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  1. Life is definitely better adventuring with dogs, especially Rotties @tdierikx And @Loving my Oldies thank you. Photos are my way of ensuring that the adventures are never forgotten when the dogs go over the Bridge. They are my tribute, my joy, and a diary of our journeys.
  2. They are both gorgeous dogs who love adventure.
  3. Apollo has grown to be taller than Hailey as @tdierikx predicted, and he has the most amazing personality. Outgoing, friendly and smart. Just working on his impulse control. Hailey is still anxious, but so smart and happy with people that she knows.
  4. In October it was getting too hot to safely walk the rail trail, so Apollo learnt to swim at Lake Nillahcootie, and Hailey showed him how it was done.
  5. Cooling off in the horse trough in Alexandra, September 2021
  6. The birthday boy. Alexandra September 2021
  7. The crazy puppy also loves to climb. Cathkin September 2021.
  8. Hailey at Trawool Estate, just as a thunderstorm rolled in, August 2021
  9. Apollo still sleeping under the bed at 11 months of age. How he fitted, I don't know
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