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  1. Loved hanging with Legend last Sunday!! He will make a brilliant family member to some lucky person!!
  2. Nsw we I keep forgetting to check this thread! They are so damn cute I can't believe how much they have grown!! Gorgeous little treasures they are thriving !!!
  3. Gosh they have changed so much in a week!!
  4. Thank you for visiting today Oonga. Awesome to see you guys. Cannot wait to see the photos David took :) Thank you for the invite!! I did contemplate a way to take off with Pink girl when she fell asleep in my arms
  5. Seven's starring role is awesome!! She is such a gorgeous girl!! An amazing Mum too!!
  6. such cute little RottBatts!!
  7. You need to change the title of this topic now :D
  8. Nawww great to get an update!! 😍 9 I guessed right got the genders off slightly. Gorgeous! Looking forward to more photos! Congratulations on the foundation litter guys! Very exciting for you :)
  9. I am guessing Monday puppies :D Then again she could go tonight!! 9 Puppies 6 girls 3 boys!
  10. Green Tripe

    anyone know of somewhere in south east victoria that sells green tripe?
  11. Please Help Me Save My Dog

    Agree with this!! Even to the point of a bit of possessiveness and protection towards Roo and Jelly from some of us :) Thanks for choosing to keep updating this thread :) I LOVE the photo of Roo with her friend in the background! The way she is sitting up close, and that expression as if to say, there is nothing to see in the background!! Look at me! It's all about ME! Look here i am!! :laugh:
  12. Augustine’s Superfood

    I just read the dosage and it says 1 heaped teaspoon (5g) per 100g of fresh or canned food. That would come to similar amounts as k9young at heart? If feeding 1kg of raw food thats 10 (50g) teaspoons of the super boost.
  13. Please Help Me Save My Dog

    Jellyblush sorry to read this Can i suggest that for a given period of time, say 4 weeks you do EXACTLY as Nekhbet tells you and ONLY as Nekhbet tells you :) I know how hard it is to want to follow a bit of everyone's advice, i know the vet behaviourist has good recommendations and high qualifications but at the end of the day those methods haven't worked From what i have seen Nekhbet's methods so far have proven to be most successful when not mixed with other methods. Not to say there won't be set backs doing what she tells you, but there is a method to her madness and she will be able to advice you on how to overcome the hurdles as they happen :) An example that always sticks with me is one that an instructor gave me years ago. If i was to give you $20 every time you clapped, then suddenly stop giving you $20 every time you clapped, you would clap louder, you jump up and down clapping in my face, try all sorts of variations of clapping to get your $20 ... eventually you would realise that clapping no longer gets you the $20 so you would give up on clapping :) I understand that Roo's behaviour is different to my clapping example and i understand how traumatic it is for you to see her hurting herself so much, but I just think if you give Nekhbet's methods exclusive trial, you have nothing to lose, considering the vet behaviourist has said its the end of the road in their opinion I sincerely wish you all the best and you have my total admiration for giving your heart and soul to Roo, you really are a rare species Jellyblush :)
  14. Please Help Me Save My Dog

    Hey Jellyblush hoping things are going well with you and Roo :)