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Rally Masters

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Given that Masters level is new to Rally O I thought I'd start a thread.

For me this first post is a bit of a brag/moment of disbelief!! But also thought it might be good for inspiration, training tips etc!

Kenzie and I got our first Masters pass last weekend, score of 96 - her best score ever!!!! I figured we would probably get a few NQ's before getting a pass, purely just because we haven't been in a trial ring for a while. But no, she was a super star!!! And this from my reactive little girl who for a few years I never would have believed could ever work offlead, let alone be competing at the upper level of a dog sport!!!

So I'm getting my trial mojo back!! I'm going to try to get her Masters title this year. Then next year (or late this year) I'm going to start her on the journey to Rally Champion!! I never thought these would be the goals I'd be setting for myself and my munchkin girl!!!

Our favourite stations from the rule review.... Moving down walk around (took us ages to get it, and now she's got it she loves it!), spin while in heel (we also do dancing!), everything involving distance command!!

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:thumbsup: That's a lovely start, PME. Better than my first round with the Rory man .. he was so distracted I called it quits. But since then he's been Qing .. though only one super score .. a 97. Two more Qs for us in gale force wind (up to 89kmh) yesterday .. 91 and 93. I cost him points by having to retry stationary side step right ... I had a brain snap and did it before the sign, then halfway through it, thought .. think in new rules has to be after the sign, so called the retry .. thank goodness. We're enjoying Masters down here, but we're certainly having to work for it .. which is good :D. We have 5 under our belt now. Getting closer.
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Updating - two more Tasmanian Rally Masters titles ... lovely BC with his owner, agility judge and competitor Kendal Olsen finished hers on Saturday morning at beautiful Ulverstone, and my Rory followed up in the afternoon on Saturday having also passed in the morning. We were a bit ratty - my fault .. but we made it.

Work was much better on Sunday .. my man did some beautiful work in UD (our judge thought so too .. not just me :laugh: , but had a couple of boy brain moments ... one was a totally new thing - first SD article, he couldn't find the pile to even start .. went off towards the other side of the ring - whether he thought he hadn't done his seekback yet .. who knows. The other one was the COP at the end of signals heeling ... we're struggling with that - this was walking forward in a puzzled way - last year on a lovely score, he dropped on judge's command. So back to the drawing board on that one.

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Woohoo!!! Congrats Tassie!

I have to find some more trials that I can fit in to my calendar!

Thanks PME.

What about the Gippsland 'Riviera' trials on the Queens Birthday weekend. We're coming over .. be great to see you. :D

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