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Preparing for NYE fireworks


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On 1/2/2018 at 5:32 PM, Scrappi&Monty said:



Poor guy who used to hide in drawers! Aww. 

I will be doing that next time I get a baby pup, Monty came to us at 6mths old and was fine with storms until the last few months. (He’s now almost 2.5yo) 

He also helped remodel the WC - I'd started by ripping off some gyprock, other half was using the facilities early one morning after waking to thunder, and my big brave boy joined her in the smallest room and started ripping off more gyprock trying to find a hiding spot - we ended up getting a supply of doggy valium for him and on days with a high chance of storms he got a half dose in the morning before we left for work, if the radar showed a storm approaching one of us went home and either stayed with him, or gave him the other half of the pill.

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