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Abused Dog With Huge Tumour Tied To A Gate

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Saw this on Facebook. Not a news article but worth sharing.


my friend paul macdermott went jogging with his whippets and saw this poor boy tied to a gate an hour ago in the wind and rain,he thought the dog had a bag of food tied to his neck,he called me and we have him here with me now but the bag of food turned out to be a huge stinking weeping tumour hanging from his neck. his injuries are many,all his nails are ripped and bleeding, blood marks over his body,he has been so friendly,allowing me to inspect all injuries,i made a sling to take the weight of the huge tumour swinging from his neck, he is thin scared.friendly and i guess about 2 to 3 years old,the tumour stinks,my dining room stinks of it,its seeping puss and blood and fluid, i will take him to the vets on the morrow and see what can be done. I WANT THE f***ERS THAT HAVE ALLOWED THIS, I WII GIVE A REWARD TO ANYONE WHO CAN GIVE ME INFO ON THIS DOGS OWNERS,IF I CAN LOCATE THE SCUM I PROMISE TO REWARD THE PERSON THAT SUPPLIES NAME /ADDRESS, ALTHOUGH I HAVE LITTLE MONEY I HAVE A GOOD LITTLE CAR I CANT AFFORD TO RUN THAT I WILL GIVE TO ANYONE WHO SUPPLIES NAME AND ADDRESS OF THE EVIL SCUM THAT HAVE DONE THIS.if any one has seen this dog they will remember him as the tumour is huge,white male,entire,friendly n excitable,found on audley rd going out of alsager 11am ish today.

Dog has now had tumours removed and has been neutered. For updates: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Canine-Solutions-Staffordshire/309843302469516

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