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  1. Ok but tell me people, is it against the law to keep a native animal without a permit?
  2. I've been thinking it was lockdown combined with a spike in dog ownership.
  3. I just had a look today after the wildlife people called it clickbait. Calendar, book and GFM https://www.gofundme.com/f/peggy-and-molly-interspecies-friendship? https://www.facebook.com/peggyandmolly/videos/660238976117619/ Makes it a lot less wholesome for me.
  4. So now he will be living in a cage forever, without the only family he's ever known. I truly hope he makes new friends. I can see the thinking behind seizing him, it's law and legislation. Wildlife should be wild. Bad example to others. All that is true. Same as when we get upset that people keep stray pets they find without following proper procedure. Although, from what I've seen on social media, lots of people have wildlife they let into their home and they are free to come and go also. Why are these people being made an example of?
  5. They have a lot of large harder-to-adopt breeds at a lower fee who will eat, microchip, desex, vaccinate, hw test, bedding, training and parasite prevention their way through their fee very fast. It's just basic economics. The problem isn't with this well regarded charity who hasn't ever bred a single pup themselves.
  6. I've got just a few permanent scars over many years from grooming freaked out felted dogs but you can understand when they are in pain. You can't just leave them like that while you wait for them to settle into foster care. The change in them afterwards is beautiful to see. And just the one puppy injury. Very curious bub pawed at my face and scratched my eyeball pretty deep. My fault, I just wasn't quick enough! @Rebanne When I think of all the childhood lego injuries my parents suffered it doesn't seem so bad.
  7. PK, I agree this is true if you have an experienced vet. Especially with recurrent ear infections.
  8. Prime 100 rolls avoid poultry as part of an exclusion diet. https://prime100.com.au/
  9. @mrpickleman96 your dog isn't punished by being on lead. They don't think that way. You're protecting them by having control. And being a courteous member of society.
  10. Saw it a lot in the U.S. airports. Dogs trundling along in their soft crate wheelie, off for a journey with their owner. I feel like we've always been a bit behind here regarding dog friendly access to transport. One thing I didn't like was a squishy little crate that was made to fit under the seat. Would have been ok for a ferret or bunny, not a dog.
  11. I love that squishy face! Albert is sooooo cute! Thank goodness he just had passing symptoms.
  12. One day I'd love to have a Pointer again, absolutely divine breed. And I'm fascinated by Scottish Terriers after rescuing one (dear old girl had to go to the bridge because of liver cancer). Silkies and Yorkies, always.
  13. Not sure of the rules now but I swear it used to be $500. So all people do now (mostly for their fluffy crosses) is join one of the alternative registries and set their price. Or, just fudge the information. Gumtree doesn't check unless the ad is reported and even then they aren't too fussed. Half the microchips - per the new rules/law - listed nowadays are made up nonsense.
  14. Sorry to laugh LG but you predicted correctly! Maybe a cloud collar for night time? You need your sleep.
  15. Sandrake. Why aren't you listening? Of course, yes it was an 'accident'. Nobody said you let your dog out the gate on purpose but the outcome was the same. You got fined and will try to argue it like a parking violation. Good luck though. I await the thread where you try to get out of a dangerous, menacing or nuisance dog order.
  16. Pay it and learn. You really got a very lenient fine. I'd be unsatisfied with it if I was the other person.
  17. Welcome Albert! So good to see that life has really turned around for you.
  18. I was going to say, stress or pain are really the most common things for that deep-down vibration. Given he's a nervy dog, a course of meds like Trazadone are worth asking your vet about rather than popping him with one pill at the moment of stress (like a thunder storm). Be aware that at first, some prescribed drugs can make your dog seem a bit zoned out which is when people stop before the benefits can be seen. You just have to push through that wonky period. A safe crate in a quiet spot where his people are visible (leave the door open) with a blanket on top is perfect for decompression space if he gets overwhelmed. Plush bed, favourite toy or blankie and a chewy treat. You can go so far as picking up some Adaptil spray - online is cheapest - to spritz all over his crate contents. There's no guarantee it works but there's no side effects and safe to add on top of meds, it's just a pheremone. IMHO I've never had great success with Lovan (Prozac), it's always seemed a waste of time. Others have had great success, I guess it depends on what's wrong.
  19. I think this group also warns of cowboys. It also helps you find legit transport. You might find others who are chasing them up. https://www.facebook.com/groups/335909929766613
  20. A sad story but so good he had the backup and support of Pets In The Park. I don't know how many states they are in now but they do amazing work.
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