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  1. Goodbye my Lovely Miss Bindi girl xxx

    Oh Sheena, I am so very sorry that Bindi has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. May all your memories of her be everlasting happy ones.
  2. Am I going crazy?

  3. Am I going crazy?

    Relax when around your boy, especially when he is interacting with other dogs and people. He will pick up on your apprehension and begin to wonder what is wrong, which will in turn make him wary. If your boy has never shown any reason for you to be concerned, then don't be. They don't know your dog, you do. Also consider doing more obedience training with your boy. Trick training and scent work are great activities that will strengthen the bond between you and your boy, and that way you will get to know him better. And you will then feel more confident in him and his ability to deal with all situations, and he will feel that you can deal with things to keep him safe and he wont have to. Don't listen to people who know nothing about your dog or our wonderfully awesome breed.
  4. @Troy Hi All breeders and Rescue Groups in Victoria and those that sell puppies to and advertise in Victoria, Apologies if this is common knowledge already, but Pet Exchange Register Victorian Government’s new online database, the ‘Pet Exchange Register’ comes into effect on the 1st July 2019. From 1 July 2019, any person or business advertising, to sell or give away, a dog or cat will need to be ‘enrolled’ on the Pet Exchange Register. There is no requirement to enter details of cats or dogs that have been sold or given away prior to that date. Once enrolled, a ‘source number’ will be generated to identify each seller. From 1 July, it will be an offence under Victorian law to advertise a dog or cat unless the advertisement includes the animal’s microchip number and the seller’s source number. Both the person selling, or giving-away, the pet and the publisher of the advertisement will face penalties if they fail to comply with the new regulations. From the Agriculture Victoria website: http://agriculture.vic.gov.au/pets/puppy-farm-legislation/pet-exchange-register If you are a registered domestic animal business or voluntarily enrolled foster carer with your local council, there is no need to register as a source number will be provided to you before 1 July 2019 with instructions for use. From 1 July 2019, it will be an offence to advertise a dog or cat for sale unless the advertisement includes the animal’s microchip number and the source number generated by the Register. Offences apply to both the person selling the pet, along with the publisher that publishes a non-compliant advertisement. From 1 July 2019, members of the public will be able to access limited information on the Register, regarding advertisers of dogs and cats. This also includes interstate breeders who are advertising with the intent of reaching Victorian residents on sites such a DOL and Facebook. Some more information: Breeders cannot use their Dogs Victoria membership number in place of a PER number. Dogs Vic members must register as a recreational breeder and use their unique source number in advertisements. The application fee for individuals enrolling on the PER is waived for the first 12 months. From 1 July 2020 it will be approximately $22. Source numbers are valid for 12 months and can be renewed every year. DABs and foster carers registered with councils are not required to pay a fee to enroll on the PER, as councils will enroll them. The PER will then allocate a source number, which will be valid for as long as the registration with council is valid.
  5. The Evil Beagle

    Oh Bec is was shocked when I saw Steve's post yesterday. I guess I just thought that Daisy would be working for doughnuts with you for ever. It was just meant to be that you both found each other and had an amazing adventure together. Daisy will be greatly missed, but forever will be the Evil Beagle. Rest easy Daisy.
  6. Dogs are sentient beings

    Both Baylee and Dee passed at home with our wonderful vet's assistance: Baylee in the front garden where she loved to watch the world go by; and Dee in the back of the car in our driveway, getting ready to go for a drive on another big adventure. They were their favourite places and in Dee's case it lessened the anxiety of a vet visit dramatically. For our dogs and us it was the perfect way to end their pain. If it is possible to do this for Justice, I can highly recommend it Snook.
  7. Perses' Pups

    Dogs who have a life full of activity, adventure, purpose and love. Couldn't ask for more . Dags, Don, Pudden
  8. Goodbye my gorgeous girl

    Oh AH I am devastated for you at the passing of Minty. You are so right the list of no mores is very long. May your heart be filled with all those wonderful memories that are Minty. She will live on in your heart until you meet again. Huge hugs
  9. Dee Dee Duster - until we meet again

    It has been a year since you left us Miss Dee Dee to join Miss Baylee at the Bridge, and what a year it has been. Zeph nearly left us twice to join you girls, and a Tassie Devil named Hailey arrived to create enough havoc and amusement for the both of you. I hope that you are enjoying your morning zoomies with Baylee, that you are sharing the boys and yummy food with each other, that you are chasing lots of bubbles and enjoying the warm sunshine after your daily swims. Look over us with your love and protection, and remind us of your continued presence until we meet again. Lots of love
  10. Awesome to have a treat day, filled with all that you love and enjoy. Travel peacefully dearest Trouble. Look over your mum and let her know that you are okay with Woosie
  11. Desexing a Bernese Mountain Dog

    At least 18 months of age. Larger breeds take longer to mature, and they definitely need that bone and muscle development to protect their joints in latter life from Hip and Elbow Dysplasia and OCD. Listen to your breeder when you decide on a puppy.
  12. Perses' Pups

    Oops. Maybe that was subconscious, as I have a soft spot for Dagwood and wanted to see more of him lol
  13. Perses' Pups

    I do believe that Dagwood has already chosen his Master.....................pers Some things are not up to us
  14. The adventures of Hailey, the Tassie Devil

    Are you sure about that LMO? Check out the Water Safety thread in General!!!!
  15. Water safety with dogs

    He thought that you were hot as well, and he was trying to help cool you down