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  1. Oh dear Pers, I think you could be right. She feels terrible
  2. Thanks for the replies Dol people My sister took them into the vets for identification and the vet nurse did indeed think they were skin tags. Well caught T Poor Pep, I bet it hurt to rip those out. Sis definitely will not be doing something like that again. She just though tick and panicked. Cue one very spoilt dog for the rest of the day.
  3. Thanks powerlegs, I've passed that on to my sister. Also tried to clarify if these things popped up overnight or if they could have been there a while.
  4. Interesting TD, I think she just panicked a little and pulled them off, thinking they were ticks. Not sure about the skin tag thing though as she is a black dog and the 'fur' is white?
  5. She just sent another. Really not great quality but she said the end of it (that was sticking out the dogs face) is kinda furry?
  6. Hi everyone, long time no speak My sister has just texted me these pics. These nasties were in the side of her dog's face this morning. Apparently she bled quite profusely when they were removed. Really not sure what they are. The blood and hair stuck to them doesn't help with identification I know but does anyone have any ideas?
  7. Week 37 Slight cheat as it was taken same well as the last one, at the deer Park. I saw these little red berries in the afternoon light and thought they looked beautiful.
  8. Week 36 After checking out the campground we decided to stay there the following weekend. First camping trip since Ethan's diabetes diagnosis. It was a little scary not have the security blanket of home and the hospital less than 5 minutes away but I'll get used to it the more we do it. He did have a hypo after dinner. Not sure if I counted the carbs right but had some extra chocolate ( no complaints from Ethan ) and he was fine. I went got a wander to find the deer in the evening.
  9. Week 35 We popped to Borumba Deer Park to check out the campground. Lovely little creek there
  10. @Roova love the red flowers against the bluey green background. Really makes them stand out. @persephone Such stunning colours. Beautiful @Zena's mum Hahaha, love that washing line.
  11. Week 34. We had a fire not far from us. Scary stuff but makes a beauty of a sunset.
  12. Unfortunately this kind of case is always going to bring out the loonies on both sides. People just cannot settle for the fact that we will never know what actually happened. Unless an independent person witnessed events or a camera recorded it, the accounts will always be skewed in favour of the person giving them. Is this Taspol account the 'truth'? Who knows. Are their loonies on the internet? Definitely Personally, I think the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle of the owner's and the kid's account. Does seem a little strange that an aggressive
  13. Hahaha. For someone who has spent most of their life in the UK, I'm still amazed I am able to not only to see kangaroos, but stroke them too
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