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Misaligned lower canines

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My 14 month old Golden Retriever has  slightly misaligned lower canine teeth. The worse canine presses into the gum behind the top canine and the better one presses against the top canine. Her incisors are well positioned but her lower jaw feels narrow in comparison with her upper jaw. The vet suggested removal of one or both lower canines. Her breeder hasn’t seen this problem before and isn’t sure whether removal is advisable but did say that my dog’s head hasn’t finished filling out. 

Looking through old posts here, I have seen comments that the lower jaw grows out later than the upper jaw. 



Might the position of her lower canines correct itself as she finishes maturing or is that unlikely, given her age?

If her lower canines are removed before her lower jaw finishes growing, will that adversely affect her bite or other aspects of her jaw structure?
If her lower canines are not removed promptly, will that adversely affect her jaw structure?
Is it reasonable to have the lower canines removed when she is spayed, thus sparing her two anaesthesias?

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7 minutes ago, Powerlegs said:

:) 'Base Narrow Jaw'.
And she's probably a bit mature for it to correct itself. Specialists can check for malocclusion, do doggy braces, or grind the teeth down and fill in the pulp if you don't want to do the pulling out. Extraction can be done by a regular vet and the urgency will depend on how painful it is.   
ball_therapy_for_base_narrow_canines (1).pdf


Thank you! That’s very useful information. 

I was just reading a veterinary dentist’s blog which mentioned ball therapy but didn’t give details. The blog also said that tooth removal can weaken the jaw, so if the teeth don’t improve with a few weeks of ball therapy and maturation, I’ll consult a veterinary dentist in preference to my generalist vet.

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