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  1. Amber is 10 today!

    Oh WOW, @JulesP -- how awesome is that!!! What an absolute tribute, to you and to Amber. Thank goodness she came to you. Your journey with her is a great example of the importance of researching and persisting .. while at the same time listening to what your dog is telling you, and as you say, even at the rough times, Amber was ready to keep working to be with you. Happy, happy 10th birthday dear Amber.
  2. That list sounds perfectly normal to me .. .. and my crazy girl is 2 and 3/4 now.
  3. Puppy Blues? Is that crazy?

    Another suggestion .. keep a list somewhere handy, and write down at least one thing a day that Tama does that you're really happy or pleased with … or else something that was very cute. Just so that you remember among the naughtiness and mistakes, he is a wonderful family member in the making. Oh and don't hesitate to put him in a crate or an exercise pen so he can have naps, and you can get on with your work and smile at how sweet he is when he's asleep.
  4. Bees Wasps etc

    Couldn't agree more. A friend's medium sized dog is anaphylactically allergic to bees after one sting. She has to carry an EpiPen with her and had to use it to save the dog's life during a 10 minute drive to the bet after a bee sting. And European wasps can do multiple stings.
  5. Hi Vanessa … well done you for recognizing and researching a problem and coming up with a plan .. and already trialling it. Your pup is lucky to have you. Bearing in mind I cannot see your pup, and I am far from an expert .. although I am on my 4th and 5th pure bred Border Collies, and I have competed in obedience, rally, agility, tracking and Dances with Dogs over many years - still am competing now, and heaven help me, training up a lovely over the top slightly crazy girl at the moment .. 2 and a half and just slightly starting to calm down a bit. First thing I would say is that while getting out and about in the world safely before 12 to 16 weeks is a great advantage for a pup, safety is the first consideration, so with parvo rampant .. you do what you have to do. Your pup did have some early socialisation, and you can pick up now (gradually) as you're doing. If you live somewhere where you have access to a good (fear/force free) trainer - preferably someone with agility./obedience/BC experience, then I would do that. Checfking out training clubs in the area is a good plan - at the club I teach at down here, we would certainly be happy to have you attend on the sort of basis you're describing .. in fact, we recommend that where necessary. I would be concentrating on continuing to build up a really great relationship with your pup, so your pup sees you as the source of all good things. Playing retrieve games, chasing games (she chases you to get a reward) toy games … especially tugging on a long tug and letting her win often while making sure you ultimately control the tug, chasing a flirt pole … as well as some trick training, .. anything you can think of that is safe and that she enjoys. For an agility career, these things are more important. As her confidence and enjoyment in being with you is strong, you can do the sort of thing you described .. just sitting and hanging out in relatively calm places .. going there by car - short journeys. And playing games like nose touch to hand while you're there. You can get some calming chews (containing tryptophan) from pet stores - Blackmores make one .. - which might be worth a try as well.
  6. Adding to what's already been said .. there are some great YouTube videos on teaching (force free) tricks and other behaviours .. to keep that Kelpie mind busy. Things you can work on for just a few minutes at a time at odd times .. they don't need a long training session. Others will have more suggestions, but I'm thinking of Kikopup (Emily Larlham), Donna Hill, Glasgow Dog Trainer, Lewis Nicholls .. they all havine interesting things to suggest, which might give you some ideas.
  7. Good for you for seeking to address her issues now. At 9 months, she is becoming a potentially difficult teenager, and with fear in the mix, that isn't a recipe for happiness. You haven't said if she is desexed or not ..that may make some difference. My initial thoughts would be to add quite a bit more training into her mix .. tricks, basic obedience, nose work .. stuff to keep that Kelpie and Staffy mind engaged. I'd be replacing some of the physical exercise with mental exercise, otherwise you'll have a fit bored pup, her who's not really learning to use her brain. So several short training periods spaced out over the day, using reward based training. In relation to her behaviour in relation to other dogs, that would be another reason for substituting more training with you into the time you spend walking her. If she's not super happy with dogs when she's on leash, then the walks are not all that enjoyable at the moment anyway. She could have more fun and engagement learning with you. Bullying is not acceptable, so I'd be using management like crate training, and gated community (xpens, etc. ) to prevent occasions for bullying, while you work on teaching her more acceptable behaviour. There are at least couple of good knowledgeable training options in the Adelaide area. @Snook may be able to make suggestions.
  8. Whatever Jeune wants Jeune gets

    Poor little thing .. that is worrying .. but I loved the videos ..and your story of the little minx doing the stairs by herself (as long as you weren't watching . Even though the inevitable is getting near, it's lovely to see that she definitely has quality times in her days.
  9. That is wonderful news. I'm a great believer in letting the Universe sort things out .. she usually gets things right even if we don't quite understand what's going on at the time. And my slightly crazy, naughty young girl says - there's nothing wrong with a bit of crazy now and then . Thanks for letting us know.
  10. Just a heads up, unless it's changed, Advantix is toxic to cats. I used to use it if I was going into tick country .. but I had to wait until after I'd left home because of the cat. I think there's a 2 day period to keep out of water after applying too. Last time I went North, I used Nexgard (vets' choice) .. with no problems .. but it was only for a short time. My guys have no problems taking stuff, fortunately.
  11. OH that is such good news. Her owner will be so relieved … and the little dog.
  12. Limited Slip Padded Collars

    Hey @sheena, is it worth contacting Clean Run and asking how cheaply they can ship? A pain with the $ being where it is, but they don't seem to be available here … and with the good quality, it might be worth the extra outlay.
  13. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    OH bummer … that's weird. I'll PM you
  14. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    the tab to the right of the ledge camera on the main site will open it up .. nothing new there today (yes I have checked ) but photos from yesterday.
  15. @Rottiebymyside I would think it would depend on the mode of inheritance wouldn't it? If it was simple autosomal recessive, then at least for 3 of the things for which tests are available in Border Collies, as far as I know, the result will tell you for sure if you have a clear, a carrier, or an affected, and you can make your breeding decisions (and your future testing) based on that. (Of course, always assuming there has been no mistake at the laboratory.)