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Darwin's Arc Cancer Project

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If your dig has cancer and you want to contribute data for research




quoting their intro page...follow link to enroll your dog



Welcome to the latest initiative of the Darwin’s Ark team. Together, we’ll be learning more about why dogs get cancer and the best ways to help them. We plan to study risk factors passed down from parents to puppies, test methods to detect cancer in a blood sample, and compare exposures to potential cancer risk factors in each dog’s home and surrounding areas.

Like people, dogs get many different types of cancer and receive many types of treatment. We’re working together with top cancer scientists in the Broad Institute’s Gerstner Center for Cancer Diagnostics, the Count Me In Initiative, and the UMass Cancer Center, and we will freely share our data (with personal information removed). This means that everything we learn can be used and shared world-wide for years to come, for the benefit of our pets, and in time our loved ones and ourselves.

If your dog has cancer now or has had cancer in the past, please enroll them in our new Darwin’s Ark Cancer Project. All dogs – purebred, mixed, or mystery – are welcome. Dogs with any type of cancer can enroll without any specific testing or treatment to qualify.

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