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  1. Yes - mashed pumpkin is my go to now to help settle stomachs and firm up stools. And mixing with yoghurt would be fine. My two BCs have been having some soft stool through to really soft and smelly the last week or so .. stopping and starting. I'm really not sure why .. though the tiny green apples that they are getting from the apple trees themselves if I don't watch them . as well as the ones the cockatoos knock down. My other suspect was the different Big Dog BARF patties - they normally have Combo, but I couldn't get it last time, so I thought I'd try Turkey .. which is a genuine single protein … still not sure if that was the problem, but I've stopped it for the time being, and at great expense to the management, feeding Providore Lamb and Venison air dried .. which I normally use in my treat collection. They do have yoghurt every meal .. they're fed twice a day. They've had no loss of appetite, and haven't really seemed poorly .. it's just the stools. They do seem to be improving with the pumpkin and the change of meat food. I'm lucky in that they love their vegetables and fruit .. just have to explain to them about the green bullet like apples.
  2. VIP Dog Training with Maree Field at Ormeau Hills would be my go to I think. https://www.facebook.com/pg/VIPDogTrainingwithMareeField/community/
  3. dachshund puppy barking

    For a pup this age, I'm only seeing one meal time mentioned. I would expect 3 meals a day .. or at least 2. And again, it might be a misreading. but I would rather see you spending time playing with the pup in your yard, and or interacting with the pup in your house, rather than a walk to the park and run around there. That way you can be increasing the association with toileting in your yard. For my pups,. going out to the toilet is a quiet and purposeful thing … so when the pup first gets out of the crate in the morning, on lead and outside .. no play at that stage. .. just wander round with her until she toilets, then quiet praise, and a bit of off lead play or a walk and in for breakfast. Another on lead quiet toilet outing before you leave for work, and then leave her with a food stuffed Kong or Toppl, frozen in summer. She needs some sort of specific toilet space in her pen … newspaper is fine, or fake grass .. you'll need to have a couple of bits of that so you can wash it regularly. Seems a bit too much just walking for me for her age .. for mine it's more about learning to settle before bedtime, and learning to do things with me. It's good that she's managing to go all night now.
  4. Off her food + diarrhea

    Good that she's happy. I've had good success with cooked mashed pumpkin to help with firming up stools after my youngster had a tummy upset recently. I'd read recommendations for it often, but this was the first time I'd tried it. Worked a treat.
  5. So hard LMO . - I would say, if you're not seeing anything majorly out of the ordinary for Jeune (I'm smiling as I write this .. given that she's obviously not an 'ordinary' dog, but you know what I mean) .. then I would probably keep her going as she is until the scheduled appointment. Obviously if you see something that really leaps out at you, then that would change things .. but you know that. Don't envy you the situation.
  6. Puppy vaccination vs socialisation

    To some extent it depends where you are in Vic, and whether there are parvo outbreaks in areas you might want to go. That may also determine whether your vet gives a third booster after the usual 12 week shot. Check with your breeder as to what is recommended for the breed (some breeds are particularly sensitive to parvo, so you'd want to make sure there is full protection. Socialisation is important … not in the free for all dog party sense - that's not necessary or desirable … but in having the pup encounter in a safe and comfortable and manageable way, many of the sights and sounds and experiences s/he will be expected to cope with throughout life. I love to drop in at the vet's office when they're not busy .. just to say hi and have cuddles .. and lots of trips in the car just to hang out and watch the world go by are good. Carrying the pup is fine .. but with a Berner, probably not super practical for long. Babies … especially big babies, need lots of sleep time,, so getting pup used to being alone in a crate and /or xpen is good ..along with the grooming, lead training and so on you can do at home. Lots of little chase me, and hide and seek games … You do the running away and the hiding .. are great to build lots of value for you and for recalling.
  7. I guess you could try an Adaptil diffuser, or some calming chews. Probably try a stuffed toy like a Kong .. or my favourite a Toppl - or hide some treats around the area he's in.
  8. Not necessarily dodgy .. possibly overwhelmed. The stomach surgery may not have been known about beforehand, so plans might have had to change. There is a listing in the DOL breeders page for a breeder in Quirindi. If the OP is otherwise satisfied with the breeder and the pups, I'd be hiring a car and driving down there. (And what car rental companies don't know won't hurt them. They hire cars to people with kids after all .. think sticky icecream mess etc. etc.) . With a very young pup not fully vaccinated, I'd say that's the safest option, I'd think.
  9. Thanks for coming back and updating, and introducing your wonderful young man. It's so good to hear stories where acquiring a well bred puppy from a careful breeder has gone well as it should do. Hopefully you'll pop in from time to time to keep us updated with his progress.
  10. Amber is 10 today!

    Oh WOW, @JulesP -- how awesome is that!!! What an absolute tribute, to you and to Amber. Thank goodness she came to you. Your journey with her is a great example of the importance of researching and persisting .. while at the same time listening to what your dog is telling you, and as you say, even at the rough times, Amber was ready to keep working to be with you. Happy, happy 10th birthday dear Amber.
  11. That list sounds perfectly normal to me .. .. and my crazy girl is 2 and 3/4 now.
  12. Puppy Blues? Is that crazy?

    Another suggestion .. keep a list somewhere handy, and write down at least one thing a day that Tama does that you're really happy or pleased with … or else something that was very cute. Just so that you remember among the naughtiness and mistakes, he is a wonderful family member in the making. Oh and don't hesitate to put him in a crate or an exercise pen so he can have naps, and you can get on with your work and smile at how sweet he is when he's asleep.
  13. Bees Wasps etc

    Couldn't agree more. A friend's medium sized dog is anaphylactically allergic to bees after one sting. She has to carry an EpiPen with her and had to use it to save the dog's life during a 10 minute drive to the bet after a bee sting. And European wasps can do multiple stings.
  14. Hi Vanessa … well done you for recognizing and researching a problem and coming up with a plan .. and already trialling it. Your pup is lucky to have you. Bearing in mind I cannot see your pup, and I am far from an expert .. although I am on my 4th and 5th pure bred Border Collies, and I have competed in obedience, rally, agility, tracking and Dances with Dogs over many years - still am competing now, and heaven help me, training up a lovely over the top slightly crazy girl at the moment .. 2 and a half and just slightly starting to calm down a bit. First thing I would say is that while getting out and about in the world safely before 12 to 16 weeks is a great advantage for a pup, safety is the first consideration, so with parvo rampant .. you do what you have to do. Your pup did have some early socialisation, and you can pick up now (gradually) as you're doing. If you live somewhere where you have access to a good (fear/force free) trainer - preferably someone with agility./obedience/BC experience, then I would do that. Checfking out training clubs in the area is a good plan - at the club I teach at down here, we would certainly be happy to have you attend on the sort of basis you're describing .. in fact, we recommend that where necessary. I would be concentrating on continuing to build up a really great relationship with your pup, so your pup sees you as the source of all good things. Playing retrieve games, chasing games (she chases you to get a reward) toy games … especially tugging on a long tug and letting her win often while making sure you ultimately control the tug, chasing a flirt pole … as well as some trick training, .. anything you can think of that is safe and that she enjoys. For an agility career, these things are more important. As her confidence and enjoyment in being with you is strong, you can do the sort of thing you described .. just sitting and hanging out in relatively calm places .. going there by car - short journeys. And playing games like nose touch to hand while you're there. You can get some calming chews (containing tryptophan) from pet stores - Blackmores make one .. - which might be worth a try as well.
  15. Adding to what's already been said .. there are some great YouTube videos on teaching (force free) tricks and other behaviours .. to keep that Kelpie mind busy. Things you can work on for just a few minutes at a time at odd times .. they don't need a long training session. Others will have more suggestions, but I'm thinking of Kikopup (Emily Larlham), Donna Hill, Glasgow Dog Trainer, Lewis Nicholls .. they all havine interesting things to suggest, which might give you some ideas.