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  1. Where to buy Lycra dog suit

    Thanks for you advice I'm just trying to work ou what would be best to do - so many burrs on our camping property
  2. Where to buy Lycra dog suit

    Long or short legs? Long legs Fabric choices At bromelli you have three fabric choices for your dog suit. All choices have a high SPF rating and are specifically chosen as being fabric appropriate to keep a dog cool and well protected from the sun. Cotton Lycra – This fabric is used because it is a fabric that allows good air circulation and has a high degree of stretch giving the dog maximum comfort and flexibility. Good for the hot summers. This fabric comes in a range of colours.
  3. Where to buy Lycra dog suit

    I didn't think of this, the dogs and I camp on the river so will be in and out of the water, people wear lycra outfits to protect themselves from the sun so I was thinking the same thing, what other material do you think might work and be good for the heat and water
  4. Hi i have 2 Irish Setters that I take into the bush and camping, they get burrs in their long coats. I have decided to get them Lycra suits, so the can swim in them but also keep their coats free from burrs and seeds. I have found a place in WA that makes them but they are $150 each, I can get them overseas for 1/2 the price( including postage and currency change) just wondering if anyone knows of anywhere else in Australia that makes these thanks Jodi
  5. Obedience weekdays

    Thank you - I will do
  6. Hi does anyone know of any obedience places that do weekdays, I have seen a couple that do Wednesday nights but I work 3 Wednesday nights a month. I am near kyneton Victoria and am happy to travel an hour to get to classes - thank you
  7. Condi's Crystals

    There is 500g of condi's cystals on ebay under the horse riding section, horse people use it for coloring their horses :D
  8. In Loving Memory Of *timothy*

    what a beautiful dog, i am wiping the tears away as i write. That was such a nice way to go, with the music and all, i didnt know that their were services like that available. I wish i had have had blackberry cremated but i didnt think about it too much at that stressful time and i really regret it. When i sold my house and left her it was heartbreaking. I took her headstone and brought it to the new place because it meant nothing to the peoplewho bought the house and i didnt want it thrown out (although it took 2 people to lift it). I would rather have kept it with her but at least i can look at it each day at my new place and think of her.
  9. Sam

    Sam looks like a beautiful dog. I had a similar experince of my girl "blackberry" being a healthy 4 1/2 yo kelpie cross pitbull to over a matter of days going paralysed in the back end, i took her to the spinal clinic in melbourne where it was found that her spinal fluid was inflammed, we tried medication but nothing helped and after 2 heart breaking week i decided the best thing for her was to let her be in peace, as she was starting to really get sad. That was in August 2002 and not a day goes by where i don't think of her. I think that the kindest thing a person can do is let their dog go when they are suffering. It gets me mad when people keep suffering dogs alive for their own sake. You should have some peace in knowing that you did the kindest thing for Sam. My thoughts are with you.