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Puppy nipping/biting


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Hi all,

I was hoping someone could offer some advice on puppy biting and nipping. 

It has been some time since I’ve owned a puppy and don’t remember any of my previous dogs/puppies biting and nipping as much as my now almost 12 week old mini poodle pup. 

We have had him about 3 weeks and after a few days in, he settled in and he started biting and nipping everyone. 
Anyone that pats or plays with him is under attack! Lol! 


Now, I know puppies nip,chew and bite as they are teething but I feel he constantly bites and nips at everyone to the point of not being able to be played or patted a lot of the time as it just gets too much and we all end up with cuts, scratches and bite marks. 

We’ve tried yelping when he does it, saying “no” in a stern voice and giving him lots of different chew toys as a distraction but he just doesn’t seem fazed at all and continues nipping and biting at us. 

He also occasionally growls at me when he is in a really nipping mood. 


Any advice on how to deal with this issue would be much appreciated. 

Please note that I understand he’s just a puppy and play nipping/ biting is normal but I also want to make sure I’m also setting the correct behaviours when dealing with this for when he gets older. 

Thanks in advance. 

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2 hours ago, Tassie said:

No worries  ....  we've all done that sort of thing.   And the forums can be a little overwhelming till you get used to theml


 By the way, your little one is a bit cute!! :)

Thank you. :)

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