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Excitement urination - need help please!

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Hi, hoping someone out there can help me because we are at our wits end!


Two years ago we purchased a mini foxie. We're not sure, but think she was probably a bit too young.


Essentially she is toilet trained, however whenever she gets excited she pees. That is anytime someone comes to the door, if she is in trouble, when she is greeted after first coming home (not even necessarily being touched) just to name a few. I've read its a sign of submission.


We've dealt with it for two years and advice we've had is that its either a physical issue or "she'll grow out of it".


We recently were given another pup, a mixed breed but appears to be mostly jack russell. We got him at about 16 weeks old, and he has been on the whole pretty well behaved. He is now around 22 weeks, but as of last week he has now started doing it too, and wasn't when we got him. To the point where if I pat him he will start spraying. He didn't do this when we he first came to our home.


I've had dogs before and have never had this issue. I've looked online and tried different things but nothing much seems to be working, or maybe its us? We are a family with three kids aged 15-8.




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I don't have experience with this personally but it sounds like it might be anxiety related, if it's both when excited (I'm thinking along the lines of separation anxiety resulting in what can look like over excitement when you get home.. My boy has separation anxiety and the longer I'm home, the more extreme his behaviour is when I return) and fearful (when in trouble). Have you sought advice from a vet behaviourist at all? Are there any other issues with your dog's behaviour? 

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T1 would submissive nerves pee and honestly all I could do was ignore it. It did ease up over time as I got our reuniting into a more genuine excitement level without the nerves. I expect she was just still worried and uncertain about me. So she needed the time to get to know me and that I wouldn’t scold her.


I do note she was found to be slightly incontinent, I think the medication for that did also help with her nervous tinkles. 

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