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  1. Here's a competition for you, just found it when I visited my bank website. http://www.heritage.com.au/About-Heritage/News/2011/May/Time%20running%20out%20for%20photographers%20to%20enter%20Heritage%20competition%20for%20share%20of%208000%20in%20prizes.aspx
  2. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pillaring-cause-planking-is-sooo-yesterday/215310165153867
  3. Actually, it's called 'pillaring'. No joke!!!
  4. Just go to the website of the shows and find the link to competitions. Alternatively google, 'photography competitions australia' or something like that and you'll get plenty of links.
  5. I think Linda and Huga have covered my thoughts. However I'd just like to say Huga... you sound like a pro-photographer now. lol. It really IS different when you're on the other side of the fence isn't it? It's amazing how much you have to learn and how fast when you're trying to kick start (or run) a business. :D Good for you!
  6. Toolz... try waiting for the point the cars are passing you (more like the white car at the very right of the image). Also you can make your shutter speed a little slower also. Have fun practicing.
  7. An oldie but a goodie and something that's always good to brush up on. Things you can try FROZEN MOTION This is where you want to capture the motion with perfect sharpness and clarity. For this you will need a fast shutter speed (usually over 1/500th of a sec), wide open aperture (the lowest numbers you can get to) and depending on how much light you have, you may need a high ISO. The goal for frozen motion is to have every part of your subject sharp. PANNING This is where you want to capture motion that has a blur to give it a sense of movement however successful panning shots will have a point of focus that is still clear and readable. The best thing to get some initial practice on is cars driving down the street. Set your camera to a shutter speed of about 1/30th of a second (or even slower). You may need to make your aperture smaller and have it around F8 or greater. The trick is to move at the same speed as the subject while pressing the shutter button. Ultimately there should be a point of the subject that is sharp and clear but sufficient blur of the image to show the movement that occured. Have fun with the challenge!
  8. I put up an April challenge but not many wanted to play with me. Thanks Ams... usually at this time of year people don't play much on the challenges anyway so don't think you were ignored, it was probably just the normal ebb and flow.
  9. Hey folks, sorry I've been away and haven't been putting up challenges. Things have been absolutley crazy here with work, kids and other responsibilites and I've barely had time to log on to DOL. I'll get a challenge up for May later today though. Better late than never!
  10. So sorry for your loss. Texas was one amazing and gorgeous dog.
  11. Sorry for the delay. I've been snowed under lately. Okay, this month is a twist on a masterchef challenge. I'll give you a list of 10 items/concepts and you can incorporate as many or as few as you like into a shot to see what you can come up with. The more items you attempt to incorporate into one image, the more difficult your challenge will be. Remember, this is more about how to use them creatively than simply getting the items together and taking a photo of them. the items are window water branch F 2.8 spotlight fork ball balance cupboard blanket Have fun and good luck.
  12. Sorry guys... things have been crazy busy here. Will get a challenge up shortly.
  13. Unfortunately no (unless you fly to Las Vegas. ). With over 5000 images and a few hundred albums entered, there is no way that they can host all of them. ;) Bit of a shame as I'd like to view them also.
  14. 2011 - results wont be online for a few weeks. They're a bit slack. Serena might post a photo later if she can. She's at work at the moment.
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