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  1. Hi broncho, your Rottweiler puppy doesn't need to be washed very often. Too much washing removes the protective oils from their coats. For when they get really dirty a gentle shampoo like Aloveen (an oatmeal shampoo) is great. Generally any dirt just brushes off when dry. Rottweilers have a double coat consisting of a fine undercoat and a courser top coat. You don't want to remove the undercoat as it helps them to regulate their temperature. Over brushing or combing will damage their coats. Rottweilers moult twice a year in summer and winter. As puppies grow they will lose their pu
  2. Thank you. Hailey is full of personality and enthusiasm, a little unsure at times, but loves life.
  3. Play dates are definitely the best. The handsome young man is Charlie, a training partner from two clubs that we go too. There is also a gorgeous Border Collie named Billy in her inner circle.
  4. Oh she certainly is. She jumps on to all sorts of things and poses in preparation for a photo and treat.
  5. We were at Coronation Park and it shows the park layout and trails.
  6. The Rockwheelers again, one of which is a water fountain.
  7. Hailey and Riot out to lunch in Healesville
  8. Jumping practice with the dumbbell means Dumbo ears
  9. Practicing being a Rockwheeler, and with her brother Riot.
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