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  1. Dog would be at the vet immediately
  2. Yep for his entire life. He is 7yo He has never marked anything inside at home. He has at a friends when we stayed there but not here Never had an issue. I could leave him in all day and not worry I have had more issues with bitches than i have with my dogs
  3. I went through a couple because the dogs ate them ok if they are being supervised continually but i wouldnt leave them alone with it on I found vicks next to the wound site - not on it or too close worked better for us
  4. I am looking forward to getting my new baby into the ring shortly
  5. LOL ejaculation can happen at the most awkward times - never forget the look on a friend's face as she was giving a last minute grooming polish up to her dog ringside on top of the trolley and he suddenly ejaculated all over the trolley!!! "I hardly even touched it!" she said, face flaming as red as a beetroot! Sorry slightly OT but had to share that memory! Hahaha
  6. Daire had that a few times. i just lubed it up and put it back in. I will admit to calling a friend hysterical about it and when she got up from the floor from :rofl: :rofl: at me she suggested good ole ky jelly to get it back in. Then had to get up off the floor from my reaction to having to lube him up to get it back in the sheath The things we do for our dogs
  7. Jemma looks great - fantastic to see a photo of her
  8. i see that at All breeds shows too :laugh:
  9. They dont wear suits at GSD specialties either. I mean why would you when you are doing a hell of a lot more running/walking/moving at a specialty than a couple of laps around a small all breeds ring :) I suppose really at the end of the day, judging is more in depth at a specialty. Both breeds are made to move a lot more than what is done in an all breeds ring. The rings are larger, with GSDS and sometimes rotts, the dogs are made to walk, gait and fast gait, showing all speeds of movement. They also are expected to be fit, and fitness can certainly change placings, and the all breeds ring really cant show that to the same extent. Each dog is given an individual - similar to the AB ring, however far more in depth. The critiques are written down and the judge does an thorough assessment of the dogs. Usually once the dogs are critiqued, they are bought back into the ring and do a lap or two so that the judge can check what they have written with the critiques re the order the dogs should be in. Then they put them in the order that they believe they should be in and work them. With GSDS, they are worked and changes are made and they are placed from 1st to last dog in the class, either top 6 or 10 are on the pegs. With rotts they are worked but the judge removes dogs from last until there are the last 6-8 left in the ring and then works them down to 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. There are only 6 on the pegs with rotts. Same same but different IMO I enjoy both types of specialties Hope i have helped and not confused you
  10. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: they little boy he is divine
  11. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are sooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!
  12. Sorry to butt in - Gus is gorgeous by the way - i always take my puppies out and say 'do wees' before they are doing anything, then once they start i am quiet and when they are finished i say 'yay good wees' it works for me and mine, and all mine will go to the loo on command, i say 'do wees' and they go and do a wee
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