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  1. I hear you!! My cray cray girl goes completely OTT even now, so we have to take time to do the settling .. and the focus, and then when she starts "working" she can't help barking for the first few minutes. If it gets extreme, I fold my arms and turn my back on her .. and if necessary , move away from whatever it is we're working on. That usually helps her to get her act together, because she really does want to do things. She's calmest of all when she's tracking (trained and handled by a friend … hmmm .. maybe that's part of it .. but I think Pippa has also worked out that if she's barking and dong cray cray she can't get the tracking right, and she does have a strong work ethic. Even tracking, it all happens fairly fast .. but she has also over many short practice tracks, learnt to be calmer and concentrate. She's being trained footstep tracking method, and has been built up in small increments over the years.
  2. In addition to the great advice above .. you might want to have a look at Susan Garret's current free course Home School the Dog . … I think it's still open. https://dogsthat.com/home-school/ I find with my delightfully crazy BC that food rather than toys are a little dampening … And if as she frequently does, she goes OTT with some agility exercises .. we have time outs - which might be just me turning my back, or going a little distance away to sit in a chair.. I also find that the Susan Garrett game of 'verbal fun' .. quick responses to simple positional cues .. usually sit, drop, stand, walk back, …. whatever the dog knows .. that seems to refocus their minds a bit.
  3. Wary like bumps

    Sorry can't help with the actual question … but just want to sympathise with the difficulties of having a young pup at this time, when it's much more difficult to do the sort of well puppy, meet the vet and have lots of cuddles and oohs and ahs .. that @persephone and I and lots of others would normally do within a day or two of getting the puppy. Your first port of call should be your breeder .. .. maybe using something like messenger and sending a little video, with close ups, to ask the breeder if it's something you should be worried about. If that doesn't set your mind at rest, then I'd say your options would be to contact your vet(or the vets you would be likely to use, and see if you have options of a teleconsult, with photos and video .. some are doing this, .. or a car park consult. With such a baby, I'd be reluctant to do the handoff in the car park to a staff member to take through to the exam room, unless it was really necessary. Good luck with you little one … and there are lots of great online resources about how you can do the necessary socialisation of your puppy in lockdown time …... getting pup used to different places, noises, people .. all the things pup will encounter in normal life.
  4. Cavs upset tummy

    Nice!!!! On both counts. Doesn't take much to make us dog owners happy. Hope his tummy is settling down now. And just for future reference … mashed pumpkin seems to work well in settling down digestive upsets resulting in loose stools .. otherwise well dog.
  5. Lameness in 13.5 yo husky

    Lovely boy. Do you have a vet acupuncturist anywhere near? Different scenario, but my old BC girl seemed to get some benefits from acupuncture and PEMF and massage mat Accell therapy mattress. Something to work in conjunction with the drugs.
  6. Playing hide and seek

    For her it might just have been a bit much a bit soon... It might be worth starting inside, and starting very small. SO it might look like … sitting on the floor, play with her a bit .. simple stuff she knows .. like hand touch for a treat, or something like that .. fast, maybe moving your hand to different positions for the touch and high rewards. Then, if she's in the game, try kneeling down and bending over and hiding your face and making funny squeaky noises (you might actually incorporate those high pitched voice and noises into the hand touch game to make sure she actually doesn't mind the noises, or better yet is associating them with the reward.) Hopefully she will start to try to dig under your arms to find the treats you have near your face, so then you can have a party telling her how clever she is to have found you. Assuming she is prepared to join you in this silly game, then you can gradually grow the challenges .. I'd stay inside until you feel she's really confident .. but you can do things like going partway behind a chair or something to make the noises, and then maybe burrow under a rug. It is a baby puppy game, but for the moment, that's what she is .. so starting from there changes her emotional state (if that's what the problem was) or just convinces her that there is value in working to find you ..gradually having to work harder. Might not work with her … but it could be fun trying …. and of course, there could be video to entertain us ……… just saying .
  7. Breeder Recommendation NZ

    You can search in the Dogzonline Breeders page with a filter for New Zealand results only. With giant breeds, I'd be looking for a breeder who has been in the breed for quite a while, and who does all the appropriate health testing and keeps up with developments in the breed .. so probably a breeder who shows dogs and who is familiar with and uses different lines appropriately .. i.e. not just using a pair of dogs they happen to have in the yard. The breeds are quite different in my opinion, so it might be good to have a think about what you like in a particular breed. And also to have a look at the life expectancy.
  8. @Snook you could try contacting @Jumabaar - she doesn't come here often, but she might be able to help with some ideas.
  9. I've had one pup that was fussy for a few weeks after he arrived .. he was the one that threw up in his crate a couple of times on the way to the airport . He eventually ate kibble … Supercoat at that time. But when my now 3 year old arrived, she had been raised on raw, so I started off with the Big Dog raw BARF frozen patties … easy, can get different varieties, and they have veg and ground bones etc. I actually transitioned my older boy from kibble (Black Hawk at the time) over to the raw. I'd suggest deciding on something and sticking to it ..at 16 weeks he's probably got you fairly well trained () but he's unlikely to starve himself.
  10. Tasty food

    You've probably tried it, but an old fashioned recommendation for inappetent dogs is tinned cat food .. something like Whiskas Kitten food. The nutrient value might not be great, but it seems that something like this can get them interested .. and sadly, when it's end of life care, we really just want them to be comfortable and eating something that they enjoy.
  11. Messy Diagnosis & Treatment

    That's a bonus, that the others are doing well. Yes … just no telling how the animals left behind will deal with the illness and loss of a companion. But it does make it easier on the human if they're apparently coping fine.
  12. Boxer eye

    That sounds horrible. Not sure where you are in NT, but is it worth exploring whether there are any visiting vet ophthalmologists who visit your area. (We're lucky down here to have one from Melbourne who comes down here every couple of months, and does some regional areas in Vic.
  13. It's all a work in progress, isn't it .. but sounds like the progress is in the right direction!!
  14. Messy Diagnosis & Treatment

    I know what you mean, @sandgrubber ….. many of us have been there .. sometimes more than once .. I always like to think that our dogs would not want us to feel guilty. Our good dogs want the best for us, as we do for them.
  15. Can I bring my puppy home?

    Definitely talk to your vet .. and I would be asking about getting the 16 week vacc done as well. If you're going between houses, you would probably be wise to have different shoes, or have a disinfectant tray to disinfect your shoes before you walk around your parents' house. Maybe ask your vet about titre testing the pup at an appropriate time after vac to check whether he has built up immunity. It's quite variable.