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Dog abuse in Diamond Dog Activity Centre in Adelaide

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I think this warrants going in here instead of normal news spot, as it is upsetting to see:


There's no written article yet I think, but the video shows someone doing "alpha rolls" on a dog, but they're like picking the poor thing up and dropping it on its back on to the ground, grabbing it by legs and flipping it, holding its head down etc. The poor thing :(




Facebook summary:

The owner of Diamond Dog Activity Centre in Salisbury South has been caught on camera being heavy handed with a staffy she was meant to be looking after.

The incident has left the dog's owners furious and vowing to never return.

The latest in 7 News at 6pm.

News article came out: https://www.news.com.au/national/south-australia/video-of-dog-thrown-to-ground-in-day-care/news-story/80ca2bc53bf2c02ebd8ab1b1d282f072


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Sadly, this person was previously a co-ordinator (and trainer EEEK) for a SA rescue. The rescue has been tainted in people's minds by association and has been forced to make a statement decrying the activity and making it clear they do not condone those actions.

I would hope that owners would all withdraw their pets from this woman's business.The rest of the world has moved on from the old neanderthal domination abuse.

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