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  1. Sounds like you've been doing a great job with your lad. I think I'd be using lots of treats and a matter of fact voice to help him get the idea that if you say the . gate, bike or whatever ... is a reason for him to turn to you for a treat .. so it could go something like .. pup starts to react to trigger, you say something like .. yes it's a .... and treat.. if he reorients quickly to you, then super party and multiple treats. It would be helpful to start teaching him this with some distance from the triggers. It's the same sort of protocol we might use for a dog triggered by
  2. You should definitely be able to arrange a phone consult with a vet .. it may cost you a bit, but if they do the FNA it should be just bundled into the cost of that. If they can't organise a phone consult appointment, and definitely, if they can't/won't do a FNA, then I think for me that would be a bit of a deal breaker and a sign to start looking for a practice that could offer better service. My vets over many years add the size and nature of lipomas to my dogs' notes .. and if they're in any doubt, will do a FNA. My vet and I shared a bit of a laugh one day when he was inves
  3. It was a while ago, so I'm not sure of the details .. but a breeder who used to be on here posted about a bitch of hers who delivered a live puppy onto a concrete floor in midwinter. and left it. The breeder fortunately found the puppy almost immediately and was able to warm it and it seemed quite healthy. Fortunately, the dam's daughter had just whelped a litter a short time - maybe a couple of days?) before, so the little one was put in with her and accepted very well. The older bitch was fine .. was put in her whelping box all ready ... and ... nothing for a couple (or a few) days. Al
  4. Good for you .. she's looking good from that angle. Bet she's happier too.
  5. No worries .... we've all done that sort of thing. And the forums can be a little overwhelming till you get used to theml By the way, your little one is a bit cute!!
  6. Hi @Kim20 - you have replies to your post in General Discussions.
  7. I'd just add a couple of things to what @Papillon Kisses and @Dogsfevr have said. General rules of thumb for puppy/dog training ... try to manage the environment so that puppy is most likely to succeed, try not to let the pup practise behaviours you don't want to see again, and focus on what you would like to see. So in the case of puppy biting .. definitely encourage the puppy to develop and practise calm - and associating that with routines, crate/xpen and safe chew toys will benefit you and the puppy not only in relation to the biting, but also in generl management of the p
  8. This reminded me of a friend's Golden Retriever, who, no mater how far we had walked, with 5 dogs in the pack, would refuse to do a 190 turn to go back along the same route. So we would have to find a big tree or something that we could do a loop around... that satisfied him, and he would then happily head back along the track. this same dog hwad to be in the front of the pack if we were walking off leash.. he would leapfrog over dogs in front if he got left behind by stopping and sniffing at something, and then happily settle down in front. On the way back home, hhe didn't care i
  9. What a sad and trying year for you, @julesluvscavs. So glad the Universe (with Miah's assistance}, found this dear little dog to lighten your hearts.
  10. Oh bless him. Happy in the ring is IMO one of the most important things!
  11. Such a wonderful update. That will ease your mind a lot over Christmas LMO. Best wishes for continued progress.
  12. Oh that is such a great update! Well done to you and the cute lad. And well done for concentrating on focus and engagement .. that will serve you well down the track too. And what .. no kangarooing in the ring.?
  13. Disclaimer ... I was lucky enough to have other people showing my two Border Collies for me ... but some really good suggestions from @Dogsfevr - I use those sorts of things for training in other disciplines. In terms of actual food .. my go to show food treats - human grade liver (i.e. from butcher or supermarket .. rinsed in mild and cold water, boiled in stock pot .. from cold .. for about an hour or so. Sliced when it's cool enough .. sort of hand size or a bit smaller .. can then be broken up into smaller pieces for use in the ring. Pat dry with paper towel, pack into snack bags,
  14. Isn't is great when we have vets who don't think we're crazy ..or if they do, they don't let on . I booked a neurotic mother consult with my vet of 18 years, to have a chat with him instead of just booking my 3 year old Border Collie's desex. I needed reassurance that desexing her primarily for reasons of performance sport entries, (and because I worry that I'd miss a closed pyo ... and I'm not going to breed with her) wasn't going to do her unnecessary harm. Bless him, he took it all seriously, ,, discussed the pros and cons, promised that it would be him doing the surgery, and reas
  15. Fingers crossed for good results from the pathologist.. So good to hear she's feeling better. I think I am grateful for my vet, who is very patient with me. My BC boy Rory tured 12 in September, and at his annual visit pre COVID, I talked with the vet about having a full blood panel done at some stage (he hadn't had one since he was desexed 3 years ago.).. H agreed that would be a good idea .. but said to wait another 6 months or so .. turned out to be a bit longer because of COVID. He also did a urinalysis ... results of all that generally satisfactory .. but nice to have that for r
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