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Rottweilers will respond as individually to trazadone as any other breed. When a vet behaviourist tried trazadone with my staffy x, it sent his anxiety through the roof and he paced and ran between inside and outside until it wore off several hours later. Other dogs that his vet behaviourist treats have responded beautifully to trazadone, and some have had a similar reaction as my dog. It would be worth trialling it with your dog before you actually need it, so that you know whether it sedates or causes an adverse reaction. The trazadone we had was in a capsule. 


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Hi there!


Trazodone is one of many anti-anxiety medications that can be prescribed for vet visits or other situational anxieties. 

My dog didn’t respond well to traz, but it’s been a godsend for other dogs I know. If it’s not right for your dog, there will be other options. :)


As Snook says, trial it before the stressful event. That way you’ll know if it does help, how long it takes to kick in for your dog, and whether the dose is right (there is a range).


There is training you can do around these fears too. I’m currently doing an online cooperative care course with All Pets Education and Training. Or you can find a force free trainer here:  https://www.ppgaustralia.net.au/find-a-professional

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