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K9 Scent Scramble

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15 minutes ago, RiverStar-Aura said:

It looks so fun but I've often wondering if entering my beagle into any kind of scent competition akin to cheating, especially as he's a scent hound! :rofl: 


Nah you should totally go!


It's funny when I went to the k9 nose time sniff n go recently the vast vast majority of dogs there were Border Collies. Border Collies as far as the eye could see! I was thinking, what is this, an agility comp? :rofl:


You should take your legit scent hound to add some diversity to the proceedings! :rofl:

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I'll look into it because I *might* be moving to the Penrith area soon, which makes Castle Hill a little easier to get to. If not, I'm pretty sure there's a place here that offers K9 Nose Works classes.


The only problem I have is that Messr Zeusling is more food orientated than toy -- although he does have an epic 'where is it?' search command in the backyard in which he'll hunt out whatever his chosen toy du jour is.  He's not too good out of the backyard where there are just ZOMG!!!!!!! SO MUCH SMELLZ OF GUDNEZ!!! :doh:

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To my knowledge there's three locations for nose work classes at present in Sydney / surrounds:


k9 Nose Time at Castle Hill

Positive Paws at Campbelltown

The Dog Project at Fernhill (Wollongong)


Pet Behaviour Vet wants to start classes in the southern suburbs (Sutherland Shire / St George area, not sure where exactly) sometime in the future.


But scent scramble is only at Castle Hill to my knowledge.


You can use toys as rewards in nose work though I haven't seen it done.

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