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Why is it so hard to find a dog


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11 hours ago, Janiey said:

Finding a dog is complicated. There many steps you have to do. Eg: finding a website…in 2021 there are many dog scams I’ve gotten many.


Hi Janiey, welcome to Dogz :)


I wrote this post in another topic but it may help your search, I have changed some of the info to Victoria (it was Qld), it was about a poodle pup, I have just left that in because the info pertains to all registered dogs


perhaps it may pay to wait until a fully registered poodle comes available, it seems you are having second thoughts with this breeder so well done you!

Check when the local dog shows are on and go and have a chat to the exhibitors (when they are not busy that is)

You can find the details here https://www.dogzonline.com.au/event-diary/list.asp?state=VIC


You will find that as it gets nearer to the show date this little symbol 607865126_Screenshotfrom2021-10-0607-00-20.png.48750815979148062ffb4497df168785.png will appear next to the listing, click on it and you can check how many Poodles will be there.

pick the shows that have these symbols next to them 1777224773_Screenshotfrom2021-10-0607-04-15.png.f03dc1ff01a35618683d147446dd1eb2.png

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