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  1. Pretty simple solution. Body block child to your dog, turn and walk off. Or, while blocking, ask mum to grab child, saying dog not friendly. While annoying, it's no big deal. If child persists while waiting for mum to intervene, a firm no will suffice. Building scenario is ridiculous.
  2. Yep, probably true on the Internet, people need to make they are interacting with real life too
  3. Yeah, there's some psychopaths on here for sure. Lots of people who don't leave their computer room either.
  4. They are fine by themselves when you go to work, provided you walk and interact with them when you are home. Obviously this is easier if you let them inside with you.
  5. One dog only and will be staying that way. After having my little boy and another bubba on the way, one dog is the best way to go. He can still be a part of the family and is easy to look after. Some people have far too many dogs anyway (pet owners rather than breeders I mean). I'd rather have less and do it all properly.
  6. How VERY exciting!!!! So, are they over east?
  7. Grover will enjoy anyone who is as crazy as him!!
  8. Hi Perthies, Golden Rules and I are going to meet at Leighton Beach on Sunday the 15th of August at 10am to let the retrievers have a run. Anyone else interested?
  9. That is definitely a Flatcoat trait!! Every Flatcoat I have ever met wants to LICK LICK LICK!! And that includes ILFC's Grover! oh yeah!!! ;) I would call them licky, lick dogs!
  10. I can answer from the one of my first one, so obviously a breeder has a much more varied perspective. They are a breed that is absolutely fabulous and we will never have anything else. However; buyer beware- choose your breeder carefully. The responsible ones are happy to share hip/elbow scores and info about the breed and actually do things with their dogs. They need careful and consistent training in terms of guidance and pointing to what to do rather than harshness. They need to be inside and the coat is easy care. Should imagine being similar to lab and golden puppies but they take a long time to grow up. Very happy and joyous dogs that enjoy life, such fun and very outgoing.
  11. I love watching Grover play but I certainly went down the path of the "dog park" and other dogs held much more value for Grover than I did. I think you learn a lot from your first dog and I wouldn't do some things again. I love him meeting like minded dogs but I am very cautious now of who he approaches as he seems to lack self moderation and never seemed to really learn it, like I thought he would. It can be a steep learning curve.
  12. I don't know but I'm glad you're going to the vet
  13. Discipline- really tell him off- very firm no and straight on the lead. Walk him on lead for 5mins and try again. Repeat every time. At home- water spray- stops them completely- or same- really tell him off and on the lead. It's a very annoying and bad habit to let them form. Consistency is the key- separate at home when unsupervised- so he can't repeat the behaviour.
  14. If it were me- I would prioritise my existing dogs and rehome her. Sounds like a bad situation that would involve a lot of work and someone is going to get hurt. She sounds dominant and ill mannered- so there's work right now for you not to mention not much of a life for your young sibe. I guess if you want to persevere then you need a behaviouralist to visit. That's my opinion.
  15. I have used her- she is fantastic! She may remember Grover- a flat coated retriever. Money well , very well spent! Lovely lovely person
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