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  1. So very sorry that your lovely Berner has this diagnosis. It can come as such a shock, and particularly if they only have one or two symptoms. My 16 year old Border Collie was diagnosed with Lymphoma (peripheral glands only) .. At that age, and since she alsready had indications of early stage renal disease, chemo was not an option .. although of course I was tempted.) The prognosis was 1-2 months . My vet offered Pred as a one off ..it did reduce the nodal swelling for a week or so, and I got altogether 6 weeks of reasonable quality for her before I had to farewell her .. amid g
  2. Different breed, so as in the study linked by @sandgrubber, different possible scenarios, but for what it's worth, my BC girl was desexed a couple of months ago at nearly 4 .. after 5 seasons. The latest I've desexed a bitch, but she was showing, and I was persuaded by the more recent thinking about later desexing.- given that agility is in her future. My reasons for desexing now .. combination of excess of caution . I'd been terrified of missing a closed pyometra if she stayed entire, and convenience in terms of entering tracking trials .. no entire bitches - and she would have been due in
  3. @Loving my Oldies Yes, I'm sorry .. I have to disagree ... and so do my Border Collies. The younger one in particular., has an after dinner nap in her crate in the family room .. to ensure she stays calm for a while after dinner. At bedtime, after going out for on lead toilet (pademelons in the yard) , she can't wait to race through the house, dive into her nighttime crate, next to my bed, accept her couple of going to bed treats, and then is happy to sleep all night long ... usually a minimum of 8 hours. This has been her routine since she was a wee pup, and means that when we're away a
  4. You and she are going to have lots more fun together. She has certainly fallen on her 4 lucky feet. Yes ... going more slowly will give you time to have her think a bit more and feel a bit more what she;s doind, so then you can eventually fade the platforms ... though most trainers who use platforms will ping pong back and forth when it seems needed, just to remind the dog. I have a quick to learn young BC, who likes to live life in the fast lane, so we have to work hard on slow, calm and accurate (definitely a work in progress. The quick ones are great in a lot
  5. And what @Dogsfevr said reminded me of the delightful little Griffon Bruxellois I met at Christmas time , He was about 6 months old .. confident without being pushy, loves his Border Collie 'brother', happy to meet people, very trainable. Maybe not quite what you want, but worth a look ..
  6. That was a good idea. She's very neat ... but she's also very fast, and I think that's limiting her ability to really process what she[s doing, and thus translate it to doing without the props. When we are doing any of these moves for fitness and conditioning, or starting them for obedience and rally and tricks, we try to have the dog moving slowly and thoughtfully at first, and then when they have more clarity of understanding of just what it is we want, then we can speed up. I would definitely be making some platforms. If you' ve got something like an aerobics bench, you cou
  7. I would think the dog in the video has originally been trained using platforms - slightly raised blocks, bricks, paw pods, or foam blocks to isolate the feet you want to remain static. The dogs learn to keep their feet still, as otherwise they won't get rewarded. The dog gets feedback through proprioception (its own sense of where its feet are). Most trainers will train the behaviours by shaping or luring, and not put verbal cues on the behaviour until the dog has learnt the appropriate moves its body has to make. (The learning comes through marking the desired behaviour, rewarding an
  8. So very sorry, Perse. That is very tough. Bad enough when we're prepared (as much as we can be) but much worse when it comes unexpectedly. But so glad that you and she had such a lovely bond. She sounds as though she was a lovely puss cat.
  9. Another vote for vet bed. And washes really well.
  10. Oh too bad .. but when you;ve got to kangaroo ... then you've got to. Bless him.
  11. What @Rebanne said. Personally I'd definitely be getting a consult with a vet eye specialist. I don't know where you are in VIc, but there's a specialist service in Melbourne that has a regular roster of regional visits (who knew Tasmania was a region of Victoria .)
  12. That is a photo to treasure. . It will be tough for you to watch Sooty learning to cope .. while you're just coping yourself. Take care.
  13. I really love this .. for me, this is what shows should be about .. having fun with your dog and taking the best dog home .. points are an added bonus ..... but I hope you get those as well this time. So glad things are going so well.
  14. Sounds like you've been doing a great job with your lad. I think I'd be using lots of treats and a matter of fact voice to help him get the idea that if you say the . gate, bike or whatever ... is a reason for him to turn to you for a treat .. so it could go something like .. pup starts to react to trigger, you say something like .. yes it's a .... and treat.. if he reorients quickly to you, then super party and multiple treats. It would be helpful to start teaching him this with some distance from the triggers. It's the same sort of protocol we might use for a dog triggered by
  15. You should definitely be able to arrange a phone consult with a vet .. it may cost you a bit, but if they do the FNA it should be just bundled into the cost of that. If they can't organise a phone consult appointment, and definitely, if they can't/won't do a FNA, then I think for me that would be a bit of a deal breaker and a sign to start looking for a practice that could offer better service. My vets over many years add the size and nature of lipomas to my dogs' notes .. and if they're in any doubt, will do a FNA. My vet and I shared a bit of a laugh one day when he was inves
  16. It was a while ago, so I'm not sure of the details .. but a breeder who used to be on here posted about a bitch of hers who delivered a live puppy onto a concrete floor in midwinter. and left it. The breeder fortunately found the puppy almost immediately and was able to warm it and it seemed quite healthy. Fortunately, the dam's daughter had just whelped a litter a short time - maybe a couple of days?) before, so the little one was put in with her and accepted very well. The older bitch was fine .. was put in her whelping box all ready ... and ... nothing for a couple (or a few) days. Al
  17. Good for you .. she's looking good from that angle. Bet she's happier too.
  18. No worries .... we've all done that sort of thing. And the forums can be a little overwhelming till you get used to theml By the way, your little one is a bit cute!!
  19. Hi @Kim20 - you have replies to your post in General Discussions.
  20. I'd just add a couple of things to what @Papillon Kisses and @Dogsfevr have said. General rules of thumb for puppy/dog training ... try to manage the environment so that puppy is most likely to succeed, try not to let the pup practise behaviours you don't want to see again, and focus on what you would like to see. So in the case of puppy biting .. definitely encourage the puppy to develop and practise calm - and associating that with routines, crate/xpen and safe chew toys will benefit you and the puppy not only in relation to the biting, but also in generl management of the p
  21. This reminded me of a friend's Golden Retriever, who, no mater how far we had walked, with 5 dogs in the pack, would refuse to do a 190 turn to go back along the same route. So we would have to find a big tree or something that we could do a loop around... that satisfied him, and he would then happily head back along the track. this same dog hwad to be in the front of the pack if we were walking off leash.. he would leapfrog over dogs in front if he got left behind by stopping and sniffing at something, and then happily settle down in front. On the way back home, hhe didn't care i
  22. What a sad and trying year for you, @julesluvscavs. So glad the Universe (with Miah's assistance}, found this dear little dog to lighten your hearts.
  23. Oh bless him. Happy in the ring is IMO one of the most important things!
  24. Such a wonderful update. That will ease your mind a lot over Christmas LMO. Best wishes for continued progress.
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