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  1. Dee was attacked while on lead by 2 Jack Russells and a Lab cross all at once. I turned her around and around with her head facing me and her feet off the ground, while the owner stood in his front yard and did nothing. We where both getting so dizzy and I was about to fall down when some people walking by stopped to help. When we stopped spinning poor Dee threw up. It took 18 months of intensive work for her to trust me to be able to look out for her welfare on walks and around other dogs, and not to react first. I took longer to reduce my hypervigilance when other dogs approached and to remain calm. To this day, and two dogs later, I am still wary and constantly looking. This is why I prefer isolated walks, even though Apollo loves other dogs.
  2. We watched the first, second and last episode. I loved that Buddy won. They are such great dogs and they went to perfect owners. I wish them all a long and wonderful life.
  3. And people wonder why I walk my dogs in the bush
  4. grumpette


    Sending lots of love and light to you on the tragic passing of Opal. I totally understand the devastating loss that you are feeling. May your love for Opal and the memories of your time together help to fill the void that you now feel. RIP beautiful Opal. Watch over your Mum.
  5. Definitely the place to be when owning water loving dogs, but a bit more sunshine, and less rain, would be nice.
  6. Yes T, he is a total goofball who is easily distracted, unless you have his ball. Hailey is always focused and waiting for the next task.
  7. Love this photo of Hailey in her harness after a swim
  8. Hailey's first harness to allow her to continue to go on walks while recovering from a hot spot.
  9. He spotted a very large buck in the state forest. Thank God for leads and hiking boots with amazing tread
  10. Some winter adventure photos. It doesn't matter that it's only 6 degrees and drizzly, they still swim We have also moved to harnesses for our hikes and walks, and they are loving it
  11. 3 is the most dogs that I have had at the same time. There was a 6 year age gap between Baylee, and the two younger dogs, Dee and Zeph. There was 9 months between Dee and Zeph. Dee and Zeph played together when Baylee needed a break, but they learnt so much from her. The hardest thing was ensuring that Baylee still got the chance to work and train, while I was training the younger ones.
  12. It's a good thing both boys are cute, because sometimes they are not very clever. Other times they are Einstein
  13. Hopefully the council does something to protect the daycare dogs. They and their owners don't deserve the possible drama the idiot trainer can cause.
  14. Hailey and Apollo have a definite sense of humour. They will play with the smallest stick or leave, play zoomies, do funny things to make you laugh and continue once you do. This makes training them in tricks so easy. Zeph, Apollo's great uncle was a serious dog, always a thinker and calculated in his actions. Loved people, so tolerated dressing up for things like nursing home visits or the dog lovers show, but sill serious. So yes, dogs definitely have a sense of humour
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