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1 On 1 Time With Puppy

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Thankyou to everyone for your help on feeding some months ago, its worked great for us.

moving on though

my girl is 8 months now. her name is Marny.

My older dog, whose name is Puppy, is about 7 years old.

Up until recently, i have been taking them both out together whenever we go places. For example walking around an urban area, or to parks, rivers, and so on.

I found that Marny follows Puppies lead with everything. She does what he does. In a situation were there is other dogs, Puppy tends to rush in and dominate everything, and Marny hangs back because she dosnt want to get mixed up in it.

In short, I figured that its time now to socialise her on her own, so she can develop independently, and stand on her own 4 feet :cheer:

Im already seeing improvements in her behaviour with other dogs, her initiative out and about generally, ect.

Is this the right strategy for adressing this problem ? Please ask more questions if you are unclear about the situation.

At first i felt a bit harsh toward Puppy, but i have to do what i have to do, its only for a few months until she develops further toward adulthood.

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?Both my dogs act totally different when they are alone, to when they are with each other, to when i am walking with a friend and her dogs -

It has been too stressful walking both at once here, so i now only walk one at a time, i also think this is good for the one left at home, because they learn that being alone is ok (kaos panics when she cant see Atlas, cute, yes, but annoying when he has to goto the vets for the day!)

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