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Man Fined $7500 For Beating Puppy To Death

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"Witnesses"... at 1am? inside the house? who he later texted - sickens me to think there were others there that stood by and did nothing :mad

Not sure how they can police a 5 year ban (which is woefully inadequate anyway!) What is to stop him or one of the other people he lives with going out and getting another puppy?

As a breeder it concerns me that we have no way of knowing we might be selling to this person (or others that have committed similar acts) :(

RIP poor puppy :(

Man fined $7500 for beating puppy to death

A WILSON man has been fined $7500 and banned from owning a pet for five years after beating his puppy to death.

Chin Wei Chin, 22, was found guilty of one count of animal cruelty in Perth Magistrates Court today for killing his young female Shih-Tzu dog Cookie.

The court was told that at 1am on March 3 this year, witnesses heard Mr Chin yelling at the dog, who was barking.

Shortly after, witnesses allegedly heard several thumping sounds following by yelping noises.

When someone went to investigate, Mr Chin said the dog had bitten him.

The witness said the dog appeared to be frightened and hid under a bed.

The dog was returned to its cage, but several minutes later further thumping noises and yelps were heard, continuing for about 15 minutes.

The dog was found lying motionless on a bed in its cage with red eyes and was not breathing properly.

Mr Chin told witnesses he had given the dog a pill, but the following morning the animal was dead.

At about 2pm the same day, a witness received a mobile phone message from Mr Chin stating that he had killed the dog.

An RSPCA inspector spoke to Mr Chin on March 5 and he told him the dog had a needle stuck in its throat. He admitted he would smack the puppy and knew it was wrong.

He also claimed he took the dog to a vet, but further enquiries revealed there were no records of the dog attending a veterinary clinic.

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