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  1. Pet Craft Links

    me too ;) :p
  2. I completely understand where you're comming from.... sometimes OH's are not as big doggy lovers as us lot here!! All I can say start working on OH I want to do the course in the future too - so maybe by the time I'm ready to do it - you're OH would have given in and we can do it at the same time!!! :p
  3. Ndtf Distance Course

    would love to do the course one day! It's on my to-do list Just dont tell my OH this is on the list - OH already thinks I take on far too many things keep the updates comming people
  4. Growth Plate Damage

    geezz got me worried there for a minute SwaY....
  5. Sardines

    thanks for the info guys
  6. Sardines

    Harley loves sardines too... I normally buy the no name brand tin with spring water but had a mix up last time and I bought the sardines in oil instead. I've been draining out the oil cause I wanst sure if oil was good or not for him - also with the sardines in tomato juice (?) - is that ok to feed??? ta Gillian
  7. My Baby's Gone, At Peace.

    I'm sure he's in a better place Bea. RIP Gordie
  8. Hi ya, We had massive troubles with our dog pulling on the lead (and I might mention here that we have a Great Dane). A really good trainer here on DOL recomended the prong collar and when we got one, we tried to walk our dog with it and well it didnt help much at all. We then took Harley for a couple of training classes (to another good trainer) and guess what - Harley is brilliant now on his lead. My point being - get a trainer to show you how to work the prong collar correctly - there's a good chance you're not using it correctly. - Gillian
  9. What To Feed My Great Dane

    Hi Carla, We have a Great Dane and he was a rescue too!!! Anyways getting down to business, we fed Harley Science Diet now with a little raw mince. It is best to feed a good quality kibble - Eagle pack and Science Diet and really good. The amount you feed depends on the dogs size. Keep in mind that when you start feeding any new diet the dogs tummy is going to go a bit crazy for a couple of days but then it will settle down. You will notice the difference when you feed a good quality kibble. Harley was on Supercoat when we got him and a lot of people recomended that we start him on a quality kibble - we didnt think much of it at the time but now that we've done it theres no way we will ever go back to feeding a supermarket brand. Also with a quality kibble there is no need to add a lot to it. We add about 50 grams of mince to it (and change between chicken and beef mince every now and then) only for extra flavour. If his tummy is a bit upset, we add a bit of yoghurt to his food - that alays seems to settle him. And we give him an egg every week. Look there is no exact science when it comes to feeding any dog - the main thing with Danes and their food is to make sure they dont run around before and after their meals. Also keep their food and water elevated. thats about it really.... - Gillian
  10. Crappy Walk Day

    Hey jaybeece, We had (love the fact that I can use the word "had" and not "have") the same problem with our fella not too long ago. The right tools and the right trainer make all the difference - where about are you? Suggestion to all those having trouble walking your dogs (and this is what we did before we met our trainer) is stop taking him out till you see a trainer. Every time your dog does something you tell it not to do and gets away with it, it diminishes your status to the dog and this will probably cause more issues. We thought it was horrible not to take our dog for a walk but sometimes it is the best thing till you get some help. Our trainer is fantastic :D and she got Harley walking nicely in the first session. Cheers Gillian
  11. Very Sick Great Dane

    The greatest Dane - I hope King is alright - havent heard from you on how he's doing?
  12. Very Sick Great Dane

    just saw this thread glad to hear that King is feeling better :D
  13. Grooming A Poodle

    Thanks for the responses everyone. Natashja would love to see a bigger picture of your poodle... The pup I'm talking about gets his face wiped down every time he eats and gets his other end wiped with baby wipes when ever he goes out to toilet!! Like I said they have a lot of time to spend with him - but I'll keep watching just in case the novelty wears off - Gillian
  14. Grooming A Poodle

    thanks poodlefan - a very helpful website.... will show it to them when I go over Cheers Gillian
  15. Grooming A Poodle

    wow - never knew they could grow that long!!!! Do you have any pictures poodle fan? Thanks for the replies guys - Gillian