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  1. We watched the first, second and last episode. I loved that Buddy won. They are such great dogs and they went to perfect owners. I wish them all a long and wonderful life.
  2. And people wonder why I walk my dogs in the bush
  3. grumpette


    Sending lots of love and light to you on the tragic passing of Opal. I totally understand the devastating loss that you are feeling. May your love for Opal and the memories of your time together help to fill the void that you now feel. RIP beautiful Opal. Watch over your Mum.
  4. Definitely the place to be when owning water loving dogs, but a bit more sunshine, and less rain, would be nice.
  5. Yes T, he is a total goofball who is easily distracted, unless you have his ball. Hailey is always focused and waiting for the next task.
  6. Love this photo of Hailey in her harness after a swim
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