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  1. Soft Dog Crates Recommendations

    Yes they are similar Yes they are similar .. and do have covers for windows .. I think maybe they don't have a window at the back, and they're not quite as solid as the K9Royale. but the next best thing I think. I have one .. pretty sure from this supplier. Just had a look at K9Pro .. only seems to be one, and no covers on the mesh .. I have one of hthose too. I may be slightly addicted .
  2. Soft Dog Crates Recommendations

    @sheena These ones are not as good as K9Royale .. but not too bad. I''ve bought things from these people before and they've been good.. https://www.pethomes.com.au/Dog-Products/Dog-Soft-Kennel/Dog-Soft-Kennel-BLUE.html
  3. Upper Motor Neurone Disease - Tamar update

    So very sorry you;ve had to farewell your dear little girlie. Sixteen years of love and care . All dogs should be so loved. Take care of yourself now.
  4. Experiences with dog transport

    Fingers firmly crossed for you .. and kudos to your breeder. What a tough situation for her too.
  5. Is it just PTSD?

    So glad all is well. I definitely think the dried liver treats were the culprit. For training purposes you are much better off using small soft treats which you can break into small pieces, so a 1 cm cube can actually make 4 rewards. Pup thinks it's a jackpot .. which it is , because the act of rewarding and our excitement are part of the whol reward picture. I was just thinking .. the only place my BCs get dried liver treats is at the vet office .. and that's just one each, so no problems. Now dear little Chase ... please no more scaring the momma.
  6. Training a pup for confirmation

    The advantage of being able to get them in as baby puppies. .Plenty of babies have happily kangaroo their way round the ring. The main thing is for them to hhave pleasant experiences. Definitely they can learn a stand cue for the show ring, so teaching other things doesn't matter. The contextual cues help them distinguish .. plus as babies you can support the stand till they get used to it. Agree -- Puppy Culture is great . It's really important that you spend lots of time and rewards having people handling them gently in examination. That took my BC girl quite a while .. she wasn't a fan of being examined past her waist..... But with the help of lots of patient friends and lovely people at show handling classes, she got used to it. We were lucky enough to get her Ch finished a fortnight before lockdown . Shows have just got started again down here .. but with some changes .. I think babies are all being doen on the table, and handlers are expected to mouth their own dogs .. so judge can maintain appropriate distance. Be worth checking if you can find some show handling classes.
  7. Oh that page only shows the two breeders who have presumably paid to have their advertisements there,. To check for sure you would need to ring Dogs NSW. Not necessary though, as all the breeders on the NSW DOL page have their Dogs NSW membership number there. So it's all sounding really good .. your breeder is probably happy to know that you are experienced with the breed. Don't forget that we do love to see puppy pics! Exciting times for you.
  8. My new puppy is almost here

    Thanks for the cute puppy spam. He seems like a really good boy as well as being almost illegally cute!
  9. Let’s talk about poop !

    It's tough when they get older. . The probiotic powder is worth a try .. even if only on the principle if it does no good it will do no harm. You could also try some mashed pumpkin in with her meal .. that seems to be abnle to help firm up stools.
  10. On the face of it, that sounds legit. The first check I'd make is with Dogs NSW to check whether the breeder is ANKC registered. In some ways .. absence of a flashy website is not a bad thing at all. It might well be a sign of a breeder who is not particularly tech savvy, and who spends a lot of time with dogs and puppies, rather than on a computer. The price seems reasonable (given that a friend's daughter paid $1k for a petshop Westie puppy about 10 years ago!) It's worth checking up on the most likely health problems in the breed .. from my limited knowledge, skin allergies, heart problems and joingt problems like luxating patellas - and then maybe gently asking the breeder about those ..has she come across them in her lines, what sort of steps if any can be taken to prevent or mitigate them. HopefETF spETFully some of the Westie experts will be along with some more advice soon.
  11. My new puppy is almost here

    Just adorable .. especially when he's asleep . He'll get thoroughly spoilt at his vet visit, I think.
  12. Boundary fence is being removed

    Love the DOL hive mind .. ots of great information and suggestions. I would add one more. In addition to the building side of the council, I would also be approaching the Council Animal Control Manager for advice. I would think you're entitled to ask for advice on being able to comply with your obligations to make sure your dogs are not at large, given the situation is changing through no fault or desire of yours. That might be a back door way of getting to the building section guy.
  13. My new puppy is almost here

    Oh wow!! How exciting. He's going to be so much fun.
  14. Welcome Orwin Oakley

    He's just lovely, @Cosmolo. Lots of fun times ahead.
  15. So very sad for you and your family. Little Doug at least was much loved and cherished and cared for for the time he was with you.... and it's good that the breeder has made appropriate response if a bit late. Take care of yourselves, and know that you did all you could for the wee man.