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Oral Osteosarcoma - Help with bloody discharge


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I have a large Border Collie/Great Pyr mix, 12+ years old who has been diagnosed with an oral osteosarcoma.  We have decided not to treat it for a number of reasons.  I am looking for suggestions from anyone who has dealt with the bloody discharge.  It doesn't happen often, and rarely on the carpet, but yesterday he happened to be laying on the carpet.  He is not ready and is not showing signs of being in pain yet to put him down - still plays every morning, has a healthy appetite, and it's likely his hips will give out before the cancer advances enough to put him down, but i'd really like to know what people have done to prevent this.  I thought of maybe a soft muzzle that i can put some gauze in to try and catch it, but i don't want to stress him out by all of a sudden muzzling him.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  TIA.

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