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Hello everyone! I've just joined you and am hoping someone has some ideas!

I have an 8mth PBGV who, after walking quite well (for 8 mths) for sometime, has now apparently decided that a) I don't walk in the right direction and b) I don't stop often enough. She either does a very good pancake impression or just sits there. We usually get to walk a little way until she finds something interesting like meeting a dog walking in the opposite direction and I think she just wants to play.

I've tried bribing her, but she quickly worked that out! Then I tried getting her up with a treat, but not giving it to her until she either sat or dropped - or if I was a little cross, both. Now, when she's had enough I look around and if she's not lying flat, she's sitting and looking hopeful.

I would be grateful for some hints, 'cos my gorgeous girl is driving me crazy!

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I would suggest that you focus deeply on engagement games to develop her value for you. Micheal Ellis is a big promoter on early engagement and you can access his video content via Leerburg.com He starts with developing food value and marker training to build value, focus and communication.

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