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Peta Group And "violent" Attacks On Fish?

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Let me just find my surprised face..

Damn it- totally need the rolley eyes guy.

But yeah.. I'm not at all surprised by this. If PETA put as much time into rehoming the animals in their "care" as they did into these campaigns, maybe their kill rate wouldn't be at 97%.

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And what about the ad that claims milking cows is like rape?

But it is best to know your enemy, how many members of this organisation are there? Are they a large enough minority to change legislation, swing more public opinion against people like us who breed/show dogs. It is always interesting to hear how others think, if us pro dog people did not hear these comments we would be blindly going about our business just like when tail docking was targetted, and find things changing around us, too late to stop it.

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