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TPLO surgery


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I have an 8 year old mutt mix named Beckham. Last year he tore his acl and had TPLO surgery to repair it. 
Following the surgery he refused to put full weight on his leg and would walk with a severe limp. The surgeon told us to wait 3 weeks and keep him on carprofen and gabapentin. Nothing changed, and we ended up having to have a second surgery on the same leg where they added an extra stitch to help support the knee. (I’m not remembering the correct name for it).  Following this surgery he started bearing weight but never full went back to his old self. He didn’t seem in pain and the vet said this is probably how he will be from now on.
Flash forward a year and he suddenly stops put any weight on the same leg.  We rush him to the vet and get X-rays done but the X-rays show nothing wrong. The  TPLO surgery is still in tact and they have no idea why he isn’t using his leg. I was referred to his original surgeon in two weeks but I’m at a loss of what to do. He’s been put back on gabapentin and carprofen and also takes Cosequin. He cannot bear any weight, and is clearly not himself.  Anyone have thoughts or suggestions? 

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You might want to put this in the health section so the vet nurses and owners with experience with this notice it.

From the textbook The 5-Minute Veterinary Consult: (Cruciate ligament disease, cranial) I read that "Second surgery - required in 10-15% of cases because of subsequent meniscal damage", "Regardless of surgical technique, the success rate is approximately 85℅." and "Warn clients that regardless of the method of treatment, DJD [Degenerative Joint Disease - Arthritis] is common."

Depending on his size and breeds, an 8 year old might have some ageing issues and well as the injury.

Another possibility is that he learned to appreciate the extra attention that his injury provoked and is feeling the need for that again. I had a large horse that would sigh and limp when 'loaded' with two slight teenagers.

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