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Found, Please Delete, Missing Greyhound - Qld - Algester, Parkinson, C

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Hi all,

I'm writing in desperation to ask that people in the southern suburbs of Brisbane - Algester, Parkinson, Calamvale, Sunnybank Hills etc. - please look out for my red-fawn greyhound.

I've been in hospital for two weeks and my greyhound, Cassiel, is staying with my parents in Algester. He escaped last night. He is microchipped, but I think his details are still linked to his old owner.

He's very approachable and friendly with people, but not with small animals.

Thanks for any help.

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Thanks HazyWal. It seems like someone might have found him (safe). My Dad has gone to collect him.

So pleased, Kitt. Bless that someone!

Cassiel is now safe at my parents' house. A lovely guy doing a newspaper delivery run found Cassiel standing in the middle of the road, so took him home and phoned RSPCA. I was so grateful, crying on the phone, telling him he has no idea how thankful I am. I got my Dad to give the man $100. I've been in hospital for two weeks and will be here another week, so am not well. So I'm just so relieved to know that Cassiel is home safe.

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