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  1. Following on from what @persephonehas said, it might be useful for you to do some fairly serious record keeping .. noting things like activities, time of day, particular behaviours noted, possible triggers noted .. that sort of thing. Then as a general principle, you would be concentrating on staying within the pup's comfort zone, and making distance for him away from things he might find concerning. As we can't see your pup, we are basically only suggesting possibilities. 9 months of age can be a time when pups can go through a fear period, so it is really important for the ne
  2. In most places with lockdown, getting veterinary treatment for an animal is an allowed reason for leaving your house .. but probably not further than the specified distance. Check with NSW Public Health website. It's likely the vet will be doing car park handovers, so check with your vet about the protocols they are using. So the 12 week vaccination should not be an issue. And in terms of puppy training and entertainment .. have a look at a game often called It's Yer Choice ... helps puppy to learn not to mug hands, and eventually, to leave food on the floor until/unless given
  3. Such a hard situation to be in. But I think you are doing entirely the right thing by consulting with veterinarians specialising in behavoural issues. And IMO, your consideration of the pup's quality of life is key, as is the safety of your granddaughter. You might find this blog post from a lovely, positive dog trainer in the US, who made the extremely hard decision to euthanise her lovely, but mentally unwell young dog. She makes reference to an internet group called "Losing Lulu" - a support group for people who have had to make the hard decision fro behavioural euthan
  4. That's going to be a tough time for you. No personal experience here, but a friend had a pup of about the same age, who had elbow surgery .. only one leg, I think, but the outcome was excellent. You might want to ask about using a sling, like a HelpemUp to help in the early stages .. you can make a useful weight bearing assist sling by cutting the narrow sides out of fabric supermarket bags .., you can google how to do it. And you may find the Facebook Group Orthodogs helpful, for information and support. It's US based, but has members all over the place, and when I was look
  5. I'd suggest you treat the door dashing as a separate issue. You can work on both things separately. For the door dash, IMO it's really worth teaching door/gate manners .. training an alternative behaviour .. e.g. for my two .. I put my hand on the door handle, they sit, I open the door .. if they get up , I close the door, if they maintain their sit, they are released to go out the door. It doesn't have to be a sit .. just a stationary behaviour .. I like the sit because it's clear that they are thinking. When I'm training, initially, I might reward the sit at the door with a treat or tw
  6. Oh that is really disappointing. I haven't actually dealt with them for some years -- just because I haven't needed to ... but many hyears ago, I think they would have been more helpful.
  7. Have you tried the Black Dog people? They would probably be interested in your feedback anyway .. and they might actually have an older version one somewhere. Worth a try. http://www.blackdog.net.au
  8. It would be helpful to know the total number of administrations , so that the %ages could be compared. It's also a consideration that the US does not have paralysis ticks, although they do have erlichiosis. It's a risk/benefit decision that needs to be made having regard to the consequences of use or non use in particular locations and circumstances.
  9. @Nepal_AU.. To my eye he looks lovely. I've been watching a friend's Brittany boy growing up, and your boy looks very similar to that dog at the same sort of age. They go a bit gangly, then sort of catch up with themselves and while still leggy, look more balanced. So I wouldn't be trying to put more weight on him, provided he remains happy and active. I probably wouldn't be going for the high protein either..... that cantend to promote a bit more growth than you need in some breeds. And well done fro getting a Britt to stand still unaided for a photo.. two photos!!
  10. Yes - there are lots of games you can play with your pup inside to get her exercised, and train at the same time .. Hide and seek .. you hide, she finds you .. treats and party. You can do that many times. As long as you don;t have slippery floors, you can play chase games ... she chases you .. again, treats and party when she catches you. Until she's had her second vaccination, you can take her out in the car, and then carry her in your arms so that she can see the world .. start to get used to all the noises, and sights. I'm another who really dislikes dog parks.
  11. You may be experienced with other people's dogs, but as I'm sure you understand .. it's like other people's children ... you don't have to do all the preliminary stuff,a nd you can give them back. Seriously .. IMO , it's better to start with a breed which is more likely to want to learn and to please you. My experience with other people's dogs of the three large breeds you have mentioned, is that they are quite difficult to train for happy and safe urban living, because of the primary purpose for which they have originally been developed. They are also less common, and therefore
  12. Tassie


    Apparently according to the news report I heard, this guy was a mule converting the cash deposits for scammers overseas.
  13. Poor CLive .. being such a good boy with the pesky cat ....LOL ... but that's pretty good.
  14. I had a spayed BC bitch who was on oroxine for hypothyroidism (only symptom extreme bilateral hair loss .. all fixed by oroxine. Vet was running bloods for a suspected UTI, and I asked if they could include the in house thyroid function test.. When I went back to get results, uI had my apparently healthy happy dog with me.. UTI was fixed .. and the vet asked if she had been vomiting or anything .. I said no ... he said she certainly looked healthy and happy which he was very pleased to see, as some of her bloods would have suggested she had pancreatitis... which he could see she didn't have.
  15. No personal knowledge, but for example, this is a long standing and very well known Working Kelpie Council Registered stud. I don't know any of their dogs in person, but they do come up in some of the performance disciplines,and a friend (who would be very picky ) has just got a pup from them. I dpn't know if they export .. but might be worth touching base with them. And just FYI, at least for ANKC members with ANKC reg pups, 11 weeks is the youngest a pup can be exported..
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