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  1. DNA testing for mixed breed dogs

    So sorry for your loss. Thanks for posting the Embark results, it's interesting to see the comparison.
  2. Grooming dogs with black nails?

    I agree with DeltaCharlie. Cutting them small amounts at a time worked best for me, sort of like shaving the nail down. My old dog had very hard black nails, but with this technique there shouldn't be any problem. The nail will cut off looking white and flakey. Once you've cut down enough the nail starts to look black like licorice, stop then. Dremel is also good, but depends on how hard or long the nails are. Definitely good for smoothing out any sharp edges.
  3. Approriate dog fencing

    Yes this section is also only 4ft. That's not a bad idea about the Bamboo screening! I think I'll be getting a fencing company in to give me some possible options too for permanent solutions. Please don't be so judgmental. Where did I say I intend to keep it at 4ft? The topic is all about my intention to make changes to my fencing.
  4. Approriate dog fencing

    Thanks everyone for your responses thus far, they're all good points. Oh I agree about dogs in the front yard unattended, not only that but I hate to think about strangers being able to interact with the dog without supervision. My post was a bit unclear because I'm trying to refer to the front portion of the fenced backyard. It's not just a standard gate, it's about 6 meters of fencing, set well back from the main street. Currently that section is aluminum tube fencing, which doesn't offer much privacy and I'd like to avoid giving a dog much vision to bark at passer-bys. Because it's a wider fenced area I'd like to avoid going for the full blocky colourbond there, I'll look into the aluminum slats which offer more privacy but aren't completely solid. That's a good point about keeping other dogs out too, for sure. And I agree about the chain mesh as well, I've seen many cases of dogs getting footing to climb those. As stated before, if you've got a dog with a mind of getting out, then you've really got to think beyond standard fencing.
  5. I'm hoping to be ready for a dog again by the end of the year so I'm currently questioning appropriate fencing heights. My house is fully fenced but due to the slope and landscaping I need to make changes to the front of the yard fence and gate, as for the rest of the yard perimeter, it's 4ft colourbond. The size of dog I'm interested in is a Golden Retriever, I've had two other dogs this size at another property where the front fence was 4ft, maybe even a bit lower, with no issues, but I'm not wanting to take chances. Would adding an extension to the colourbond to make it 5ft be appropriate? Or should the extension really be at least 6ft for this size of dog? As for the front, it likely wont be colourbond, I'm considering the aluminum slate fencing, does anyone have any experience with that type of fencing and dogs? I assume as long as the gaps between the slats aren't wide enough for a dog to get footing it should be ok? Thanks for any advice!
  6. DNA testing for mixed breed dogs

    Do you know for sure he really is part Great Dane? What I'm saying is, while some DNA tests can't be taken as gospel (especially where some labs databases are still growing), I believe you'll get a more accurate breed indication from them than just visually guessing what your dog is made of. I had my mix breed dog DNA tested through Orivet a few years ago, I personally found the results very believable, and while they were close, the shelter I got him from were incorrect from their visual assumption of his breed mix. Having said that, if you do another test through another lab it would be very interesting to see how the results compare.
  7. Not actually Hyenas, but a species of wild dog of Africa:
  8. Thanks for your response! It is a more common breed I'm interested in, but I'd like to go with the best breeder I can manage for health and temperament. Some of those I've shortlisted don't seem to breed often, and for a popular breed I'm getting the impression there's more demand. I still have a lot more time and things to research and see the breed more at shows, but thanks!
  9. My current dog is adopted from a shelter, but I plan on buying from a good breeder for my next dog. This seems like a good a topic as any to ask, so I was wondering, at what stage is it appropriate to contact a breeder? I've heard some people stay on waiting lists for months, to years. Patience is virtue if you're waiting for a great pup, but the thought of waiting so long does worry me. My situation is that my current dog almost 14 years old, I think it's possible he could make it to 15 though. I don't want another dog until he's passed away. Is it normal to research, find the desired breeder and stay on a waiting list now, or only once I'm really in the position to purchase a pup? I wouldn't like to be 'dogless' for a long period, but since situations can change, would a breeder be bothered by early contact? The process is a bit new to me.
  10. Nez recommended me to these muzzles a few months ago: http://www.fordogtrainers.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=92&products_id=1457 My dog much prefers this muzzle compared to the plastic Jafco ( good but he needed more airflow). It's surprisingly lightweight too and I feel confident of it's safety. It's a prefect fit since you send in the measurement's for the dog and they have many sizes with adjustable straps ( I think they had about 20 or more different styles and sizes for this product).
  11. Gabby-lea

    Sorry for your loss, she sounds very loved and I'm sure she had a great life.
  12. Heartworm Testing

    Good point. I might make the switch after I'm out of Interceptor. Thanks :) And thank you DeltaCharlie for clearing that up for me.
  13. Heartworm Testing

    At the time I was ignorant about it all, but having researched I don't understand why my vet didn't test him first. That made me confused about the whole thing. We are with a different vet now regardless. I see a lot of people are using valuheart here. Does it cover intestinal worms as well?
  14. Heartworm Testing

    Thank you! I'm glad the test isn't needed, he has been at the vet every week for a month, then this was almost due, he's quite sick of the vet. I picked up some interceptor spectrum chews for him now. The amount of chemicals when he had the injection was quite daunting, but it was the horror stories that got me. Thankfully he had no reaction to it.
  15. Hi, My boy has been on the yearly Proheart injection which is almost due again. I would like to switch to monthly heart-worm prevention chews or tablets. I wasn't aware that dogs had to be tested for heartworm before having preventative medication, my vet just gave him the Proheart injection after asking if he was already on preventives or not, no test. Can I just switch to chews without a test? Should he be fine after having been on Proheart for a year? Thanks