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  1. Not sure if this is the right place to put this. Sad to hear that these poor people have placed their trust in a kennel to take care of their dogs only to find out they have died. By the sounds of it all could have been prevented.
  2. Thank you. We think so too. He is almost 2 years old. Still very much acts like a puppy except for when he turns on guard dog mode.
  3. I did ask regarding his tail but didn't get an answer. I don't think his previous owners really knew what happened. I have seen pics of others in his litter and they did not have docked tails so I'm not sure why he was different. Maybe something happened to it.
  4. He is a beautiful boy. Some times he looks like a pup and is so clumsy, other times like in this pic I think he looks regal.
  5. Just a small update. It's been four weeks now and he has settled in well. He has had a couple of obedience training sessions with more to come. He has a great nature and loves walking on and off lead. We have been trying to get around to as many of the dog friendly parks and beaches as possible. Here's a shot from Ham's Beach
  6. Thank you. His name is Prince, but he thinks he's a King.
  7. Thank you. We are very happy to have him. Another one because why not :D
  8. He has arrived
  9. Any tips for places to buy in Newcastle?
  10. Thanks I just checked again and it seems to be working for me now which is strange. I ordered some other things from them earlier in the week but kept on getting "won't ship internationally" for the large beds.
  11. I've been looking at the Orvis range but they don't seem to ship internationally.
  12. Thank you. Yes very exciting. We don't have pics yet but will put some up as soon as we have him in a couple of weeks. *Sigh* One more week to go. The slowest three weeks ever.
  13. It has been 9 years since our Bullmastiff passed and we have finally decided to add a new dog to our family. In those 9 years we have moved from Auckland to Melbourne to Sydney and now Newcastle, and are finally settling. The wife works from home as do I for 3 days a week with no more of the interstate travel that I was doing for 2 weeks in a month which prevented us from being able to get a dog earlier. We are very much dog people so it has been very hard over 9 years not having one, but we had managed to supplement our dog loving tendencies through volunteering with the RSPCA and with local council initiatives assisting elderly with walking and caring of their dogs. Over the last 9 years my wife has had to put up with me pointing out every dog we see. She was starting to tire of it. I don't have to do that anymore cause I'll have one of my own. I have been looking at all of the things I would like to do with this new addition and the first stop will be training. We are located not too far from the Hillsborough Dog Showground in Warners Bay so will be making enquiries there. If any Newcastle people have any tips regarding where to by the right food plus everything else owning a new large breed dog entails please let me know. I totally forgot to say we decided on a Cane Corso. Thanks.