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  1. LOL when I used to groom...it got EVERYWHERE! I swear I even SNEEZED puffs of dog hairs for days afterwards lol! good old sticky tape! Never go grooming without it! hehe
  2. I've had to look after a 'freshly' desexed girl... poor little thing was doey as all get out when I got her home... after a few hours she got back to normal - but put on the biggest sook show...limping around...whining...lookin at me as if to say "this is all just too painful aunty kb!" I took her back to the vet just to make sure, and she said "no, it's okay - she's just being a wuss." I left her sleep for a few more hours...woke up and was like a ping pong ball! I had to keep confining her so she wouldn't rip her stiches out. Nothing like a nap to forget about the big act lol
  3. Brilliant! Thanks! -puts it into her 'doggie info folder'- Hope you don't mind
  4. Yep. those big black ones. lol Little monster...but at least he stuck to them...left everything else alone!
  5. Yep. His name was Rex and he was a wonderful, very common breed called 'Plushie' I'd highly reccomend! LOL
  6. My uncle's pup - 5 "heavy duty" Kongs... in 5 weeks... lol
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