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What Is The Microchip Identification Required For Associate Register

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Trying to get my boy registered as an associate.

He was desexed today and on the associate register for it says I need to provide a sterilisation certificate ( got it) and microchip identification.

The vets were able to write the chip number on the sterilisation certificate, but I'm not sure if that's what I need. Can someone point me in the right direction

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I got my vet to verify the number and it's on the stuff I got from the AWL and I had to get it transferred to my name (I think the AWL did this for me).

It's the number that comes up on the microchip reader. Should be unique for each dog.

I think this website looks up all Australian Databases


It will tell you which database your chip number is with and then you can go to that database's website to check info and update it.

Some of the databases require the vet to verify details ie the public can't do it. I had troubles when I wanted to register mine on the database my favourite vet uses. The system was down and then it refused so I never bothered.

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