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  1. Nothing to panic about now but significant hair loss is one of the symptoms of Cushings disease (Indy got this when he was about 11). Again, I wouldn’t jump straight to that conclusion but just something to be aware of if you think the hair loss is getting worse or if he starts to develop balding patches. It’s just something I would keep an eye on, given his age.
  2. That is a pretty biased article. I'd call it an opinion piece really. The author has already determined that there is only one acceptable method to train dogs and then tells you how to find a trainer that complies that that one method. There is no coverage of all methods in an impartial manner with guidance on how to pick the method and trainer that is best for you and your dog.
  3. Goodbye my gorgeous girl

    RIP Minty you beautiful girl. I'm so sorry for your loss Animal House. That was such a lovely tribute which really captured what it means to have a dog as part of your life for so long. It may have made me tear up.
  4. oh and just to add, the long drive is actually a positive not really a negative as our puppy now travels in the car like an absolute champion. We took him for his first consult 4 days after brining him home and he is now so used to longish drives that he just gets comfortable and then falls asleep about 5 minutes into the trip. So, I now see the car trip as part of his training as it's just something else for him to get used to and learn to take in his stride.
  5. I second this. I have a 6 month old puppy and I have been doing the puppy raising program with K9 pro and I can't recommend them highly enough. It's a one and half our drive (each way) for me but it's well worth it and I wouldn't go anywhere else. What is it that you are not quite happy with when it comes to the programs you have already looked into?
  6. behaviour

    Congratulations on your new puppy. We have a 6 month old lab boy so are going though the same phases as you are. People have to go to work and a happy and adjusted dog is one that doesn't need to be attended to 24/7. A dog that can't cope with some alone time is not well adjusted. Dogs being outside during the day when their owners are at work does not mean the dog is being deprived or not being treated as part of the family. Your situation sounds very similar to ours. Our boy is outside during the day when we are at work and then we let him inside with us when we are at home. He can't be trusted inside on his own at this age as he would just trash the place and our house is very open plan so we can't even limit his access to certain areas inside. We have our in-laws living with us temporarily so he is getting a bit more attention during the day at present but that will stop once they move out. It doesn't sound like your puppy needs anything but he wants your attention and wants you to play with him. Our boy gets crazy zoomies at night too and went though a stage of exhibiting similar behaviour to what you have described. He gets plenty of walks, training time and play outside so we are teaching him that when inside with us it is time to be calm. We are doing this by using a puppy pen, so he can be inside with us and part of what we are doing but he is not free to run amok and we are also working on his place training (which is like what Tassie described and linked to above) so that he is right there with us and getting interaction but he needs to be calm and chilled on his place. My advice is to work with him and focus on what you want him to do not so much try and prevent him doing what you don't want him to do. i.e. if he is doing the thing you want then he is busy doing that, so not doing the thing you don't want.
  7. Winky is pretty proud of herself

    She is adorable
  8. Are Dog Parks Worth the Risk?

    I've never been a fan of fenced in dog parks where the idea is for the dogs just to play with each other. To me they are disasters waiting to happen, however I have friends who enjoy taking their dog to the dog park but they seem to frequent one where they get to know the other owners and the other dogs so it doesn't sound like a total free-for-all. It's still not for me though. The closest offical dog park to us is not fenced and from what I've observed most people use it as an area to play fetch with their dogs or do off leash training, not as an area for the dogs just to play with each other and it seems to work well. Yes, the dogs do interact a bit but it tends to be more of a by-product rather than the sole intent. I guess with it being unfenced and near a main road, only people with well trained dogs tend to use it so there are less problems. Fenced in parks are probably frequented more by people who dogs can't be off-leash in an unfenced area.
  9. Bye Bye Button

    What a gorgeous girl. She was very lucky to have found you.
  10. Introducing.... Bolt!

    Aww look at those ears
  11. A Dyson. It’s good enough for a quick whip around between the once a week proper vacuum but it doesn’t replace the larger proper unit.
  12. Just a comment on the hair thing. I'm the neat freak in our house and before I had dogs I didn't like the thought of dog hair everywhere and we got two Alaskan Malamutes (go figure) which in the hair everywhere stakes is probably about a 10/10. I soon got over being too worried about it as my love for my dogs made the hair thing not bother me as much as when it was an abstract concept. Stick vacuums are your friend.
  13. So much good advice given already so I'm not going to repeat it. The pup not being vaccinated, wormed or microchipped is a huge red flag and others have already covered this. All I would say when considering getting a puppy is that you ask yourself whether you're setting yourself up for success or failure. You sound like you have a busy home and busy life (and potentially limited space) and puppies will get into anything they can so you will either need to ensure that there is nothing lying around for the puppy to get into or have the space to set up a puppy pen so that he/she can be in a safe and contained space when not being fully supervised (by an adult). We have a 15 week old puppy at the moment and this is what we are doing. We don't leave things around for him to get but we don't give him free reign to run amok in the house either. Also, when deciding what breed to get, do some research on the history of the breed and what they were originally bred to do and that will give you an idea of the inherent traits that the dog will most probably have and that will help you narrow down breeds that will fit best into your lifestyle. Good luck with it all.
  14. Buying a puppy

    Breeders who tend to get inundated with puppy enquiries could set up an automated response that acknowledges the email, explains that they do indeed get a lot of emails and that it takes them some time to read them all and respond so expect a response in xxxx and give an estimated time frame. I get that the one liner type emails would be tough and somewhat soul destroying but for those you could have a template response that provides a bit of information about the breed, what you expect from puppy buyers and a set of questions you would like them to answer. If you have that saved - then it's just a quick copy and paste rather than typing individual responses each time. I think part of the issue is that breeders or "dog people" i.e. people like us who frequent places like DOL have an expectation of what the process generally is but the general public really have no idea and their expectations are wildly different. There needs to be a way to bridge that gap. I had someone ask us recently how one even goes about finding a breeder and my OH laughed and said "be a part of every dog forum known to man" in reference to me, but it wasn't far from the truth. I was lucky enough to get a puppy from a highly regarded breeder and I couldn't have asked for a better puppy buying experience but me even knowing about the breeder and then getting an introduction came about due to connections I have made via DOL and I've made a 16 year investment in being active on DOL but that is not what the average person does so they don't know what they don't know and cold calling/emailing is tough when you are not aware of the unwritten rules that go with enquiring about a puppy.
  15. Introducing.... Bolt!

    She is just lovely!