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  1. Puppy scared when meeting people

    So much depends on the circumstances and background. Things like, what breed? How long have you had the puppy? Where is the puppy scared? What do you do when the puppy indicates she's scared? …. and so on. But in general terms … respect what the puppy is telling you about how she is feeling at the time. If she backs up, she's telling you she's unhappy about being so close to the thing/person she regards as scary. That's OK. Just back up with her so she doesn't have to try to make things clearer by thingls like showing her teeth. Don't let people get in her space when she shows she doesn't want it. That's just basic management for the time being, but you may need to look at getting some proper professional help if it's a continuing problem.
  2. Sheltie Decendant

    That's great! I thought she'd be happy to help!
  3. Sheltie Decendant

    Excellent idea. I had been going to suggest her as a possible source of information, but with your added information, that makes it an even better idea!!
  4. Puppy scared when meeting people

    Thanks for the update … that sounds very promising. She will pick up on the fact that you're 'listening' to what she's telling you and respecting her feelings, andshe is understanding that you have her back, and will move away if she's uncomfortable. There are some great dog clubs and great trainers in WA .. at least in the Perth area. You're in the right state, IMO .
  5. LOL .. yes same powder for horses, dogs and people. Just adjust the dosage .. it's based on weight. I haven't been game to try it on myself, but my friend swears by it, for herself as well as the dogs. Good that you were able to get the half price offer. They do regular offers like that .. the last one I got was the horse size ROFL
  6. Puppy scared when meeting people

    Sounds encouraging. I would just say … when in doubt, make sure she has enough distance from people and especially kids, that she is not displaying anxiety. …. when in doubt, move away. Leave it to her to make the first move towards people if she wants to .. and only if she wants to .. and then ask people to stand sideways on and not make any approaches to the pup, or eye contact with the pup. . This would apply at puppy class too. Hopefully it's an outdoor one with lots of space. Try to have a word with the instructor first and make sure they are understanding of your pup's needs. Don't feel you have to do what other people in the class might be doing ….. your job is to be responding to what your pup is telling you about how she feels in the situation. You may well need some qualified professional help (not a franchise trainer), but it may not come to that.. Remember we can't see the pup, so we're only going by descriptions.
  7. Bull terrier puppy mill

    Yep, pretty well socialised and happy and well muscled … for traumatised dogs kept confined and unexercised in cages. Just sayin'.
  8. Sheltie puppy

    Condolences on the loss of your boy. So hard to lose them, even at a good age. Had a look on the DOL Breeders page, but couldn't see them. Your best bet would probably be to ask the Dogs Victoria office .. they might be able to help you. You could also contact the breed club in Victoria .. Club website and they apparently have a Facebook page And here's the Dog Victoria page Dogs Vic Shetland Sheepdog page . Some of the experienced people in the breed should be able to help you find a descendant, or one with some of the lines. Good luck in your search.
  9. Have to agree with the others … even if you muzzled the dog so that it couldn't kill, accidentally or otherwise, there is still a likelihood of chasing and harassing , which could also be fatal.
  10. British bulldog x American staffy

    Added to all of the above, is the cross and American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff) or a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Staffy). Probably doesn't make a heap of difference as far as the indoors outdoors question goes, but might make a significant difference in terms of finished size.
  11. Just unpacked a new container of RHCV today, and there was a tag on it saying they do offer complete refund if you're dissatisfied .. so worth checking that out with them. And I forgot to add yesterday, to the OP …. our holistic vet has some hand held laser thingies which he hires out so people don't have to bring their dogs in all the time .. shows people how to use them first, of course, and only if they are suitable for particular issues.
  12. Puppy scared when meeting people

    The fact that she warms up after a time is encouraging .. so I'd just be listening and paying attention to what she's telling you. It may well be a fear period .. or it may be that she's not a particularly outgoing pup. I'd give her a bit longer before you start worrying too much, provided she's happy and comfortable with you and in your home. Just ask other people to ignore her (hard with a cute Lab puppy ) until she's got used to them. Good for you for listening to her about the meeting with kids .. again .. could just be a fear period thing .. but for the moment, just make sure she has plenty of distance from the scary things. What you could do if you have any obliging friends with well mannered kids, is arrange to meet them somewhere, give the kids lots of treats, and instructions to stay well away from the puppy, and let the kids rain cookie trails around the place .. always moving away from the pup. See what choices the pup makes. And definitely have a gentle little chat with her breeder .. maybe you could frame it about when fear periods are likely and does the breeder think this behaviour is a fear period thing or ….
  13. Bull terrier puppy mill

    Yes, the FB stories are very different. You'd have to think the true story lies somewhere in between. And the physical condition of at least some of the dogs photographed do not seem like 'typical' neglected puppy farm animals. At least the ones I've seen look generally clean, healthy weights (maybe a bit over), bright eyes .. and in some pics what struck me was clean feet and neatly trimmed nails. Again .. not typical of what is seen in most puppy farm photos. Like others, I've lost respect for the RSPCA over the years, so the whole things seems a bit suss. Hope not too many of these poor dogs suffer as a result of what looks as though it could have been handled a lot better. Microchip records could be a good start, you'd think.
  14. Prices for breeders rehomed dog

    Sounds ideal … and yes, if she's kept him this long, it sounds as though she really likes him .. just has to be realistic with the number of dogs she can keep -- good sign. To help convince your partner on price … add up .. as a minimum .. two lots of vaccinations/vet visits .. and 12 months of feeding, grooming etc, then add that to the puppy price. That might help convince him. Fingers crossed it all works out for you. Cavs are great little dogs.
  15. It's always hard to say definitively what is having a particular effect, but my old BC girl was on it for several years from about age 11 or 12 until her death from lymphoma at 15.25, and I'm reasonably satisfied that it assisted her mobility and general wellbeing. It was a real bon for me, because she had underlying kidney disease, so some of the normal anti inflams were ruled out, but the RHCV is kidney safe according to our holistic vet. Thinking about it, she also had a herbal arthritis pain relief powder which he made up (and which one of his vet techs used for her rheumatoid arthritis pain.) I've been using it with my 10 year old agility boy for the same length of time, along with glucosamine/chondroitin which he's had prophylactically since he was about 4. Again, it's hard to tell which, if anything is keeping him (touch wood) fit and healthy and jumping well. Another dog friend of mine uses RHCV routinely with her dogs - working Labradors, GWP, Jack Russell - and she takes it herself and swears by it. And yet another friend with an ageing GSD with a number of problems has been using RHCV for several months now, along with the dog's other meds (not sure what they are) and he definitely looks a more comfortable and more sprightly dog than he was. Again .. who knows what is actually doing the helping .. but since the RHCV is unlikely to be harmful (and has undergone testing for that), it's probably worth using. Agree with Maddy about the unpalatability .. My guys have yoghurt with their meals, so I put the powder on that, and then sprinkle it with some sort of tasty topper .. that does the trick. I'd be inclined to buy it direct from the company .. their service is good, and they often have specials .. and I would think they might refund at least part of the price if you were unsatisfied, and returned it, though I'm only guessing about that.