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HELP! Learning to walk.

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I have a 19 week old french mastiff that weighs almost 25kgs, and will potentially reach over 70kgs! When walking him he gets very distracted and stops and pulls and wants to sniff EVERYTHING. If we pass another dog he gets super excited and jumpy and gets distracted by the puppy until i can pull him away, same with humans he thinks everyone wants to stop and play with him.

The problem is he probably looks quiet scary but is actually very sweet and playful and when he reaches 70kgs he may be very hard to control and look very intimidating. 



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You need to go back to basics and teach self control and re establish yourself as being the high value treat .


I would start with walking out the front door establishing the expectations of out the door privileges.


I would seriously consider getting one on one help now than going it alone or joining a good obedience class.


Look into body awareness videos which teaches handler and dog to work as a team whilst stimulating the brain and easy to set up in the backyard .


Sit out the front and reward calm self control behaviour .


Out of curiosity did you do puppy school,I often see the low value in humans higher value in other dogs from puppy classes focusing on free for all behaviour and not life skills behaviour .

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