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  1. I have a friend with a couple of kelpies who live in a tick zone. She uses Comfortis for fleas and is very happy with it, in conjunction with flea and tick collars. She has found the collars are not lasting and was wondering if there is anything she can use for the ticks alone, in conjunction with the Comfortis? I figured picking the DOL brains trust was the quickest and most informative thing to do :D .
  2. I am so sorry Caz. RIP Buddy. I will refrain from commenting on the groomer. I might be banned.
  3. Calendula Tea is great to stop the itches and it also stops any secondary infections from occurring. I steep some in an old stocking until the water cools then I apply the tea with a cloth. She licks half of it off as she likes the taste but I figure drinking it isn't going to do anything but help her anyway lol. Mine is allergic to summer grasses. Her underside goes as bald as a badger in summer. I have also found that curash powder helps too.
  4. I just wanted to tell you what a gorgeous dog Bruno is. I met him at the Lake to Lagoon fun run, it was my leg he decided to lean on for a bit lol. I have everything crossed for him and hope he feels better soon.
  5. So sorry to hear of Grumpys passing. He sounded like one in a million. Run free old man.
  6. My neighbours cat only has 3 legs. He lost his back one after he got out one night and we are guessing someone kicked him really hard and shattered his back leg. He is hilarious to watch as when he runs he runs sideways. He has no trouble mousing and climbing things, he does get stuck occasionally though if he has climbed too high. It has slowed him down a little bit but he is doing fine.
  7. My staffy x has sensitive skin, she is allergic to summer grasses. She has had a couple of hot spots, usually on her cheeks.
  8. I find my staffy x gets a hot spot on her cheek if she lays on the grass in the sun, her fave spot being right next to the water bowl that I have a constant drip into to keep it fresh. The grass must be damp around that area. I use curash too. Clean it well with salty water or betadine and keep applying the curash. I also found an elizabethan collar worked because she kept scratching it and making it bleed.
  9. I think mine are broken. They don't play with each other or toys. They occasionally give each other kisses but that's about it.
  10. SarasMum


    So sorry to hear this. His antics always brought a smile to my face. Today it has brought tears. Run free at the Bridge Atlas with your pink blankie and the bin lid on your head. Hugs to you too Teebs.
  11. SarasMum


    Two years already. I am sorry you had to endure all of those losses. I also didn't realise Chi Chi has gone to the Bridge. Rest easy little ones.
  12. You also need to find your Dad an interest. Contact your local Mens Shed, they are all about being together and having a chat. Also contact local charities who can pop in and have a cuppa and a chat with him. Even though you live right there, sometimes with our busy lives we forget that they might get lonely and want to have a chat to someone new. I would also be taking Dad to the GP and getting a once over.
  13. Both mine get car sick. I make sure not to feed them the night before and they then also have no breakfast until the car ride is all over. I make sure I schedule vet visits as early as I can :laugh: .
  14. Our hot spot is almost gone. Once I put an elizabethan collar on her and she stopped scratching it the Curash was able to work. I took the collar off last night and she had scratched a small bit this morning so the bucket is back on the head until it heals more. She is not happy but thems the breaks.
  15. Since DOL changed formats last year the ads are always geared to whatever the thread is about. I noticed that a while ago. It's a bit like Facebook and the ads down the side of your page.
  16. What do you shave the dog with? Clippers or a razor? I don't have any clippers and my dog has a hot spot atm. I have been trying to keep it clean, put a weak iodine solution on it then dried and added Curash. Stoopid dog keeps scratching though and making it bleed. I don't have an elizabethan collar on hand either. I know hers is from laying on the damp grass near her outside water bowl. It seems to be where the morning sun hits.
  17. We had a budgie that flew in our front door many years ago and proceeded to bite everyone. His name was Sid (Vicious). We had a GSD who's name was Phantom because he would disappear at bath time. My wee little bantam rooster was named Frank. I have a one eyed chook atm and her name was originally Iris, now it's Eyeless :D .
  18. Sounds like a nomination to me. Thank you Sarasmum for taking time out for woofnhoof. Oh piffle. I just wanted to see what Woof had her Kindle dressed in ;) It was a pleasure.
  19. Ha I was thinking that it was unusual for Willow to be getting a new dog seeing as she had only just had a new skin baby. Then I noticed the extra l.
  20. So sorry to hear of Ollie's passing. He, and you, were inspirations to us all. I am also sorry to hear of the passing of your boys father. You have been through a lot in the past few weeks. I hope you find some comfort in the fact that there are dozens of DOLers thinking of you at this time. RIP old fella.
  21. Posted on Facebook and Flocked also. Fingers crossed they come home safe.
  22. I know how to find member Jodi, if thats who you are talking about?
  23. I like Chilli. Can I just make a suggestion though, if you call her Phoebe, its the o before the e ;) The anal speller in me just had to say it, sorry. *Backs away slowly*
  24. So sorry to hear this news GayleK. I saw the title then immediately went to your username hoping to dog it wasnt him. RIP big fella.
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