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  1. Sorry, just had to mention that hormones haven't actually been used in chicken for over 40 years. Yes chickens are bred bigger but its not hormones. Back to the OP, if its finances that are the problem with feeding premium kibble then I know some members here have had good results with Uncle Albers which is about $22 for a 20kg bag. Cheaper than supermarket food.
  2. Oh Happy Birthday Ollie!! That brought tears to my eyes, knowing what you have done for him to get him to this grand old age. Congratulations to both of you
  3. That's really interesting! Why is that?? Is it because long hair is easier to catch ina brush/vacuum whereas short hair isd harder?? The long hair comes out in soft clumps and whispy bits that sit on top of fabric and is pretty easy to brush off furniture and bedding, unlike short hair that sheds one hair at a time, works it's way into any sort of fabric and is pretty much impossible to remove. I have owned a Labrador, so know the difference. The disadvantage with the long hair is it getting wound around the brush of the vacuum cleaner, but it is still easier to remove from carpet than all those little short bits. Most people don't realise that spending half an hour a week, grooming a long coat, to make sure it isn't tangled and sweeping up hair tumbleweeds, is a lot less work than coping with a shorter coat that sheds all over the house 365 days a year. There are some breeds that need more time to groom but most long coats do fine with half an hour a week. I recently just bought a furminator off ebay for $30, (I am pretty happy with that price) and it works wonders on Max and Jenna... but I swear, the hair just keeps coming!!!! It is unbelievable... I swear I could sit there for an entire day just brushing and by the end of it hair would still be coming out!!! Max and Jenna aren't 'long coated' GSD but aren't necessarily short coated either, although they are classified as short haired... Jennas dad was long haired and her mum had the shortest hair I have ever seen in a gsd, wheras max's dad and mum both had the same length... funnily enough, now max and jenna have the same length hair... I cant remember where I was going with this... just thought I'd note that I am using this furminator to see if it works on stopping them shedding so damn much but I swear with all the hair that comes out I might just deal with vacuuming a few times a week! lol Funny you mention that. I stopped using my Furminator for a while because even though it took a lot of the loose fur out I found she was shedding twice as much as when I didnt use it! I stopped, it stopped. Well being a shepherd it never stops but its very interesting.........
  4. So sorry Teebs, RIP litte Tip. Bugger DA, now I am a blubbering mess.
  5. I hate washing the dog blankets. The german shepherd loses so much fur and the blankies are covered in it. Do you use your normal everyday washing machine? Top or front loader? What do you do afterwards to clean the poor old thing out? I have a fairly new front loader and I dont want to kill it by washing the blankets in there and bunging the thing up. Is it doable? They are mainly polar fleece ones.
  6. I buy my kibble online at Fetch Boy Great service and good prices too.
  7. My shepherd eats a chicken carcass every day and loves it. She also eats chicken necks, if you have a gulper then just put a leather glove on and hold on to it so it cant be inhaled. My shep also has Nutro Chicken or Lamb and does quite well, however does get runny on lamb flaps or ribs.
  8. SarasMum


    RIP Zara. So sorry for your loss RL1.
  9. A girl I know used to volunteer at a large well known charity. She sorted the clothes and would pick and chose what she wanted. She used to get a garbage bag full for $2. There were some expensive clothing items that she scored through that. She would hand them out to her friends all the time. She actually volunteered just so she could get the freebies.
  10. The 3 puppies came from 3 different sources. The GSD was from a reputable breeder. Parents were also there to be viewed. I missed where the staffy was from but not sure a reputable breeder would sell a *Blue* staffy to people in an apartment. The Cavalier poodle cross was from a backyard breeder. It wasnt a puppy farm that I could see. However he did take the new owner into a pet shop to hold a dog similar to what she was buying sight unseen, so she could spend $350 on dog stuff that was extremely overpriced. He also mentioned that there were loads of puppies in rescues and pounds that needed homes. Unfortunately the cavalier cross came out top in his assessment of their behaviours. Mind you, it did have a great temperament. The staffy was unruly and most likely dog aggressive but he gave it a b+. The GSD was attending training so hopefully it turns into a gorgeous dog. Not sure the cats thinks so though lol.
  11. Yesterday my friend lost her dear old boy Rex to bloat. Rex was the most placid, molly coddled sook of a Weimaraner. He was just shy of his 13th birthday. As his dad was tucking him into bed (yes covering him with his blankie) he gave his tummy a pat and noticed that it was rigid. He rushed him to the vet but it was too late. His big sister Ruby passed away 3 years ago from the same thing so they were always vigilant just in case it happened to Rexy. Unfortunately it did. Understandably they are shattered, and so are my family. He was like the grandpa of all our dogs. RIP Rexy. I hope, actually I know, you will be chasing bunnies with Ruby over there at the Bridge. Farewell old man xxx :rolleyes:
  12. This was from Ams at 1pm in Off Topic "Posting across all the flood threads: I am stuck in the little island formerly known as the suburb of Kholo. If anyone knows of peeps who may have been flooded out that need animals looked after in here please let me know and I will go do what I can. Please feel free to give out my mobile number."
  13. I have successfully been using Vet Basix antiseptic fly repellent cream for a couple of years now. My german shepherd gets attacked on her ears if I dont apply it daily. It soothes the ears as well as keeping the flies away. I have made several of my own fly traps after hearing a few Dolers explain how they made theirs with empty plastic soft drink bottles. So far they are working well. I have a large yard and have made 3 so far and will make more once I drink more coke lol. Vetbasix Fly repellent
  14. I always see people make complaints about bad service and I wanted to let you all know of some great service from Fetch Boy. I saw someone mention it in regards to purchasing kibble and I had a look at their website. I have been having problems with my local food supplier, never having what I need and then telling me its coming, its coming, its coming. I decided to give Fetch Boy a go. I ordered a large 15kg bag of Nutro on Friday morning and it turned up yesterday, Monday. As it was my first order there was also a free Fetch Boy frisbee for the dogs in the bag. The courier cost to me was only $8 which I thought was great for such a large bag of food. I will definitely be using the website again to purchase my Nutro. Fetch Boy
  15. My friend has a dog thats on antibiotics and has a slight case of the runs. As they are flying tomorrow (she has no computer access atm) she was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to something that will help him so he doesnt turn up at the other end covered in poo.
  16. Thanks for the replies everyone. I have passed on this link and all the advice. Much appreciated!
  17. My friend has a Visla x GSP and she is extremely active. She is also very very hard to keep weight on. I am looking for suggestions to pass on to them. The dog is desexed and just over a year old. She doesnt like whole chicken carcasses and I have suggested getting the Lenards pet mince as an alternative ie. munched carcasses. She is also fed morning and night, currently she is on a working dog dry food and she has gained a very very small amount of weight but not a lot. Other than satin balls, does anyone have any other suggestions?
  18. I had the chicken last time but they only had two bags of lamb so I had no choice. Mine used to be on Advance but the staffy x was still itching quite a bit on it, so far Nutro has been really good for both of them. We will see the true results when summer hits and Sari's grass allergies pop up.
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