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  1. Humans interfere with nature every time they have medical treatment for themselves.
  2. I don't think it is necessary for the other dogs to see the dog die. That seems an odd and mostly human idea, like having a grave to visit. But in my experience it is better for the other dogs to be able to sniff the body so that they know the other dog hasn't just gone missing. And it is better done at home rather than making the clinic a place where distressing things have happened to all of you.
  3. @PowerlegsPerhaps it wasn't clear that the surrendered dogs no longer had issues once in the right home. Gwen kept Beau herself. Except for the last dog mentioned who lived the remainder of his life on a chain until he developed cancer. I was only told he was a dangerous dog after he bit me, after being OK with me for years. There are people who need to be needed and seem oblivious or not bothered that their dog has issues and is not living a happy life. The more broken it is the better. It happens with children too. I wonder what consumer law would make of the not fit for purpose dogs?
  4. Gwen Bailey (Blue Cross, UK) told us stories of rehoming. Some easy ones, like the terrier surrendered for digging in the indoor water bowl. The aggressive English Bulldog first owned by an elderly couple who did not show any leadership. The dog blossomed with a young man who had experience with Bull Terriers. The dog easily gave up his self-imposed leadership role and became relaxed and playful. Not so easy her personal project Beau, who had already bitten several people. His rehabilitation took two years. I think his story is in her book Rescue Dog, but I've lent the book to people who took on a cattle dog from a pound a long way from where they live and only discovered it had been declared a dangerous dog when it jumped an inadequate fence, went for someone, and the ranger was called.
  5. @coneye that breeder talks about importing dogs and semen - that soon uses up the $ so let her charge whatever she wants. That she has a waiting list is a very good sign - there are still some people who can pass the marshmallow test which is about delaying instant gratification. @Adrienne Which breeds need crossbreeding apart from the Dalmatian? Breeds may be rare in some countries and not in others (a Sealyham just won Best in Show at a Thanksgiving show and Flatcoat imports are often from Sweden). A look at the Breed Index dog profiles pedigrees often shows imports and AI in the less popular breeds.
  6. Hmm. The "he's a nice dog he should be bred" myth. He might be the only, or one of only a few, nice dogs in his family. And then there's the breeding partner and their family. When people have said "he's a nice dog ..." to me, I explain it this way: The dog you know and love is but one hand of cards in a very big deck. His relatives will show you what other cards are in the pack but when you breed you are shuffling those cards and hoping you only get the good ones. I tell them to go back to the breeder of their dog if they want another one like him.
  7. Yes, he has that older dog 'hard to keep the weight on' figure. I don't see much Bullmastiff there but that's not so important. There are teams of rock climbers in the UK who rescue usually sheep that are stuck on cliffs or isolated beaches where they haven't been shorn for some time. Notified by ramblers or people in boats. It was a group of farmers who rescued 'Fiona' from the beach. Gives you some hope, doesn't it?
  8. I trialled with sighthounds and had to discard a lot of methods that wouldn't work with three very different dogs, all using their brains in ways that didn't always suit trial rules. But I would be asking - just how important is it that the dog gets those titles? The training may benefit the dog, but the titles only benefit the owner. Find something the dog enjoys and you are not so invested in.
  9. A beautiful English whippet imported as an adult was so frightened by a storm while wearing a coat that she was fatally strangled by it.
  10. Haven't had this problem but keep in mind "reward the behaviour you want to see and don't reward the behaviour you don't want to see". The "those not going go outside while the one going gets in the car" sounds like it might work, but how long have they been practising getting worked up? Might be the "who's giving in first, not me!" game. I had treats they only got when I was leaving.
  11. Maybe they mean they check online sources? Because breed, weight, age, other medications and general condition will influence dose. Vets won't want to give that advice by phone. So two or three consults with different vets per medical issue?
  12. I have sturdy booklets called Health Diary made by MSD Animal Health which I always refer to as their passports. (Once had someone in the waiting room ask if we were going overseas) 24 pages of health and behaviour info with space for pet's and owner's details and health records, such as the batch info for the vaccine. Were included in the price of vaccination. Ask at your vet, or this: www.msd-animal-health.com.au 1800 033 461
  13. I have no experience with longhaired dogs but there are owners and groomers here who will answer your questions. They may need to know how old he is and whether he is desexed or not. A photo may be useful too.
  14. No wonder people say "Yes Minister" and the Australian "Utopia" are documentaries. But we struggle on. I am a firm believer in the don't-just-whinge-do-something approach.
  15. Good source of roughage. Nearly a truly natural diet.
  16. Throwing money down the toilet is a good way to describe it. Don't judge a dog's diet by human requirements. I think some of these diets are made to appeal to the buyer. Next will be "curated by head chef of ..." when what dogs really crave is cat poo.
  17. Exactly what is coming out in the poo? Do you mean it looks undigested or only partly digested? Are they otherwise OK? No other symptoms? Did you change the diets gradually?
  18. Original breeder not an option, so plenty of time to go to some dog events and get to know some current breeders. Which of them have cats. Go to Menu; events; conformation shows then your state (eg NSW not state of mind!) and look for whippet clubs, sighthound clubs or hound clubs as bigger whippet entries at these than at general shows. The location and time will be on the schedule. You could also go to lure-coursing events but these are run in the cooler parts of the year. Not sure how many whippets do obedience, rally, scent work etc - these would be in dog sports, but still might be an interesting visit. If considering a retired greyhound (the female racing greyhounds can be smaller than the males or show greyhounds) they may not be used to cats and small pets, and some rescues may not give you the complete history/assessment of the dog hoping perhaps that by the time you find out you will have bonded. My neighbour got a secondhand cattle dog from a council pound I think, and he discovered after it had jumped the fence and gone for someone that it had been declared a dangerous dog.
  19. A terrier in a cat household, and after owning a sighthound might be too big a change, too full-on. I declare I am biased in favour of sighthounds. Cat-like in many ways. I had one who knew the catfood was off limits, but what was wrong with just lying down next to it? And if someone saw you take a mouthful, well you just spit it out and say you had nothing to do with it.
  20. If he is going to compare the next dog to the previous one then he probably needs to wait a bit longer. Then go back to the breeder of the whippet and get one of different colour and sex, perhaps an older one - retired show dog? As living things each dog is different and should be valued for its own sake.
  21. After a year, the dog still runs when you approach. That is the biggest issue, not medication dose. What sort of life does this dog have? You can't save them all.
  22. I can't recall that Mick Taylor was cruel to animals in the first movie at least, but cruelty to animals is, or should be, a very big warning sign that behaviour may escalate to people. It is also now considered a sign of family violence.
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