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  1. Epileptic Dog

    Thanks for your response, Jumabaar. Where did you go to pursue the physio? Thanks very much, BC Crazy. What are the massages you're using on her? I'm wondering whether Lily needs to be on another drug entirely. Her liver wasn't coping with the Phenobarbitone which is why the Potassium Bromide got added in...they're all such heavy duty drugs and the herbal supplements don't seem to be working as well as we'd hoped. I did think that, I wasn't sure which forum was more suitable. I'll see if I can get it moved! Thanks for that, Anne. The reason Lil got put on the Bromide was that her liver wasn't dealing well with the Pheno. Georgina Childs is who we've been consulting with too, she's fantastic. I don't think Keppra's been spoken about to us, maybe it's worth asking about because I think it is the Bromide that affects Lily so badly rather than the Pheno.
  2. Epileptic Dog

    Hi all, I haven't posted on here in a very long time but I was hoping for some advice. One of our Huskies has developed epilepsy at the age of 10 - she started having grand mal seizures last year and after an MRI ruled out a brain tumour or brain mass she was diagnosed with late-onset epilepsy. We've been treating the epilepsy with Phenobarbitone and Potassium Bromide, and have also been including herbal supplements, but the drugs are just playing havoc with Lily's system and her quality of life is awful - the drugs make her incredibly distressed and wobbly and just not herself. Earlier in the year we managed to get the drugs to quite a low dose and she was stable for a little while but then had another seizure and so the dose had to be increased again (all of this has been done under the care of our local vet and a neurologist at SASH). We're currently working to bring it down again but because of the nature of the drugs it's an incredibly slow process. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and whether people might have an advice or input. Thanks.
  3. My biggest issue re: professional help is that Chelsea, the main culprit, is terrified of strangers; men in particular. This is something we've worked on for 4 years and have seen people about but for the most part it's a manageable problem rather than a fixable one. She was abused for the first 1 or 2 years of her life and then treated poorly in a foster home, so it's pretty ingrained. I'll message K9 Pro and see what he says. Tilly, right now that still wouldn't be too safe for him...Chelsea would just go for him if she had the opportunity.
  4. Fair enough. That's disappointing to hear. They would never be left together alone but it would be nice to have them calmly in the same room together.
  5. Hi all, We have 3 high prey drive dogs here, two Huskies and a Husky X. Two of them, Jack and Lily, are fine while supervised around our cat but the third, Chelsea, will go for him and if she does the others will join in. I'm just wanting advice for crittering all 3 of them, though mostly Chelsea, so that our cat can be safely inside. Thanks, Josie.
  6. Trip To Dungog

    I just wanted to bump this up because I overlooked these two photos when I was editing.
  7. Sigh...pet Shops.

    Yes, that would be backyard breeding. Not necessarily. I bred Labs in WA for a decade or so. There is huge demand for Lab pups, and many people end out going to other breeds cause they can't find a Lab when they want a pup. Most of the WA breeders are pretty friendly and helpful. If you work with a respected breeder, do the necessary health checks, and spend some time learning the breed standard . . . and after that you feel your pup is worth breeding from . . . I wouldn't consider you a BYB. I would consider you a BYB if you skip health checks, breed from a Limited Register dog and/or bitch, and/or don't consult with the breeder you bought from about whether your lovely pup is worth breeding from. Oh yes, you also have to take a breeder's exam and register with the CAWA. There are some people who consider almost everyone BYB's . . . but those folks can be ignored. Yes, that's what I meant, sorry. Not showing doesn't make you a BYB, but breeding without being registered with the ANKC, not doing the necessary health checks and so on does IMO. It sounded to me like Olivebaby just wanted to breed two Labs together in the hope that they'd all be as gorgeous as her girl. Olive, if you actually do the research and spend a good while learning about breeding and do all the necessary health tests and so on, then props to you.
  8. Sigh...pet Shops.

    Yes, that would be backyard breeding.
  9. Is it just me or does anyone else find it sad that even something purely accidental and out of your control could cost you so much? Why do so many people have a sense of entitlement these days! Yes...unbelievably depressing. $30,000 could send someone into bankruptcy. Why on earth would you do that to someone over a reasonably harmless freak accident?
  10. Professionals And Non Professionals

    I honestly have no idea where I stand in the photography world and tend to devalue my work because of it. It's tough.
  11. Macro Photo's

    Two of the best jumping spider shots I've ever seen
  12. Usually moving as the shutter closes :p
  13. Met My First Weimaraner

    Really brilliant photos, Bec. I love how goofy her mouth looks in the first 2 :p They're my favourites
  14. Thanks again all, much appreciated!
  15. Rip Tip

    I'm really sorry Cin. RIP little Tip