlike humans, there is no care plan like Medicare. If our doctors charged us for everything, we'd see a lot more complaints made about costs too. And unlike human docs, who work in hospitals etc, vets have to actually buy all their own equipment. Their own X-rays machines. Their own buildings to operate in. Everything. Fro he limp - as others have noted. It needs to b checked out. The vet is actually possibly helping the owner by not going the expensive route, but it's the expensive route that needs to happen to get an accurate diagnosis.
  7. Not sure where we are up to... Washing day.
  8. I'd put it down to experience and move on. Genetics is actually a science, and dog breeders are just people. Some people have more knowledge and understanding than others. Most are doing what they think is best in their own way and some are just doing it for the money and simply don't care. Good on you for desexing her. Many people wouldn't give a shit and would breed from her regardless.
  9. Wow, awesome pic... but eek!
  10. I'm not any good at photography... but I love my subjects.
  11. Listening to the media today and it seems like it was a bullshit story. He and someone else own the puppy (probably an ex partner) and he claimed it was stolen and it wasn't. He's been charged with making a false statement or whatever the charge is. What an asshole.
  12. They're still changing but along the same lines. Daisy has become like velcro. She wants to sit on your lap and sleep on you when it's nap time. Obi is still ADHD and and likes a quick cuddle, but he's always more interested in playing. He's the first to wake and the last of wind down. He's go, go, go. I'm so in love with these two! ❤ They're tiny too. They look big in the pic but being a petite breed, they're still quite small. I love watching them slink around the house. When you first come home or when they first wake up, they roll over in front of you again and again, wanting tickles on their bellies. They purr non-stop. Daisy is vocal but Obi not as much.
  13. Snuggle buggles.
  14. Any news on this little guy yet? I've been praying that the idiots who stole him, protect him from the heatwave.