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  1. Frozen Semen to NZ

    ok so it is now VERY confusing with the new rules to export Semen to NZ. I have contacted Di at Cryogenes and she says we dont need to have the Canine Brucellosis ....Leptospirosis Tests only the health check. My NZ client says that we do have to have the tests..... Has anyone sent semen across recently that can let me know EXACTLY what is going on.
  2. Exporting

    Hi everyone I was just wondering if anyone have Exported to Russia and if so what company did they use.
  3. Export

    Hi everyone I was just wondering if anyone have Exported to Russia and if so what company did they use.
  4. Siberian Husky Breed Variations?

    Kirislin...........yes occasionally they do... We had an USA Import that used to spend 6 months in Canada Racing and 6 months in the USA showing...
  5. Siberian Husky Breed Variations?

    Miss Danni.....LOL I hope in a good way..... :D Kirislin....No hope is a Siberian Husky from Racing bloodlines..They can still be pure bred Siberian Huskies...just because they Race/run in harness doesn't mean they cant be pure Bred....
  6. Siberian Husky Breed Variations?

    Alaskan Huskies are a mix of different breeds to get the optimum racing machine..... If anyone is interested check out the Siberian Husky Club of Vic web site.... Some of the "Black and white Blue eyed Fluff balls"...are actually dual purpose dogs that can race and perform in the show ring. There are actually a few teams of pure bred Siberian Huskies that run the IDITAROD even.. I even have a piebald...
  7. Help Needed

    THANK YOU..every One...Hope has ben found and is now re united with her family
  8. Help Needed

    I Know this is probably not the right place to post this but it is urgent..THANK YOU MISSING!!! “HOPE” --‐ 15month old female Siberian Husky; microchipped; brown, sable& white running husky (doesn’t look like your ‘usual’ husky) WENT MISSING IN ALBURY ON 22/7/13 She may be timid and hiding somewhere. She won’t be familiar with the area as they were traveling home to Melb from a sled race. The Albury pound and all local vets have been notified. Last seen in central Albury in the park/sportsfield at Keene/North St If found or seen, please call David and Susanne 0401648449 or 0466987020 urgently! She is a much loved member of their family & they are desperate to find her
  9. Exporting To Singapore

    THANKS for all the help...I now have something to work with......... :D
  10. Exporting To Singapore

    Can anyone tell me where to go to find out what requirements are needed to send a dog to Singapore. Or any info would be great Thanks
  11. Lymphangiectasia

    Hi.... Does anyone have a dog with this problem..if so what diet/food would you recommend..private emails are ok... Thanks
  12. Show Suits

    Hi....I just wanted to know if anyone knew where i can buy Suit Jackets/Blazers in Australia for a VERY tall 16 year old girl... Thanks Lee
  13. Frozen Semen Transporters

    Ok I know this has probably been gone over before but does any one know of Frozen Semen transporters other than Cryogenes.......I need to get some semen to Australia from New Zealand Thanks
  14. Automatic Dog Waterer's

    Thanks Gaylek.....I was hoping there were some here in Australia....
  15. Husky And Malamute Owners Here Please

    We have those plastic shell pools in a shady spot filled with water.....our siberian's are always in and out of it getting their feet and bellies wet.....has not hurt their coats...we also have over head sprays on a timer switch for them...... to stand under if they want.