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    A very happy owner of a beautiful Neopolitan Mastiff cross Pitbull, called Kenny.
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  1. Vicious Dog Buy Back

    Chrissie Swan & her just as ignorant offsider Jane Hall should shut their mouths until they are actually prepared to do some research instead of hysterically calling for the eradication of breeds such as GSD's, Rottis & Rhodesians - amongst others. I've been listening to her unfounded rants yesterday morning & again today where she questions why anyone would want to own a dog that weighs more than 50 kilos - sitting in judgement of people like me as if we are some kind of child killing monsters. Ms Swan hasn't met me or my dogs yet she is of the clear belief that my beautiful dogs have no place in society simply because they weigh more than 50kgs. That appears to be her only criteria to declare large dogs a dangerous menace & a threat to all children. Strange that Ms Swan didn't have the same level of concern for her own unborn child when she made the decision to smoke cigarettes during the later stages of pregnancy, despite the undisputed FACTUAL evidence that smoking whilst pregnant can have serious long term effects on the health of the foetus. And don't even start me on how she sent her 'rescue cat' back to the shelter because she found it sleeping in the babies cot. Wonder if her Bondi Vet buddy Chris Brown shares her extreme views regarding large dogs & dog ownership in general. Ah.. so weight is what makes a dog dangerous. I'd commented elsewhere today that my greyhounds (who are all very tall dogs) had yet to eat either of my children and that perhaps they were broken. As it happens, most of my dogs are around the 30-35kg mark so at least 10kg shy of being baby eaters. Useful to know! So that's why Kenny wasn't a baby killer, he only weighed 45kgs.
  2. Boy, Dad Mauled In Dog Attack

    American Bulldogs again.........the Jogger now this one There is no place in the community for these stupid breeds for people wanting a protective type of dog. There is nothing wrong with having a dog that offers some protective quality in fact a dog can be very effective to keep potential thieves and unwanted visitors away and help people sleep at night, but a good GSD or Rotty will achieve that nicely who are genetically safe unless provoked with a high degree of trainability......bloody Bulldogs, Mastiff's and crap like that used as protection dogs are mauling's waiting to happen......when individual dogs in these breeds have a high degree of social aggression, they are extremely hard to train and direct aggression in the right areas for the right reason which is the reason why professional's don't use these breeds in formal protection roles. What a load of shit Agree & the fact they use the word "crap like that" when referring to dogs, gives me the shits. Says a lot for a supposed dog lovers forum.
  3. Barking And Neighbours Complaint

    You are lucky the neighbours contacted you before the Council. When I moved house many years ago with Kenny, I didn't think there would be a problem, as he had the house & the yard to do what he wanted. Didn't know he was barking while I was at work. My neighbours came over & told me that he was barking the whole time I was away. Fortunately Kenny hated water, so I bought a Super Sopper & kept it on the bin in front of my fence & told my neighbours to squirt him whenever he barked. Only took 2 days before he stopped barking. They had to do it occasionally after that, but there were no more complaints & they all ended up loving him. Talk to your neighbours & try to come up with a solution to make everyone happy.
  4. Separation Anxiety?

    Separation anxiety, is when you come home to see your bed, or couch, clothes etc torn to pieces. Speaking from experience here. :laugh:
  5. Atherton Dog Theft

    They pit them against the other dogs to test instinct. They aren't stealing people's pets to do it. Like I said they have a surplus of their own dogs that are useless for the pit, plus their other fighters at their disposal. There's no point in taking the risk of being caught for theft and therefore exposing their entire disgusting operation (dogfighting is felony in the US and carries jail time) when there are many many dogs within their own and other fighters yards that can be used. Again, yes it happens occasionally, on a very small scale, from inexperienced idiots that just want to abuse animals and pretend that they are 'dog men', but it's not widespread, typical or commonly done with stolen dogs from people's backyards. We have to remember that organised dog fighting isn't just letting two dogs go at it for a short while. The dog has to be willing to cross the line and engage with the other dog over and over again, despite injury and exhaustion. They don't want a fast match that will be over in a flash, they want a match that will go for two hours and draw large amounts of money. Very, very few dogs have that ability - even when selectively bred from lines of 'champions'. Colby himself said how hard it was to get even one or two dogs in a litter that would do this. So therefore testing the dog on a dog with it's mouth tied and can't fight back or another animal is a pretty poor and useless test to see if the dog has what it takes to do what they want it to do. In fact it tells them nothing about whether the dog they are testing is worth keeping. That dog might be happy to go for a dog that won't fight back but buckle as soon as a dog does. Why would you use that test to decide which dogs to keep!? Well said.
  6. Check Out This Pudding

    Did she take the bed with her, because she looked comfortable. :laugh: My Cougar looks just like her & when I first got her I thought she was overweight. My next door neighbour who breed Staffies for over 20 years, said she was fine for an older dog & even though she looked overweight, he could still feel her ribs. So looks can be deceiving, as long as they are active, happy & have regular Vet checks, no problems. Let's face it, all us middle age ladies get a little rotund around the tummy.
  7. Check Out This Pudding

    When I saw that pic I had a quick look at my couch, phew, Cougar is still snoozing there. It's fantastic that you took her in & she seems to be enjoying her unexpected play date.
  8. Do You Report People?

    So when your off leash dog rushes up to an onleash dog & that dog doesn't like it & takes a bite out of your dog, I bet you will be the first one rushing to report the onleash dog. Keep your bloody dog onleash, except when in an off leash area. I'm sick of having to walk my dog at midnight, just so I don't run into irresponsible owners like you.
  9. Pitbull Fight

    The look on the face of the dog on the left, looks like it's thinking, "keep that up & I'll slap you silly".
  10. Good Bully Sticks

    Oh..I love doing that to people. Willow loves bull chews, we use them at bedtime to keep her quietly gnawing away if she's not quite ready to sleep. People ask me..."Oh, what are bull chews?" I say, "Well, you know...Bull...bits." Doesn't take em too long to put two and two together with interesting results. I'm always puzzled by people who say stuff like, "Poor Pig" or "Poor Cow" when buying pet treats. I ask them, "Do you like bacon?" But somehow that's different. I was curious about them & getting some for Cougar, but after your 2 posts I think I'll give them a miss.
  11. Woman Attacked By Pack Of Up To 15 Stray Dogs In Us

    Dogmad & Pitbull story.
  12. Cougar has a spa treatment once a month, nail clipping, hydro bath & blow-dry, finished off with a nice perfume & she adores it. :laugh:
  13. As if they can do better than you DD! Mine don't want to share the bed (let alone my time) so apart from downloading bedtime stories I doubt they will assist with any hook ups even if Johnny Depp came calling! :rofl:
  14. This. We can't even make a "b" sound without Lili noticing :laugh: Let's hope they never learn to spell, or we are going to be in trouble.
  15. When I had my talking budgie Simon years ago, when my OH asked what we should get for dinner, Simon would say "let's get a pizza", because that was usually my answer. I think animals do understand english, or any other language. There have been many doco's where animals have been raised in 1 country & are sent to another country & don't understand the commands given in the new countries language.