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  1. Since it's only gotten worse in the last couple of weeks, I would have her checked out by a vet, just to rule out any medical conditions...
  2. Clicker - Where Can I Get One?

    Please read up on clicker training... My daughter thought it was 1 click for sit, 2 clicks for down etc... Karen Pryer has a great site... Just google clicker training... Lots of info out there...
  3. I Need Help Please.

    Did you teach her to leave the object on her nose first...?? I would probably have back chained this exercise...
  4. Another Toilet Training Question.

    Ben wasn't reliable untill 5 months old... I think it was because I left the door open to the outside, so he never learned the difference between inside and outside... When it started to get warm, I closed the door to put on the aircon, and he got it within a couple of days..
  5. Question

    Yep, turn your back... It's no fun for the dogs, when there's no reaction (positive or negative)... When the dog has all four paws on the ground, or is sitting, give a treat along with a quiet 'good dog'.. Good luck..
  6. Our Little Monster - Now Biting

    Maybe 'firm' just means to be consistent?
  7. Older Puppy

    I've had a few dogs, who weren't interested in treats... I handfed them for 2 weeks, which taught them that food comes from my hand... Also just throwing a treat on the floor in front of them works... they'll explore it and then eat it...
  8. Staffy Puppy With Arthritis

    Have you notified your breeder of the problem...?? Are any of the other puppies affected? It's frightening, when you notice something wrong with your puppies legs... Glad you have it under control...
  9. Please Help Me With My Puppy!

    Well done for changing his feeding regime... Now close the door! Ben was not reliable until it was time to close the doors and put the aircon on... and I think the fact that he could walk in and out as he pleased made inside and outside seem the same to him. I was very frustrated...
  10. Training "centres"

    I would NOT send my dog anywhere... I would want to see how he's being trained, and learn from the trainers myself...
  11. Possessiveness With Toys

    I see this behaviour in my grand children, because the oldest is NOT allowed to be the boss... Like, if he/she has something, and the little one wants it... the little one starts screaming, parents can't handle the noise, and the little one gets whatever he/she wanted... Puppies are quite clever, too...
  12. New Puppy

    As others have said, I would just put down the food, and if he doesn't eat it, you take it back till next feeding... If you keep on trying different things, your puppy will become a very fussy eater, indeed... Yes, you can feed raw chicken wings and necks... You can feed those from as soon as they start chewing. Never give him cooked bones, chocolate, avocado, onions etc... Teaching him to give something up to you, have a very valuable treat in your hand (such as cooked chicken, sausage, cheese). When he drops the item for the treat, say 'drop it' or 'leave' and give him the treat... It'll take a while for him to get the cue... In fact, the first few times I wouldn't use the cue, just heaps of praise... If he refuses to swap, keep the treat and turn you back (no more interaction)
  13. Neutering - Cost Of

    I paid $195 for Ben and that included micro chipping...
  14. Wish I Hadn't Asked!

    I think they want you to try to eliminate one food at a time... If that stops the runnies, you've found the problem.
  15. Bossy

    "Can't" or "won't"? If the boys know you're going to be there to help them out, it's kind of positive reinforcement for them NOT to do anything?????