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  1. Also thanks to everyone who said the nice things about my spider shot Ive just caught up on sooooooooo many pages of amazing pics! Its amazing I just reconnected with a friend who is a professional photographer, might have to convince her to take me out one day and show me some tricks of the trade
  2. Sorry I was away for the weekend and have been slack. I did take a photo a day, just uploaded them now Day 15 Day 16 Day 17 Day 18 Day 19
  3. No, the petals were there by themselves, I was actually admiring the tree with the pink flowers first then I noticed the spider and his web
  4. Ive been too busy to upload but not too busy to take a photo each day. They arent very inspired but I will save my fancy shots for the weekend when I have time to do it Day 10: Day 11: Day 12:
  5. Just a coincidence I love my polarised filter, makes such a difference to the colour of the sky :D
  6. Day 8 The sky was blue today for the first time this year (plus I wanted to test my new polarised lens)
  7. Day 6: Self portrait, I had a really frustrating morning so I was giving a lot of stupid people the eyebrow
  8. Day 5: Bored at work so I started playing with some stationary
  9. Ooooh I really like that shot Lea, the lighting is gorgeous!